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  1. I see you point, and I somewhat agree. However, if you seriously think that illegal activities for a kid living in a temp home is unrealistic then you've completely misunderstood everything about it. Kids living such places usually come from troubled families. This means they will tend to do smaller robberies, and use drugs.
  2. You don't. You map stop signs at every crosswalk. That's how it works.
  3. Name: bob comment: Overpriced af, it's a totalled car what the hell. ((You wrote nowhere on topic comments are disabled))
  4. No, I think the crosswalks work fine as stop signs. However, bringing in stop signs would be better as not everyone understands they have to stop at crosswalks.
  5. Oh wow yeah, this is a great idea. It'll be easier in situations where you have to drop a bag and it's contents fast, so you won't have to take out every item one at a time etc.
  6. @ZeroW You have won the auction. I'll message you my contact details, so you can pick it up as soon as possible. ((Can't remember my number, but will get ig later))
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1984 Make: Toyota Model: AE86 Corolla GT-S VIN: Buyer will get to know Mileage: 10k miles Description: Selling my AE86, as I need a bigger and more practical car. It can be a great project, but it's fun to drive it around stock as well as it is. Starting Bid: 5000 Minimum Increase: 500 Buyout None Auction ends: 04/09/2017 00:01 Contact Information: Will be given to winner.
  8. JDM


    All yours, contact me at 503360
  9. JDM


    Infernus @Aevion
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