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  1. Gazzeh

    /afk command.

    bit rude that
  2. Looks for e300 and then says diesel only, so u mean 300d
  3. yea, thats what we were out doing, because we were bored of the repetitive car dealership and other "work" that has been there for 4 years, we wanted to have something new. as the farms that have been out there and supported by VM didnt employ any workers.
  4. you cant just assume that to everyone tho. it just shows what type of people you hang out with lmao. we actually wanted to create low to high quality roleplay so we could have less people in RS haul for example, but we were told off and that they wouldn't even spawn in the grain for us and that they wont cover the vehicle taxes to make it even. So if we'd have started it, it'd have all been out of our own pockets, and it's not cheap, keeping 400k+ worth of equipment up from your own pocket and pay the wages aswell.
  5. you've never been this wrong my guy but you do you. how does one abuse legal VM system when it's controlled by FT members.. u smart, u loyal, i appreciate u
  6. too bad the FT was too busy not promoting legal VM when some of the farm owners wanted to create agriculture in the server. even had the equipment and everything for it.
  7. There you go, old topic with votes and everything, even some UAT members supported it, but nothing got done.
  8. As much experience as i've had with Faction team, they don't like legal VM as me and my buddy did try to set up a farm and had all the machinery and land for it, just to be told "no, we (Legal side of faction team) don't have enough time to deal with legal virtual markets." Altho a lot of people supported our idea and plans to make it happen, we would have had faction team support to our thing, basically it'd have been us, roleplaying the farm, paying the employees and vehicle taxes with no sort of produce (Agricultural gains) or anything else spawned in to support our thing or so we could atleast make even on it. We couldn't get our faction because they thought that we'd end up money farming from the faction interests (as everyone did until now, that they changed the interest thingie). Our goal was to bring in new sort of roleplay and do something else than run a dealership or a club.
  9. my questions are aimed at the further future, not for the beginning
  10. also wondering about housing and so on. High-end, mid-end and low-end housing as what i remember paleto only has couple decent houses with no cracks in the wall and so on.
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