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  1. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    I wouldn't remove this rule but more or less revise it in someway. Let's say said "weapon" was used in a previous altercation where you CK'ed someone on a justified standpoint (1st Situation) , then you go out days later with the same weapon and attempt to use the same weapon to kill another person. In this second situation you get banned for DM and have your weapons removed from you. Let's say you eventually your ban expires and you come back. Your weapon is out of cycle in the IC world as is has been removed, so let's say Officers link you to the murder in the (1st Situation, where it was justified) somehow but cannot find the weapon due it being removed from cycle, that would create a big problem IC'ly. You could bring up the point of just having an admin spawn the weapon in for PD but then at the point it's tampered with and it would be unfair from the players point of view to spawn in a "weapon" for PD that he could get charged for. It would also be unfair to PD it the weapon was spawned in and hid in a location of the players choosing or giving back to the player to hide as at that point it gives the suspect a upper hand. So overall I don't think we should completely remove weapons that were especially used in previous situation from the cycle, but revise the rule in a way where it works out from a IC standpoint.
  2. "Best" of Spring 2017

    when is 2018 coming @Bum
  3. We could virtually go on all day about this, I've made my points and said my peace. Like I said from the get go it isn't needed, but I'll let others have a say.
  4. Like I said it's not that big of a issue that it needs it's own script suggestion, this probably happened to you once or twice and then you decided to make a suggestion to solve it for yourself really. I don't see this script affecting or even benefiting the community for that matter. If it's "PG" like you said then press F1 and report the player, and they will be punished and removed from the faction they are in.
  5. You are trying to solve an IC issue by making a script suggestion. Why not take this IC'ly via IA or other means and those caught abusing it will be dealt with, I'm sure it's not that big of a problem that the amount of people abusing it is to great that it needs it's own script suggestion.
  6. I feel like you should be able to trust your faction team members to access things at given times. If you don't trust your faction members well maybe then they shouldn't be in it to begin with. I don't see this as needed.
  7. [STATE] The People v. Tay Jordan

    ((Vehicle has been released @ThatGuy ))
  8. Downer's Law Firm

    Username: Murphy Review rate (1/5 stars): 0.5/5 Comment: Mediocre at best really.
  9. GAT Update - March 1st, 2018

    Big up, congrats @SjoerdPSV.
  10. 200 Gamecoins

    I hate @Swanker
  11. I present to you, the carrying script...

    Anyone else checked their discord after watching the video?

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