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  1. u either got kicked or left, both ways are wise asf :D

  2. where the blue tag at

    1. Mogs


      he passed away due to his ligma

  3. how are the kids lars larson f1 driver

    1. Mogs


      claiming like lars used to

  4. woah @BlanK @ToastyBud
  5. name: F1 Lars Comment; gonna need a co driver
  6. Name: Lars Hamilton Comment: Literally a jobsworth.
  7. GAT Update - April 15, 2019 Hello, Below you are able to find the recent changes within the GAT. Recruitment for the team will remain closed for the time being and we hope the best for the departed. Promotions Mogs - Promoted to Administrator Departures Chapple (Resigned) Cryotich (Removed) DxRK (Resigned) JameZ (Removed) Lclasouljah (Resigned) Reagan (Removed) TheNeonGuy (Removed) Extensions CoronaCanadian Mahjarrat Salsa ZuclyaHD Reinstatements BusterAces - Reinstated as Trial Administrator OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team
  8. Name: Howard Sweeney Comment: You said jobs will be "given" out and that your party will personally strive to bring the NG back, despite having no authority over both of those things. Bringing back the NG shouldn't be associated with this type of platform.
  9. Name: Howard Sweeney Comment: You do realize that you have no control or authority over that, right?
  10. Name: Howard Sweneey Comment; I think you better research what the NG actually does and how people enlist. It doesn't only consist of local residents. If you want more available jobs, then you'd work on businesses within the county.
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