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  1. how's feyenoord

  2. You're retarded, a 2004 Gallardo is not even worth half the price this vehicle costs..
  3. How are your legs doing mate? Hope you're well.

    1. einschtein


      Back in the hospital again since a few days. Not doing so well.

    2. MichaelNL


      Christ.. Do they have any idea what it is yet?

  4. And make it so you can't smoke when you're wearing a bandana/helmet/whatever... Was laughing my ass off everytime I saw one of them noobs that had a racing helmet on, mask, bandana and then a cigarette in their mouth. Ridiculous..
  5. you do not play any more

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. MichaelNL




      We'll see in May, and even if we won't. Pisvee will finish 3rd or 4th. ;)


      @SjoerdPSV Kut boer

    3. Deagle


      Gun 't Feyenoord meer dan die kut boeren though.


    4. MichaelNL


      Arrogant provincie cluppie hahaha

  6. ' this Ural-375 is ideal for transporting armed troops and car-pooling obese American kids ' lmfao
  7. die

    1. Reacted


      kindest words I've ever got xx

  8. @Modelsport And this is the reason why I quit RPing, it's full of retards and creeps.
  9. Name: Petrol Comment: Eww, electric cars..
  10. Name: M Comment: Your advertisement is so wrong.. The Q7 with a 6.0 V12 TDI is not supercharged.. It's a diesel engine with a single turbo producing 368 kW (500 HP).. (( @Nanokiller The reallife pictures you posted on imgur are from the new Q7, this is the correct one for the one hes selling: ))
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