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  1. ill need to speak to the occults when ever I talk to them again, since my last message to an occults was in my hs years
  2. I have autism but it doesn't make me disabled, autism just means my brain works differently than the average person plus I have been rated by occults to have an exact iq of 9,000+, I'm currently studying in college for an job that makes $100,000 a year in plus when ever I'm not working in irl I'm always looking for skills to put in to my quiver.
  3. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] Where the police at?

    Name: Classified Comment: In my past of serving old LSFD in multiple eras and DPS and even in SEMC EMS and ASGH EMS , I have gotten more calls in idlewood and ganton than anywhere else! **IP Would trace to Unknown location!**
  4. **Steven Ramos enters the court room and finds the nearest available seat.**
  5. stevenaramos

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    *Steven Ramos enters the court room in a grey suit and finds the nearest seat and says in a low tone "I know Kevin from when I was DPS and even far back in old LSFD, he used to chauffer me for DPS when I was the deputy fire chief!"*
  6. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] Crusade against business owners

    Name: Classified Comment: CPQL Costed my job in DPS, plus CPQL never responds to emails, they are too lazy! **IP Would be traced to Berkshire, England!**
  7. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] Anti-Capitalists in Palomino Creek

    Name: Classified Comment: I am an former resident of Palomino, they are not worth living there! Live there at your own risk! **IP would be traced to London, England!**
  8. stevenaramos

    [LSFL] July Summary

    Name: S.R. Comment: Transparency is the key, we also need complete transparency from ESOC!
  9. stevenaramos

    Huw Edwards v. Jacob Goldsmith

    **Steven Ramos enters the court room in a black suit and finds a open spot in the gallery, then takes a seat in to that spot.**
  10. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] Fire Chief position vacant

    Name: Classified Comment: I'm glad Freya resigned from DPS, I hope I might flock back same with the others, Kudos to Kevin Taylor for stepping up!(( @Norm)) **IP Would be traced to Vladivostok, Russia!**
  11. Name: Classified Comment: Freya is still Fire Chief on dps.lsc.gov/Freya-keller (( http://dps.owlgaming.net/index.php?members/freya-keller.115/ )) , I bet she most likely went suicidal for an failed department! **IP Would be traced to an unknown location!**
  12. Name: Classified Comment: This news Agency and SAAN are the best at exposing DPS for their true colors! Freya Keller never does background checks unlike her last predecessors! **IP would be traced to London, England!**
  13. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] DPS falling apart

    Name: Classified Comment: Thanks for letting me know! I updated my honorable mentions om your behalf! **IP would be traced to Vladivostok, Russia!**
  14. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] DPS falling apart

    Name: Classified Comment: ESOC created this mess, I'd love to say Gabriella Kinney (( @Shaderz )) , Violeta Quinones (( @JameZ )) Deserves an Honorable Mention, just like the people I have mentioned on the last article about DPS! The Current DPS chief's attitude is indeed very toxic, like if you have ever infracted her in the past she would refuse the punishment and she is the big mess up that CPQL ESOC did, the three names I mentioned to give them an honorable mention would have at least people on the streets! Which does make me proud! **IP would be traced to Vladivostok, Russia!**
  15. stevenaramos

    [SAAN] DPS falling apart

    Name: Classified Comment: Keep up the good work exposing DPS! I would love to read this article! **IP would be traced to Vladivostok, Russia!**

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