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  1. Name:Sam Simons Ticket Number: 7
  2. 19 minutes have passed already
  3. name:Foo Bid:5500 Comment: Niggeh, You want it huh?
  4. name:Sam Bid:2550 Comment: Foo' lemme snatch it,
  5. name:Sam Bid: 2000 Comment: Come on foo' I need a project
  6. Name: sam Comment : You interested to build a aerox with me?, Dont have alot of knowledge with mopeds
  7. Name: Sam Comment: Im looking to build a Aerox, Could we maybe spend some time to work on it together?
  8. Name: Sam Comment: He has absolute no knowledge of any import banned bikes, The owner of this bike has passion. I can understand that hes selling it for 100 grand, I saw the exact same go for 200 grand So dont even cry about 100k
  9. Name: s.s Comment: Would love to keep it at 5000 for now, Thanks for the quick answer.
  10. name:s.s Bid: Offering $10,000 As buyout.
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