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  1. I'm glad to have a special someone in my life :)

  2. As you may already know i'm inactive on owl at this moment, I have decided  to leave owl plus life is just too busy for me atm

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    2. Serx


      Take care bro

    3. Lartsa


      take it easy cuH

    4. iii


      you have a good life, FD will never forget

  3. ill need to speak to the occults when ever I talk to them again, since my last message to an occults was in my hs years
  4. I have autism but it doesn't make me disabled, autism just means my brain works differently than the average person plus I have been rated by occults to have an exact iq of 9,000+, I'm currently studying in college for an job that makes $100,000 a year in plus when ever I'm not working in irl I'm always looking for skills to put in to my quiver.
  5. Name: Classified Comment: In my past of serving old LSFD in multiple eras and DPS and even in SEMC EMS and ASGH EMS , I have gotten more calls in idlewood and ganton than anywhere else! **IP Would trace to Unknown location!**
  6. **Steven Ramos enters the court room and finds the nearest available seat.**
  7. *Steven Ramos enters the court room in a grey suit and finds the nearest seat and says in a low tone "I know Kevin from when I was DPS and even far back in old LSFD, he used to chauffer me for DPS when I was the deputy fire chief!"*
  8. Name: Classified Comment: CPQL Costed my job in DPS, plus CPQL never responds to emails, they are too lazy! **IP Would be traced to Berkshire, England!**
  9. Name: Classified Comment: I am an former resident of Palomino, they are not worth living there! Live there at your own risk! **IP would be traced to London, England!**
  10. Name: S.R. Comment: Transparency is the key, we also need complete transparency from ESOC!
  11. **Steven Ramos enters the court room in a black suit and finds a open spot in the gallery, then takes a seat in to that spot.**
  12. Name: Classified Comment: I'm glad Freya resigned from DPS, I hope I might flock back same with the others, Kudos to Kevin Taylor for stepping up!(( @Norm)) **IP Would be traced to Vladivostok, Russia!**
  13. Name: Classified Comment: Freya is still Fire Chief on dps.lsc.gov/Freya-keller (( http://dps.owlgaming.net/index.php?members/freya-keller.115/ )) , I bet she most likely went suicidal for an failed department! **IP Would be traced to an unknown location!**
  14. +1 this has my support for realism plus my guess of the command would be /firehose [Hose Type] [Length needed] and /firehose connect to connect the supply lines
  15. Hi, the old LSFD crew has been getting back together :)

    1. Norm


      so you got the message urshankov :')))))

    2. JameZ


      ill get urshankov back if u pay me good enough @Norm

    3. Urshankov
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