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  1. Restrepo

    West Grove Wheelers (EBK)

    If we are in those areas conducting anything we are usually in numbers due to the area being hostile. If you don't see someone roleplaying "fear" then report them like any other player. We are not going to force Officer not to go in those areas just because there is crimes, it's actually opposite the areas with more crime usually have more police presence.
  2. Restrepo

    West Grove Wheelers (EBK)

    Best of luck @TPG.
  3. Restrepo

    Residential - 1409 West Broadway [ENDS: 19th May 2018]

    Name: Scott Murphy Bid: Starting
  4. Restrepo

    Randall Foundation

    My mate Law, awesome stuff man.
  5. Restrepo

    GAT Update - April 26th, 2018

    Nice one.
  6. It will be abused, no.

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