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  1. I'm glad to have a special someone in my life :)

  2. As you may already know i'm inactive on owl at this moment, I have decided  to leave owl plus life is just too busy for me atm

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Serx


      Take care bro

    3. Lartsa


      take it easy cuH

    4. iii


      you have a good life, FD will never forget

  3. Hi, the old LSFD crew has been getting back together :)

    1. Norm


      so you got the message urshankov :')))))

    2. JameZ


      ill get urshankov back if u pay me good enough @Norm

    3. Urshankov
  4. upgraded laptop to win 10 today and installed win 10 on the desktop , I'm surprised how good it is for gaming and misc tasks

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    2. tornstatue


      @FAILCAKEZ I'd go back to windows 7 if my CPU didn't slug on it 

    3. disappoint


      tbh win10 aint so bad anymore as people think it is. And about updates, idk about you but I don't have an issue with that. Set your connection to metered or if you've pro, just toggle updates off from group policy thingy if you really don't like security updates *Shrug*

    4. Buddy
  5. i'll be finished building my first gaming desktop on Thursday :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. stevenaramos


      @Mogs lol , i dont turn 24 til  the 10th of next month


    3. LMontana


      Glad to see you're still around Ramos☺

    4. stevenaramos
  6. had offfically begun building my gaming desktop with a entry lvl small atx motherboard midsize case:)

    1. Nuckfuts


      What is your reason to use the small motherboard and a midsize case rather than a big motherboard with a big case?

    2. stevenaramos


      just a beginner i got parts off of pc game haven, i do have plans to eventually upgrade to a full size case that is compatable  will all motherboard sizes.

  7. My town and state is becoming a very dangerous place to live in... honestly can't wait to move out of Connecticut

    1. zac


      see you soon

  8. most interesting 24hrs, saw FLCL for first time and Mind Game and bushworld adventures aka Australian Rick and Morty on adult swim/toonami, i remember when that block had air Children who chase lost voices :)

  9. congrats on trial admin :)

    1. JohnM
    2. stevenaramos


      you're welcome and anytime

  10. have decided to officially build a gaming desktop under $1000 :)

  11. after i buy or build a gaming desktop under $1000, im gona be testing to see how well it handles og :) and many other games and game mods.

    1. Resident


      good luck with that buddy, looking forward to it.

  12. 15 months of working at a local supermarket, i have been very versatile and have served 5 departments and divisions  of the store :), still going strong on to of my schedule. 

  13. Have been really busy recently!


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    2. DellWood
    3. ThatGuy


      @Radhwan - Nah man, Ramos is cool.

    4. Radhwan


      I remember hwen you said you were going to find me hack my shit and kill me lol, funniest shit ever on xo.

  14. getting hit by this bomb cyclone already 2ft of snow on the ground

    1. Bum


      stand outside with mouth open see if u drown

    2. zac


      Good luck getting out!

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