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  1. Having Russian speakers in your Discord does not mean their knowledge and advice on bratva is correct. The name is ingrammatical and the ranks make no sense. I have roleplayed bratva for 3 years in Owlgaming in total, (Soldier in Khram, 2nd-in-command in Bratva Vostoka) so I know what I am talking about. I suggest the people in your Discord to do research. I suggest you to do your own research as well. Ambidextrous’ and my comments are constructive criticism, not insulting and mocking your faction. If you want, we can talk about this on Discord. - Devonshire
  2. Let's do this thang. (I'll be posting screens soon - stay tuned.)
  3. Name: Letskillalljihdadists Comment: HEIL KLAUS!
  4. @klippan omg you are cute <33333333!!!!!
  5. Name: KummoOfficial Comment: This shit's whack nigguh
  6. To any member of FMT: This can be L&A'd because I don't find any time to run it at the moment and my guys have lost interest.
  7. Kummo is the best rapper by the way.
  8. Fucking love it when my boys are running a successful faction. Can't believe it I used to mentor these guys back in the day and now they've made it big time. Make it official! (btw y'all motherfuckers still fucking kids to me räyr)
  9. Good work, my sons. Your father Paluk is proud. Nice to see this going. @FAILCAKEZ @Fallschirmjager Your sovietnik is still expecting to get paid the tribute... #morozovperezhogineraneverdie
  10. This fucking thread is a Khram subfaction. I am now very OOC hateful towards it. P.S.: If you want more info on EOC, I suggest you to watch Lamp (1996). @LokiHavok @Ambidextrous
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