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  1. Posting this on behalf of pl0x: "Thanks for your time @Jelle but I am sure you know nothing about this situation. I only care about comments from the UAT or Keksii himself, anybody else is irreelvant. However, as you took your time to write something "smart", I will tell you what the problem. The problem is that NOBODY ever RP'd to check the internal camera, he just PG'd and MG'd to know it was me. However, please refrain from posting here, we wait for @Chaos his judgement."
  2. Posting this on behalf of pl0x: "Well, everyone knew I approached it from behind, as I was at the Cluck n' Bell first and then moved to the cruiser, which was facing the ammunation. So, I couldn't even pass the Dashboard cam, unless I wanted to get captured for nothing. And the internal camera got never RP'd. The problem is that you try to question it, while you weren't there at all, nobody questioned that I came from behind. And nobody RP'd the internal dashcam. I asked for logs and you still refuse to Show them, this shows that you have no evidence at all and that the guy simply powergamed and metagamed, even if it was over some misunderstanding. It still doesn't allow him to PG. You are clearly refusing to accept clear facts and brought up no evidence at all. Now you try to question my angle, desperate. While you wasn't there at all, and the persons who were there know indeed that I never passed the front. However, you bring no arguments or logs, we need the judgement from a fair administrator like @Chaos now, who knows what PG is."
  3. Posting this on behalf of pl0x: "''Making sure to stay out of the dashboard cam area'' is that really detailed enough for you? And when I asked you later on you clearly told me you approached the vehicle from behind as an addition to that line, so It's pretty clear the dashcam would catch you." You should know that I approached the vehicle from behind, and the dashboard cam is infront of a vehicle. It would not capture met at all, and he never RP'd to check the internal camera. @Chaos please help us out here, we aren't getting anywhere."
  4. @pl0x is banned from posting. Posting this in behalf of him: " You say he doesn't need to RP it because it's an "obvious ghing". No it isn't, police officers never check the dashboard cam footage, unless they deed to gain evidence or Information. Secondly, I did RP it detailed and good: 2016-05-27 20:04:14 Felipe Maravilla covers his hands with his shirt, making sure to stay out of the dashboard cam area. 2016-05-27 20:04:23 Felipe Maravilla pops the door open, letting Terrell out. First you say that he doesn't need to RP to check that camera which would lead to my arrest. And now you say that I didn't RP it detailed enough, while he didn't RP anyhting. I do not understand your sentences, I can't even consider them arguments. I don't know what you exactly understand over RP; or you might think that officers do not need to RP everything, as they are doing their "duty" right? Now, I would like you to post the logs of Dustin's RP, so we can compare it to the MG'd footage. If he didn't RP to check the "none-existing" internal camera, then it was clear PG. And I am sure that's the case, so there aren't any other questions left, and you are free to unCK me. I know your sense of RP already, you say it's okay to RP something and the grab info of something else. Well, that was considered PG till now. So, we might need to wait for another admin, who seeks an average RP Standard - to decide that issue. All in all, I would like to apologize to you, if you see my attitude or wording inappropriate. But, you should be able to understand my situation. A possible arrest was based on a MG'd and PG'd footage. The whole situation was based on it, and you still say it's okay. I think everyone does mistakes, and I am sure you got spammed inGame, so it was a good decision to bring it to the forums where we can discuss it in peace. But, I think the only reason why we have appeals, is so that we come to a fair judgement - and so the admin can see the situation as an experience and learn from it. At the end of the day we are all human, you did a clear mistake here, and I do not think anyone is questioning that, but you should just see it as an experience and handle this appeal fair now. "
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