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  1. First RP server i ever played and the one i enjoyed the most. Loved the scripts, I loved the personalities you'd meet. This server had clear effect on my final grades from middle school, all the way to the vocational Great place to make some lifelong friends. @BusterAces @EPICxNUTS @DiscoPotato @InventorR @Thomaspwn
  2. If we do, can i get the Playboy mansion for free? I can make a faction around it, ill become an "instagram" influencer and Will make Forum posts about my characters life ty and hmu on pms faction Team
  3. name: QuinC Comment: Android cameras are shit, go find a real job and buy a better camera.
  4. Gazzeh

    Mechanic Job

    What I've seen is that you're suggesting things that are already provided as scripts on another thing on rage. Owl shouldn't be like that. Meanwhile yes, customization should be in game, in no shape or form should you be able to upgrade your cars engine and so on in 5 minutes.
  5. Gazzeh


    You roleplay it like you'd do it irl 2+2 = 4 The way you're suggesting means that someone will log in when there's like 0 people online and starts lockpicking all the cars so they can steal stuff from it, same with housing. You've been literaly told how to do so, there was even an example brought out. Do not copy paste roleplay that's just cheap. If you don't know how to pick a lock, maybe you shouldn't do so in-game aswell until you do your research.
  6. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, cause game breaking bugs are bad for its health. 

  7. Why don't you lot just use the entire script setup from the -Other- place :D maybe get somewhere
  8. MTA OwlG was great. The management seemed poor to me, specially 2018--->
  9. MTA itself was not trash in any way. I feel like what was trash and triggered the decrease in players was when people wanted "Legal Virtual Market" That was the first hint that players wanted to roleplay something new. Which got denied in the first place. Only when people left, we got Legal VM and in-game auction house, but ofcourse that was too late.
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