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  1. Auction isn't closed until it is the time that was set on the auction END,
  2. Name:sam Comment: @atticus Your bid is invalid, Please use proper format.
  3. Name:Sam Bid:$19,000 Lot:#1 (Subaru WRX )
  4. Name: Sam Bid: $17,000 (offer) Lot: #1 (Subaru Impreza WRX)
  5. Nahh, I sold it to him, I owned it for 1,5 Year
  6. Dont judge, You dont have your own company. She atleast acomplished something here.
  7. Name:Sam Comment: Can you extend the time for 12 more hours?
  8. name:Foo Bid:5500 Comment: Niggeh, You want it huh?
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