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  1. Madmen MC

    Great to see another MC, have fun boys and go far with it.
  2. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    Could be for all I know, like I said I don't know much information about this topic. From what I've read it just seems to be a bunch of complaints with like you said little to no evidence to back their claims. If they are just causing problems and stirring the plot like you stated why not just remove them from the community as they are not in the community and doing nothing else but causing tension internally.
  3. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    I have no side in this debate but, surely this many players complaining about one specific thing constantly, has to be the root of a major problem. That's my personal truth.
  4. Name: Conspiracy Theory Comment: 🤔
  5. Name: Murphy Bid: 42k @Blastafary you okay
  6. Name: Murphy Bid: 37k
  7. Need Permissions

    @Mogs think we have a traitor..
  8. Community Open Q&A

    This question is directed more towards @Chaos, but what do you foresee the future of this community 3-X years from now.
  9. Upper Administration

    From my point of view, I see @Wright & @ThatGuy on a daily basis not only dealing with administration stuff, but also finding time to come and roleplay within the Police Department. As for other UAT member, Swanker, OhhPixels, Shanks. They all seem to respond to any issues I put forth to them, even though I might disagree with them at times, they are always willing to give me an answer and resolve my issues. So generalizing and saying UAT and Upper Administration doesn't do anything is a bit harsh if you ask me. I think you ought to know them more before you make a statement like that based on a couple of hours and also Chaos might not hop in-game as often, but he always responds to me on Discord, Fourms etc, when I want to talk to him.
  10. Community Open Q&A

    @Script Who are you?
  11. Not trying to be a dick or anything but...

    I just coughed and restated what you said. Whaaaat can you do.
  12. Not trying to be a dick or anything but...

    *Cough* *Cough* When exactly did I take "one thing and turned it into something else" ? buddy, you are literally blowing this out of proportion. Now I don't know if you have some sort of mental issues IRL or If you are just really sensitive as hell. I was explaining myself and It was all regarding the same situation, you stopping to read it just shows that you are arrogant and not willing to take any negativity on your side. I am not playing victim, I am not even the one crying on forums nor am I the one who keeps creating thread after thread regarding a really stupid situation that I am not even wrong about. I am simply defending my side and placing my statements out there for anyone who would want to read it and understand it a little bit more as you are really overwhelming the situation from what it really was. And as you are claiming alot of people agree with you, alot of people also disagree with you and that could be seen from the "LIKES" on this thread. If we're going to play a like vs like game now. "Let me call everyone toxic and flame some of the current administration team and tell Chaos how shit his server and community is, but FUCK you for calling me toxic!!"
  13. happy birthday sweet 16 lol have a nice one

  14. Dinoco - Insurance Enquiry - Nick Yorkland

    @DellWood ((Alright))
  15. Happy Birthday

    1. ResidentPeach


      Hugely appreciated mate, cheers.


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