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  1. Adams

    Show yourself!

    it deffo is
  2. Adams

    Show yourself!

  3. Adams


    Sold the scooter, got this now m8
  4. Adams


    Yeah all bottom end power, wheelie it for miles it's like a torquey sofa got you fam
  5. Adams


    Thank you Yeah that's me pal. Wheelie a KTM 250SX too and a ninja 750R Huaraches, Air max 90's, 95's, 97's, air force 1 lows, adidas tubular shadows, alpinestar tech 10's
  6. Adams


    Who's on Instagram? Follow me up but post your username on here too cus I don't accept strangers lol https://www.instagram.com/bl.adz/
  7. Adams

    [Vehicles] - Realistic Gas Pumps

    Could probably find it yeah. Also includes realistic MPG and realistic sized fuel tanks tied into the veh lib like mpg / fuel tank = fuel return
  8. Adams

    [Vehicles] - Realistic Gas Pumps

    Yeah I did mine was sick
  9. Adams

    Show yourself!

  10. Adams

    Vehicles IRL?

    KTM 250SX 2 stroke

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