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  1. Rollin' Stones

    I can attest that both of these fellas RP'd their injuries because I treated the latter's, before you start tossing around accusations. And my char certainly aint a throaway before you start hucking more shit.
  2. Character Kill Appeal - Franklin_Mayson

    You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Perhaps if you hadn't opened fire on us you wouldn't have been killed - and besides, why the fuck are you people complaining about DM? You're the ones who've been going around LS with automatics, murdering people in open public on poor pretences and then calling for CKs.
  3. Rollin' Stones

    o7 they were good negroes
  4. Aces Street Familia 13

    And you @stubby
  5. Gang Injunction - ASF 13

    Username: T2K Comment: I question the legitimacy of this injunction - you can't arrest someone just for talking to someone, or for walking past. This may even violate the constitution.
  6. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    The hispanic woman in her mid-thirties from before shoots a scowl at the prosecutor, clearly disgusted by this. "Sunmary judgement?!" she near enough rasps to those close by with a hushed tone, "The man is not a fucking criminal, his being armed is nothing to do with his 'crime' and it's a given when you're working on FD in this city, so why are these cunts firing that shit at him?" Eventually she regains her composure, returning to her usual whisper, "To see this man in court is a joke in itself, at worst they should've fined the guy and been done with it but no - guess these people want to show off their dicks like the worthless cunts they are. They should give him a chance to speak, otherwise these people are asking for officers to be dragged out of their cars and beaten to death."
  7. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    Can we get an update on this from the scripters/administration? Really think this is something that should be implemented for practical purposes if nothing else.
  8. The thought has occurred to me before but the trouble is that this will create a ton of confusion, particularly if you get: Unnamed Person says: Is the detonator ready? Unnamed Person says: Yeah. Unnamed Person points the gun at Fred Unnamed Person says: Come to me! Fred says: Who? What might be better if you have it alter the chat so you get something like: Cuban Pete (masked) says: Is the detonator ready? Crazy Hamas (masked) says: Yeah. Cuban Pete (masked) points the gun at Fred Cuban Pete (masked) says: Come to me! Lot less confusing and just helps indicate who is who. Any metagame can be dealt with accordingly.
  9. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    A quiet figure in the corner of the room, a hispanic woman in her late thirties, gives a sigh as the proceedings begin, grumbling to those nearby. "This is a farce, another way for the department to showboat at the expense of a man's life and career. Where's the fucking justice ot even public interest in this?!"
  10. Owlgaming in 2014

    @LikeMike speaking of Grand Theft Arabs... Anyone remember the cannibals in the woods? Was some legit fucked up stuff. Nagib's death was avenged.
  11. [Child RP Rules] - New Rule

    I'm inclined to agree with Craazy that any OOC regulation/restriction should be minimal. Obviously there should be some form of oversight in the form of a /check (which can easily be reported for, no need to make a complex process behind it) and there should be a few 'common sense' rules to make sure that people don't act like complete morons (cue 8 year old sally beating 23 year old hector to death with her bear hands) but otherwise leave IC as IC. It would be beneficial if child characters had an icon (or maybe their name be a certain colour? idk) to symbolise that they're under 16 just so people (as well as the PD) can see they're underage when dealing with them. Whilst we're on the subject of kids though - I do think a few things need to be taken into consideration. For instance, in the eyes of a law a child character shouldn't get the same sentence as an adult for a crime unless it's of a certain severity - that isn't to say they should get off but some common sense should be applied. I do think the CPS needs some work though - like some of the laws are a bit excessive or too intrusive and need tuning.
  12. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    So is anything going to be bloody done about this? Just add the fucking mailboxes in - there's no reason not to beyond stonewalling for the sake of stonewalling, implement it already.
  13. EverettTheUrban

  14. Shir o Khorshid

    Kandahar has proven himself through his loyalty to the community, no longer expected to stoop to such levels as before. For a new life to begin, one had to end. Now there are other responsibilities for him to attend to - greater expectations. But with this new life comes greater opportunity to dwell on old memories.
  15. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    So long as there's a solution for this, sure. No need to dance around whether "real" apartments have mailboxes or not - it would be far more convenient to just add them in. This also affects the projects as they don't have mailboxes which is annoying by itself.

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