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    /me throws 70 thousand dollars at the vehicle. /do the car would magically have 2000 horsepower. Your welcome.
  2. Most 4x4 or 4WD Vehicles have what we call a transfer case, per usual you have 4L - 4wheel drive low, 4H- 4wheel drive High, 2H - 2 wheel drive high gear winch is the usual for cruising around. if you notice in older jeeps or SUV'S you will see a extra shifter next to the regular gear selector, newer vehicles have a switch or a sort of dial , everything now a days is controlled electronically. People tend to keep the car in 2H to drive around and sometimes they even offroad like that if its a dirt path, 4H is used for rougher terrains and 4L is used when you get stuck or need that little extra to get over something. A basic Switch toggable by VT that enables a car to switch between 4WD to RWD would be nice indeed. IF possible.
  3. if its possible to enable or disable by VT when the vehicle is spawned sure, not ALL cars have them and some people just break the speaker on purpose.
  4. The best part is when people with bikes that are not intended for off-road do this kind of RP or just say they taped over it.
  5. Ive had old well maintained cars IRL that never broke down once and have friends who had problems with their brand new car. Example i used to daily this cheap polo mainly because my volvo used alot of gas and it never skipped a beat, meanwhile a guy i know who had a brand new VW scirocco blew up his motor. My point is: Wear is unpredictable and depends on the car, weather, location (if you drive up and down mountains alot like i did) and mostly the driver. THIS script suggestion is not worth it in MTA. This is forced roleplay.
  6. Yes, Yes, and Yes to those questions, but no to this suggestion. just not worth it on MTA. Plus no way some of my builds will overheat with the cooling system i have.
  7. I dont think you have a notion on how big the tec 9 actually is.
  8. Looks light and sure it fits in your waistline. (Sarcasm for the win) everything about this is textbook powergaming. Everything from the gun to the bike.
  9. Oh sure i'll buy a house in palomino and own 40 cars. no i'd have a lot somewhere else. lol.
  10. i had a milionare char. and old clapped out muscle cars? Not much tax on those. And who said they all have to be registered and insured? If i could right now i would have a yard with 40 clapped out muscle cars ig and just spend some quality time sourcing parts from them and fixing others. Engine from one, distributor from the other, maybe go rob a seat off another one.
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