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  1. Currently taking on clients. ((Forum PM for more info))
  2. I resigned just like you : )
  3. oki door key 👌
  4. i'm just happy to be here : )
  5. Name: Murphy Comment: Congratulations to Mr. Bradford and Mr. Quintana, wish you the best of luck!
  6. *Scott Murphy enters the courtroom, taking a seat in the viewing gallery*
  7. @OhhPixelz my favorite by far in the admin community ❤️
  8. don't know what your on about fine my end
  9. name: mr. blobby comment: thank god you're not commissioner, otherwise you'd need people to write for you.
  10. name: mr. blobby comment: dinoco employee of the month for november nick fries jr
  11. name: mr. blobby comment: mind ur fucking own noisy prick
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