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  1. Restrepo

    Los Malvados Motorcycle Club

    I've been watching the Mayans MC recently and have really enjoyed it. Nice to see a Mexican MC! Best of luck.
  2. Restrepo

    OwlGaming - Slambook

    Name: restrepo Age: 18 Country: u s a Time Playing OwlGaming: 4 yearz Favorite Player(s): mogs, bum, unitts, zac (rethinking my decision on that one), chaos, ben (when hes alone), iv7z etc Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: skully Favorite Faction: dinoco Favorite Faction Leader: mogs Favorite GAT Member: unitts, mogs Favorite UAT Member: shanks and rat and sometimes zac Favorite LEO Roleplayer: none of them all shitebags Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: all shite as well Best Legal Faction: dinoco Best Illegal Faction: ??? Favorite Weapon: deagle What makes me play OwlGaming: speed traps What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: saddos like What do you aim for in Owlgaming: having a good time really If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: 2 police factions
  3. Restrepo

    idlewood criminals syndicate

    sorry i couldnt stop myself from pissing @Chaos this means you no rats
  4. Restrepo

    Newsletter - End of September 2018

    try it prick
  5. Restrepo

    Newsletter - End of September 2018

    i'd like to thank my fans out there couldnt do it without you. i expect my paycheck soon @Chaos bringing all these people to owl to buy gcs from you. cheers to @Mogs for doing call-ins keeping the stream entertaining
  6. about cunting time cheers danielS
  7. "Your Honor, the defense agrees."
  8. **Daniel McLennan would re-enter the courtroom, taking a seat at the defendants table.** Your Honor, the defense has come to a plea agreement with the prosecution. (( @Zebulon @ThatGuy @Urshankov @EvilScotsman @TheShokier ))
  9. happy birthday

  10. **Daniel McLennan would enter the courtroom, taking a seat at the defendants table.** Your Honor, the defense requests a recess to speak with its client. (( @Zebulon @ThatGuy @EvilScotsman @Urshankov ))
  11. Restrepo

    Wheeler McLennan LLP

    Wheeler McLennan LLP is a law firm dedicated to providing quality representation to businesses and individuals in private, public and third sectors. We specialize in all aspects of criminal and civil law, specifically felony & misdemeanor charges, traffic accident claims, family law advice and much more. Our legal services offer individualized attention to all our clients, being a start-up firm we will commit 100% to each case to bring about the best result. It is crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer without delay if you are facing any legal matters, which our firm can offer. Full list of services: Criminal defense Civil law Accident law Family law Corporate law To get the best advice prior to your case, we suggest booking an appointment without delay. Our dedicated team will respond to your request within 24 hours with a consultation date and time alongside any advice relating to your case. Fees are as follows: Wheeler McLennan LLP began in 2018. Daniel McLennan and Jeremy Wheeler were co-workers at a previous law firm. The previous firm provided little to no attention to its clients with high rates. The representation that the clients received was minimal and the firm was just out to get money. McLennan and Wheeler had enough of this work ethic as they become Juris Doctors in order to assist people out. They took their money saved up across the span of a couple of years and moved to Los Santos where they acquired a building to jump start their law firm. They obtained a Business License from the Los Santos County Government and were approved into the Bar Associations of the Superior Court of the State of San Andreas shortly after. They are driven to deliver the best quality representation for each client by working as partners. Partners: Daniel McLennan ((@Restrepo)) Daniel McLannan is one of the founders and named-partners at Wheeler McLennan LLP. Daniel practiced law in North Carolina mostly representing as criminal defense in large scale cases. Daniel graduated from Duke University from his hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Daniel moved into a large corporation where he met Jeremy. Daniel wasn't to fond of the work ethic at the large corporations as they were out to make money, and not represent each client with dignity. Daniel was looking for new listings but most of them was for large corporations who had the same work ethic. To overcome this hurdle Daniel began Wheeler McLennan with his partner Jeremy Wheeler. They moved to Los Santos as it had the biggest opportunity's in the area. Daniel hopes that Wheeler McLennan stays true to its clients through out its time as that was the foundation it was built on. Jeremy Wheeler ((@Mogs)) Jeremy Wheeler is one of the founders and named-partners at Wheeler McLennan LLP. Jeremy started practicing law in New York, mostly representing large corporations as well as doing smaller pro-bono cases on the side. Over ten years have passed since he first began practicing and he has decided to make a sudden change, taking on more criminal cases and dedicating his time to representing the less fortunate of clients through pro-bono cases. Jeremy is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctors. Jeremy Wheeler practice focuses on criminal defense and complex civil litigation, and he has experience in matters relating to contract fraud, security, and other related matters.
  12. hope the next announcement is gta v release date

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