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  1. Good luck getting vt to budge on that one lmao
  2. "mOn" horrible stereotype lmao Welcome g
  3. Name: DisgruntledRicer Comment: U inhaling the smoke from that exhaust pipe lil fella? Cuz you cant be in ur right mind EDIT: Oh I get it we paying for that cancerous carbon fiber wrap you put on it..
  4. Fuck the Cavs!!! Murder time!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Chillz
    3. Serx


      ahlie, atleast u know who is real 

    4. UnrulyBoss


      Ronnie my guy it all ends in game 3, cause when cavs win, they going on a rollll fam

  5. Name: UnholyRicer Comment: My kur... :c Shouldve kept it red fam
  6. ur little team losing #trash

    1. UnrulyBoss


      Dawg.........dont even remind me fam, wanna fight someone rn

  7. Name BlekRicer Comment: Fam ...... I know you cant drive it on roads and shit but fokin ell m8 and even if it was legal 200k for a s15 pushing 800, fam I give you a reliant robin and a sandwich for this, dont kid yourself
  8. Name: MemeGod Comment: Can this be bought on hire purchase?
  9. Name: ShitStick Comment: I trade you a Reliant Robin and a donut as a buyout
  10. That pic is like porn for me.....so they wait til the muscle head leaves to wrap sabres, well fuck you to me.... -.-
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