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  1. 15 months of working at a local supermarket, i have been very versatile and have served 5 departments and divisions  of the store :), still going strong on to of my schedule. 

  2. We miss you where are you.

    1. stevenaramos


      i'm currently going to college to learn computer programming and to get good at it other than the HTML code ik  of plus it will help both in real life and for hobbies plus it pays good in the business world, once i get a degree in Computer Programming Tech!

  3. Have been really busy recently!


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DellWood


      coem backe

    3. ThatGuy


      @Radhwan - Nah man, Ramos is cool.

    4. Radhwan


      I remember hwen you said you were going to find me hack my shit and kill me lol, funniest shit ever on xo.

  4. getting hit by this bomb cyclone already 2ft of snow on the ground

    1. Gambit


      fight through it big boi

    2. Bum


      stand outside with mouth open see if u drown

    3. OhhPixelz


      Good luck getting out!

  5. How concerned are you about digital privacy

    i have been worried about online privacy since 09, win 10 offers no privacy its the definition of Swiss cheese os system, everyone on the planet is on a international database that can be pulled up if in ICC
  6. This is what I come back to.

    hi, wb
  7. Merry Christmas!, Hoping everyone is having safe Christmas and Holidays!

  8. Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

  9. [ENDED] Residential - 1 First Steet

    Name: Auctioneer Comment: Winner! (( @AKA))
  10. Next Server Event?

    The entire city of los santos burns down!
  11. [Staff Loyalty] - New Rule

    it possible most likley due to free tim on his/her hands.
  12. [Staff Loyalty] - New Rule

    Competition is part of the fun of MTA, SA-MP & GTA 5, with out competition , what's the point on playing on those clients?
  13. [PROCESSING] LSIA Flight School - Steven Ramos - LSDPS

    **Money would be transferred to LS International Airport!** (( )) i decided to pay it out of my own pockets on this just in case.
  14. [PROCESSING] LSIA Flight School - Steven Ramos - LSDPS

    i'm checking if my department has to pay that bill or i have to i'll let you know those results.
  15. [ENDED] Residential - 1 First Steet

    (( TY for the correction))

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