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  1. RE: Insurance Inquiry Request Hello Mr. George Remington, Thank you for getting back to us. Please call our hotline (5500) so we can finalise the deal and begin insuring your vehicle. Let us know if you have more inquiries and concerns. All the best, Nathan Moreau Insurance Manager
  2. Would like to suggest doing a few paintball events each year, in addition to the choices in the poll.
  3. RE: Insurance Inquiry Request Hello Mr. George Remington, We had reviewed your inquiry and are willing to insure your 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI with the VIN 25440 for $51. If you agree to have your vehicle insured at the aforementioned cost, please let us know and we will proceed to the next step. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Nathan Moreau Insurance Manager
  4. Not quite sure if I'm wrong but the penal code does include "vehicle seizure" as a sanction for certain vehicle or traffic-related offences committed (e.g. TF006 & TF007 as of this post). That's probably why it was sort of legal for PD to sell cars but not for BoTS. Not sure about laws within certain regions in real life but I read that in some places in the US, if a vehicle is auctioned and sold, the owner is compensated. BoTS sold vehicles long ago but those were vehicles they did not own and therefore the sales were illegal. I do not object to the government selling vehicles so long as there is a law which actually transfers ownership from a person(or corporation) to the government as any sale of that kind would be illegal otherwise.
  5. I also believe cops do need to be online when crime occurs. People will, without a hint of doubt, MG the fact that cops aren't online to deal with them. Furthermore, while it is true that you must RP first then report later if you feel that something went wrong, there are policies that clearly establish what cannot be done. For instance, it is beyond doubt that robbing someone in front of PD is powergaming even if, hypothetically speaking, explicit rules on restricted areas didn't exist.
  6. We appreciate your honesty.
  7. Nah you're definitely lagging. I shot you in my screen before I lost the battle.
  8. Thought you "got it on Shadowplay"? Send it over for a bug report.
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