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  1. I suggest allowing non admin FT members being able to contribute to locked FT forum and vote there, create topics to express their concerns, accept only experienced roleplayers too.
  2. Yo, if anyone finds cheap key offeers that works with GTA V MP, then give me link pls.
  3. lol lookatthisguyleavingnormallifetoplaymtacouldntbeme
  4. Name: Common sense Comment: Serves this guy right! Streets aren't for RACING! But you shouldn't be dick about it..
  5. sūkatājs neteiks man ko darīt qq
  6. Well, this is a rather spicy meme. Vai šis vēl ir dzīvs? Labprāt pievienotos.
  7. Daffy15

    The Vault

    Do you provide living quarters in case of an M.A.D.?
  8. I might play from 2014 but I'm still a noob. Time means nothing Server has changed a lot over the time, it's a shame that many great players have left MTA. Used to be more fun to me, not sure what happened.
  9. Who the hell even cares? If somebody wants to RP this, may they but with OOC permission. p.s. i've seen rp of person getting raped in anus with a deagle and then getting "accidentally shot", that was entertaining to say the least.
  10. No from me, would create a more unrealistic environment. Taxi job is dead already because of everybody being able to have a vehicle easily.
  11. Daffy15

    Fletcher Crew

    Timur in 2017 decided to move outside of LS to Montgomery as it's a lot calmer there and it reminds him of his childhood summers in Belarus as a kid. He also became more active and along with other hobbies picked up running and other physical activities. After he had visited the local bar, he decided that he should socialize more and possibly find a job. It's never a good idea to piss on the bathroom's floor.. Fishing trips with the uncle used to be amazing. Alone and without a vodka it just isn't the same. Haha, i'm not that old yet, I know how to use technology! Gotta apply for the job. The Interview The bartender job turned out to be way more interesting than Timur had thought. A fun night indeed, Americans apparently are lightweights and don't need that many drinks to start a quality bar fight.
  12. damn man, good shit.
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