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  1. Good thing there's now a faction running whose leader is 100% homosexual. Wondering if he has rape perms to all his members... Jokes aside, best of luck my friend! - Devonshire
  2. @remolten How active players do you need? I always love the RP but I'm inactive af these days.
  3. @remolten Yeah let's do terrorist event, I'll RP a terrorist with you mofo because I know you wanna RP a terrorist.
  4. I got elected as District 4 supervisor so I'll be needing gov forum perms, thanks.
  5. Who is Aiden? Howdy partners! I’m Aiden, Aiden Lee Mitterrand junior and I am running for District 4 supervisor. I am 45 year old resident from Angel Pine and my current employment is working as Cabinet Aide to County Commissioner Klaus Wunnenberg. My parents were farmers and served our little community by growing and giving it products that are needed daily, such as milk, eggs, meat and so on. Since a little child I have always been interested into the world and how it functions generally and have always wanted to affect to things, especially to see and make sure that the decisions the government makes are made for the sake of our people. Nowadays, there have been lots of politicians who have made false promises without actually delivering what they promised on their campaign platforms. That needs some serious change. I chose to run for District 4 supervisor because I’ve been living in District 4 all my life and therefore I want to make sure the things District 4 needs are promoted in the government. When you choose me as District 4 supervisor, I will do the following 1. The Family Farm As you look at the map of San Andreas, you can see that most of District 4 is populated by farmers if you don’t count the town of Angel Pine to that. That’s why it’s important to ensure the rights and livelihood of farmers in District 4 because they are the heart of it. When I get elected, I will be creating, enhancing and developing more ways to protect farmers by eliminating speculation in land and commodities and creating a fair economic partnership for farmers and their customers. 2. Business loans and tax returns In Angel Pine, there are lots of businesses that at the moment are for sale because at the moment either it’s not profitable to run a business in District 4 or neither people do not have sufficient funds to purchase a licensed business in District 4. As I did some research about this, I found out that currently it’s very difficult to obtain a business loan due to internal bureaucracy. Therefore the business taxes need to be made easier for the future entrepreneurs to obtain. What comes to taxes, you are the one who actually is paying them so from my point of view you deserve your taxes back, especially when the money is rightfully invested by your side. 3. Community Our community is important to us. It’s important to be a part of a group. The people of District 4 should been given a chance to attend in community meetings and gatherings to address their is ideas about developing the community and also express their possible worries about the current situation. My idea to do this is to establish a community center in Angel Pine where the people of District 4 can come at any time they want to express themselves. I have lived my whole life in District 4 and when I get elected, I’ll be 100% investing my time to make sure our community has the future it truly deserves. Vote Mitterrand, He’ll Save Your Land! If you want to donate to my campaign and help me with my journey towards District 4 supervisor, I take donations to the following account: 5801 6080 8907 5599
  6. ((https://gyazo.com/f689b1372a750876c723cc1ea0244b73 @DylanW))
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Vietnam US Era Military Biker Helmet https://i.imgur.com/WcxwBCN.jpg Item Name Vietnam US Era Military Biker Helmet {field_name_1025} {field_value_1025} Starting Bid 1000 Minimum Increase 100 Buyout 5000 Auction Ends 05/04/2019 Contact Information Given to winner
  8. Name: Semyon Lupoyan Official Comment: I will give my vote to Mr. Wunnenberg. * The account would be ran by veterans party of Los Santos. *
  9. Name: Semyon @Pilovali Comment: Name Isa makes me horny....
  10. Having Russian speakers in your Discord does not mean their knowledge and advice on bratva is correct. The name is ingrammatical and the ranks make no sense. I have roleplayed bratva for 3 years in Owlgaming in total, (Soldier in Khram, 2nd-in-command in Bratva Vostoka) so I know what I am talking about. I suggest the people in your Discord to do research. I suggest you to do your own research as well. Ambidextrous’ and my comments are constructive criticism, not insulting and mocking your faction. If you want, we can talk about this on Discord. - Devonshire
  11. Let's do this thang. (I'll be posting screens soon - stay tuned.)
  12. Name: Letskillalljihdadists Comment: HEIL KLAUS!
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