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  1. Its possible but will look dumb on some skins. I had this on one of my owl clones if I remember correctly
  2. lol just dont be a retard and park ur car next to a wall.
  3. Just make a simple GUI with a basic map which includes buttons to toggle the toll states.
  4. Whoever made it needs to download this mod and combine them both
  5. Then the ambulance would not be enterable anymore and it wouldn't have flashing lights
  6. only problem with this is combining the two mods D:
  7. Maybe make most skyscrapers owned by no one and have interior with space inside for lots of other int markers
  8. Rule Discussion Subject: OOC Insults I want to...: Revise Elaboration: I think OOC insults should be changed to OOC Harassment. Because if your on ZTP and you call someone one bad word, you get permed. Which is pathetic. Obviously calling people names is naughty but the one off occasions should not result in you being banned. This is why I'm suggesting you change the rule to "OOC Harassment" which would mean you have to insult the person multiple times and you know, actually cause an issue...
  9. deutsche-enterprises.com’s server DNS address could not be found.
  10. If you split your rooms up then you will spend about an hour trying to tell admins where to place elevators lol
  11. you realise owl probs has a 16gb and latest xeon server performance aint a prob my man
  12. not really lmao ignore this guy crying about performance it has nothing todo with clients so its nothing for anyone but Chaos to worry about.
  13. Name: Sofia Comment: Nice show for the camera. Probably the last time you will see any of these on the streets until the next PR stunt.
  14. this whole script is over 3 years old mate the whole thing needs re-doing if your talking from a performance angle so yeh one extra one is fucking nothing.
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