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  1. [MAPPING] Los Santos Public School

    Trenchcoat mafia gogo.
  2. Lets MG nametags!

    @rasmus @LeiFeng maybe one of you guys want to file a UCP report. But @jayjay I trust you yeah but not Wright - anything you do is going to be overruled by the UAT to protect him. It's an open secret that shit like this is done daily on a borderline level but he always provides a cut video from shadowplay or some shit which magically absolves him.
  3. Lets MG nametags!

    Trouble is what guarantee is there that the fucking UCP will achieve anything? Waiting 3+ days to be given some copy paste answer of "we found out IC prove otherwise lol". Wright has always done shit like this and nothing will change that.
  4. Developer Diary #2 - Character Creation

    Great, I can create an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike now.
  5. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    Dariush Panjshir, who has been quietly watching the proceedings, would step forth, presenting a document as evidence of the payment of bail. "His bail has been paid." ((@ThatGuy))
  6. Is it at least viable to change the rule as suggested?
  7. Developer Diary #1 - Welcome to Paleto Bay!

    So what will the policy be on people who RP outside of Paleto Bay? Like will they be able to travel to spots like Sandy Shores etc? And do you have something in mind for players to own buildings and use interiors (as I assume GTA V doesn't rely on interiors like SA did)
  8. Is it not possible to perhaps amend the rules to, at the least, allow legal characters around this as a stopgap measure in the meantime? I imagimed that something like this could potentially necessitate a large quantity of work but this would at least be some respite to legit owners. And I know that the country rifle's default capacity is 1 round but was uppped to 3 via the script - is it not possible to increase that again, to something along the lines of 5-10 rounds this time? As there are very few rifles with such a low capacity out there and it would cover both semi and bolt actions.
  9. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Customisable weapon fire modes and/or ammo capacity, potential rule changes for firearms What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Speaking from the perspective of someone who's been on both sides of the RP spectrum (legal and illegal) the choice of firearms available is unrealistically stifled. At the moment, those who wish to RP using a semi-automatic rifle (such as an AR-15 or WASR-10) have to use the country rifle which as you all know has an ammunition capacity of only 3 rounds, far beneath what most semi-automatics (and many bolt-actions) are capable of carrying. It's a little immersion breaking when you have to RP having to reload your WASR/Ruger Mini-14/AR-15 every couple of seconds or having to pretend that the ancient looking rifle is actually a (relatively) modern firearm. So my suggestion is threefold - enable it so that the ammunition capacity of weapons can be individually customed (via admin intevention, naturally) based on the weapon's RL properties, ie 5 round for a Mosin Nagant, 30 round for a WASR or 10 round for an SKS. The second half of this suggestion is scripting it so that automatic weapons (such as the MP5, the AK-47, AR-15) can be set to semi-automatic only - even including a (SA) tag in the name or something so people can identify them as such. If only one of these first two suggestions could be implemented I would prefer it to be the second - but both are ideal. My third suggestion isn't so much a script suggestion as it is a possible rule change for firearms - even as a stopgap measure. At the moment players aren't allowed to RP automatic firearms (such as AR-15s) as semi-automatics, they have to use the country rifle which as I said is limited to a 3 round capacity. Whilst this would be impractical to enforce for illegal weapons (and thus I don't suggest it applies to illegal weapons) I think it should be worth amending the rules so that players with firearm licenses are able to purchase scriptwise automatic rifles (such as the AR-15 or AK) and RP them as semi-automatics, under the condition that they are marked with a (SEMI AUTO) tag and will be punished for PG if they abuse this. What are the advantages?- Helps with immersion, removes some of the frustrating bureacracy and red tape and just overall improves firearms. This works both for legal and illegal RP because, let's face it, criminals aren't just going to have access to automatic firearms - there will be cases where they might only be able to get semi-automatic imports - such as the WASR or the SKS. FMT can spice up faction drops by, for instance, throwing in an AB-10 that's not been rigged to semi-only or an SKS shipped from South Asia. What are the disadvantages?- Can't particularly see any. From what I understand it's fairly easy to track abuse of legally purchased firearms aside. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Not that I'm aware of. How would you go about implementing this idea?- By the third suggestion if the first two aren't possible.
  10. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    Disappointed that @LeiFeng's post was deleted, despite a few personal notes it had many valid points and it feels like this will all be swept under the rug.
  11. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    As much as it's 'nice' to see some acknowledgement that there are numerous issues with the community, as others have said I will believe it when I see it. Six months+ of words and limited promises haven't counted for much so far. And people are largely missing the point - we had criticisms of Khram but they weren't just about Khram - but I've not the time nor the energy at this point to go into that. What really irritates me though on this is how people have this fucking garbage attitude like when you see the screens of people scheming in discord and or expressing shitty behaviour only for them to put their hands up with a shit eating grin and be say "dude it aint against the rules" in spite of it being againsg the spirit of them.
  12. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    Looking at the image suggests there was OOC collusion - again pointing to what I said earlier about the OOC backdoor behaviour and shifty dealings. And sure, some of the things referenced in this thread may not directly violate the rules but they sure as hell go against the spirit of a few of them, imo.
  13. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    So when is it in context? Because even when you posted the whole convos it didn't look any better. "Can we get an injunction on them?" isn't something you can dress up even if you douse it in perfume.
  14. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    It's not about the faction. It's about the OOC backdoor politics and scheming and the constant evasive behaviour behind it. It's frustrating to deal with for the rest of the community and it's stuff like this which is pushing players towards other communities which have recently cropped up.
  15. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    As much as you may have a valid contribution posts like this don't really help tbh, just committing to the meme/joke attitude that's got people so apathetic.

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