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  1. no idea how to join the gta v server, keeps spawning me as a dog..

    1. Jer


      Hop in the discord and I will help you mate

    2. JacobEscobar


      i figured it out but thanks brody

  2. @Gazzeh i guess, lets just see what the admins and scripters think about it.
  3. @Gazzeh yea but drifting is my characters passion im working for the cash not like im saying the script should give up more money, you have to do 3k+ deliveries to get to level 5 fam like come on its not easy. and i dont need a car that goes 286 i WANT it and im working for it so i should be getting paid to get it. Like i said there can be scripts in place to not let people abuse the job. Or add a payment system for player ran companies simple but i grind for my shit id like to see something come out of it.
  4. @Gazzeh your right the server is great, but i have a car im trying to modify along with the cost of the parts, plus the 50, 60, 100 thousand the mechanics tryna charge me to put em in, i feel like money has alot to do with the things you experience. I put so much time into that job had cars and a house got my computer broke and came back to nothing lol and the job pays shit so unless u tryna swing me 100k m8 i think i need a raise.
  5. @Gazzeh I'm currently looking into those companies, I'm just not sure how their payment system works......what if no one wants to order anything at a week or so. Then I'm kinda not getting any money, and do I get paid based on when I deliver something or is it a standard flat rate based on the amount of work I put in when I do deliver something. idk man, maybe they could make the RS Haul player ran with all the scripts in place, or adopt my suggestion plus the ones already in place and let it be accessible to other companies like SLD.
  6. @fritz I understand your point, but you could set it up that if the driver goes above the speed limit your pay is deducted and you get demoted when you drive too fast a little triangle pops up above the speed. Adding a script that registers that to RS Haul would fix the problem of reckless driving.
  7. Well if it's just a starting job, why do they have it up to level 5 drivers?? like I assumed its long term job and since it is not let it just be level 1 driver ranks then. Just like all the other city hall jobs only have one level that pays crap. Either way everyone is entitled to their opening please don't be rude about it guys if you feel it is "stupid" explain why and don't be rude.
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- The RS Haul Trucking Job What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- I have a few suggestions to make this job better: 1. Make the promotions to different driver levels worth it, as it should pay more. 2.Don't decrease pay based on hours, irl the longer you work for a company and more promotions you get the better your pay and benefits, should be the same for RS Haul. 3. Base the payments for Deliveries on Distance, truck conditions and the amount of load delivered to the location. 4. To compensate for high ranked drivers being paid a lot, make it so you can get demoted for crashing the vehicle, late deliveries, and inactivity. 5. Maybe add a level six driver which allows you to drive a trailer into the other cities but let it be difficult to get to that level. What are the advantages?- This would make the job more immersive, you will feel like the work you put in gets you something back. The workers at RS Haul would be able to better develop a career in which they will have to do right and RPly to gain the rewards. It is a better-scripted way of letting the Job function as it would irl. What are the disadvantages?- There are no major disadvantages, due to the fact you can get demoted for reckless driving, inactivity, and lateness. It allows player who really put time into the job to get rewards and players who just do it to make some quick cash to no abuse it. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No i know nothing about scripting. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Im hoping you guys would take care of it, this is just a suggestion.
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