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  1. I can pop up, but probably best if I wait a few months till I upgrade my graphics card from 550 Ti.
  2. happy birthday you absolute fucking cunt i hope you dye


    your hair blonde so i can suck your cock off your disgusting fucking


    plushy toy and shove it up my


    washing machine so we can go and fuck each other in the ass (in turns)

  3. is this SL Incorporated delivering my helium and a crate of 10,000 balloons
  4. sup m8

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Lartsa


      The fuck, ErnieTheMighty is the best playa in this fucking shit

    3. Balloon


      we're just kiddin about

    4. Daveosfutur


      I know who it is you nonce. We took it to DMS

      Balloon is actually my dad

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