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  1. I also believe cops do need to be online when crime occurs. People will, without a hint of doubt, MG the fact that cops aren't online to deal with them. Furthermore, while it is true that you must RP first then report later if you feel that something went wrong, there are policies that clearly establish what cannot be done. For instance, it is beyond doubt that robbing someone in front of PD is powergaming even if, hypothetically speaking, explicit rules on restricted areas didn't exist.
  2. Mint

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    We appreciate your honesty.
  3. Mint

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    Nah you're definitely lagging. I shot you in my screen before I lost the battle.
  4. Mint

    OwlGaming - Paint Ball

    Thought you "got it on Shadowplay"? Send it over for a bug report.
  5. I've been robbed myself. The best part of it was seeing them rage when they realised they wasted their time.
  6. Mint


    Hello gypsy.
  7. Mint

    Show your setup!


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