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  1. So what will the policy be on people who RP outside of Paleto Bay? Like will they be able to travel to spots like Sandy Shores etc? And do you have something in mind for players to own buildings and use interiors (as I assume GTA V doesn't rely on interiors like SA did)
  2. Is it not possible to perhaps amend the rules to, at the least, allow legal characters around this as a stopgap measure in the meantime? I imagimed that something like this could potentially necessitate a large quantity of work but this would at least be some respite to legit owners. And I know that the country rifle's default capacity is 1 round but was uppped to 3 via the script - is it not possible to increase that again, to something along the lines of 5-10 rounds this time? As there are very few rifles with such a low capacity out there and it would cover both semi and bolt ac
  3. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Customisable weapon fire modes and/or ammo capacity, potential rule changes for firearms What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Speaking from the perspective of someone who's been on both sides of the RP spectrum (legal and illegal) the choice of firearms available is unrealistically stifled. At the moment, those who wish to RP using a semi-automatic rifle (such as an AR-15 or WASR-10) have to use the country rifle which as you all know has an ammunition ca
  4. Disappointed that @LeiFeng's post was deleted, despite a few personal notes it had many valid points and it feels like this will all be swept under the rug.
  5. As much as it's 'nice' to see some acknowledgement that there are numerous issues with the community, as others have said I will believe it when I see it. Six months+ of words and limited promises haven't counted for much so far. And people are largely missing the point - we had criticisms of Khram but they weren't just about Khram - but I've not the time nor the energy at this point to go into that. What really irritates me though on this is how people have this fucking garbage attitude like when you see the screens of people scheming in discord and or expressing shitty behaviour
  6. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- EverettTheUrban Character Name- Dariush Panjshir Date of Incident- 12/31/2017 Supervising Administrator- Weelawn Narrative- Wright took barely twenty minutes to make a half-assed judgement on this CK and I will not accept a verdict of denied, particularly when he ignored half of thr points I made. You're telling me that if someone says they intend to kill you and they are telling you to get on a noose that doesn't mean you'd have reasonable belief that you're goi
  7. We've gone over this before, the only point at which I physically resisted was when you made it clear I was a dead man at which point there was no action I could have taken which wouldn't have led to the same conclusion - and I've already gone over my actions beforehand. Sure, it could have been an insurance scam but judging the behaviour of your people and how you had frequently acted I had reason to believe you were baiting me into a trap. My remark telling you to 'call the police' was my character's frustrated answer to your harassment in the context of 'call the cops if you have a problem'
  8. I evaded because your people had been stalking me for some time and had caused the crash intentionally - you were out looking for trouble. I ignored you because it seemed pretty clear to me you were trying to get a rise. Avoiding you when you were behaving in such a manner as you were was and still remains a rational decision.
  9. Next person who tells me I disregarded will be politely told to fuck off. Do we need to go over this again? In fact you know what, I'm going to say it anyway. Fuck. Off. I have every right to make an assumption of your intent based on how you acted. You tailed me. You were acting in a provocative manner. At no point did I escalate the situation - it was you who went the mile of of kidnapping and then what happened from there.
  10. If we even set aside the matter of the CK itself none of what led up to this was a proportionate response - I don't wuite see how you go from provoking and heckling someone to sticking them in a cell and telling them they're a slave and that they're going to die. You might not be the KKK in name but you act like them, hell I'd argue you're worse because you're actually doing shit.
  11. Ah yes, slavery. Really? Because it looks to me like an effective death sentence either way and don't try to say otherwise given the way you guys were acting suggested so. Alright, so if I had obeyed and allowed you people to hang me would that have not been a CK? Given as the tules state an RP'd death is a CK? Morton's fork.
  12. With all due respect this supposed 'arrogancd' occurred well after it was established that your people had no intent of letting my character live (I'm sure someone said something to the effect of "you'll never see outside again") so quite frankly what the fuck did they expect me to do, grovel? No. I was compliant up and until I got dragged into a cell and it was established I was dead either way at which point my character decided to strike at their sense of masculinity at their cowardice in attacking in such a large number. This situation was provoked and escalated by the aggressi
  13. My concerns about metagame are perfectly valid as this would mean that the CK itself is based on already unsteady ground. My argument about the phone was that my contacts would've been written down in Dari which is not a language you spoke - I did not want this to be metagamed so I decided to account for this by garbling the contacts. You seriously can't expect me to OOCly write in a language I do not hnderstand IRL. And you're acting as if I'm the one who provoked the situation in the first place when it was you in fact who followed me and behaved in a heckling manner.
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