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  1. UnrulyBoss

    [Increasing the pick up trucks topspeed.] - New rule.

    Good luck getting vt to budge on that one lmao
  2. UnrulyBoss

    New Face Ting

    "mOn" horrible stereotype lmao Welcome g
  3. UnrulyBoss

    1996 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

    Name: DisgruntledRicer Comment: U inhaling the smoke from that exhaust pipe lil fella? Cuz you cant be in ur right mind EDIT: Oh I get it we paying for that cancerous carbon fiber wrap you put on it..
  4. UnrulyBoss

    What is your favourite cultural food?

    Ackee and saltfish with fry dumpling, Yeeeeeeeeeeer
  5. Fuck the Cavs!!! Murder time!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Chillz
    3. Serx


      ahlie, atleast u know who is real 

    4. UnrulyBoss


      Ronnie my guy it all ends in game 3, cause when cavs win, they going on a rollll fam

  6. UnrulyBoss

    2014 Ferrari 458 Italia [SOLD]

    Name: UnholyRicer Comment: My kur... :c Shouldve kept it red fam
  7. (( Ur talking like 15 year olds dont live on porn lol))
  8. ur little team losing #trash

    1. UnrulyBoss


      Dawg.........dont even remind me fam, wanna fight someone rn

  9. UnrulyBoss

    1999 Nissan s15

    Name BlekRicer Comment: Fam ...... I know you cant drive it on roads and shit but fokin ell m8 and even if it was legal 200k for a s15 pushing 800, fam I give you a reliant robin and a sandwich for this, dont kid yourself
  10. UnrulyBoss

    ( SOLD ) 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    Name: MemeGod Comment: Can this be bought on hire purchase?
  11. UnrulyBoss

    [SOLD] 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

    Name: ShitStick Comment: I trade you a Reliant Robin and a donut as a buyout

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