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  1. I suggest allowing non admin FT members being able to contribute to locked FT forum and vote there, create topics to express their concerns, accept only experienced roleplayers too.
  2. Yo, if anyone finds cheap key offeers that works with GTA V MP, then give me link pls.
  3. Who the hell even cares? If somebody wants to RP this, may they but with OOC permission. p.s. i've seen rp of person getting raped in anus with a deagle and then getting "accidentally shot", that was entertaining to say the least.
  4. No from me, would create a more unrealistic environment. Taxi job is dead already because of everybody being able to have a vehicle easily.
  5. you can make tables lol quit owl already jk best server ever i wish i had some good meemays not today
  6. back in this bitch perhaps

    1. Serx



    2. Daffy15


      downloading gta sa my net so slow like holy fuck

    3. Serx


      hmu on discord

  7. Happy birthday bro

  8. Sadly I didn't get proof, the thing I was doing back there was called "spotting" my intention was never to kill them at that moment but just to see them, I didn't even know if I was allowed to ck him at the moment so I just saw them overreacting, screaming like they're about to get sprayed, I didn't take a gun out, I was waiting for my report to be accepted, then I was at the other side of the hood, chatting with HumanRev about this and suddenly get rammed because they thought I was after them just because they saw me nearby them, it's reasonable but reasonable enough, it would be cool if we could let's say re-rp the kidnapping or whatever you was gonna do or just take everyone at PK and i'd forget going after Kevin because the RP which was originally didn't go as intended because of SD intervention. Honestly at the moment I was on the ground I could of just pulled gun and gunned you all but I didn't want to for RP but then I got shot whilst rp'ing my injuries and not being a threat. All of the logs I have. Department of Motor Vehicles [2016-07-26 02:29:03] [Output] : [2016-07-26 02:29:03] [Output] : Your engine is off. Press 'J' to turn it on. [2016-07-26 02:29:30] [Output] : [English] Julian Munoz says: RUN! [2016-07-26 02:29:32] [Output] : [English] Julian Munoz says: NOW> [2016-07-26 02:29:34] [Output] : [English] Julian Munoz says: GET IN. [2016-07-26 02:29:35] [Output] : [English] Julian Munoz says: CHUB! [2016-07-26 02:29:35] [Output] : [English] Devin Marroquin says: Why? I was just there and they freaked out like little schoolgirls.
  9. The thing is I didn't pull out a gun, never had a gun out, In fact I'm not sure how you could of seen me peeking on top of the roof when being inside without exploiting gta camera angle, it was supposed to be sneaky, but ai never ever pulled a gun out.
  10. Character Kill Appeal What is your in-game account name?: Daffy15 What is your character name?: Shanice Harris Date of incident: 26/07/2016 Username of authorizing administrator: @Humanrevolution Why should the action be reversed?: I've had CK app on Devin Marquis or w/e aka Kevin and I reported for HumanRevolution to check it out, because I identified my target but never attacked, they just freaked out that I was being suspicious near them and they freaked out seeing me - RUN RUN etc but I was just standing on the roof and I drove away right after, then I'm at the other location sitting on my quad, parked onto pavement and then they go full speed and ram me off my quad and proceed to shoot me and kill me. They never should of IC'ly know that I was after Devin, because it has been almost an OOC month since he CK'ed Lamar and I was doing revenge just now, he was never supposed to know that my char wants to ck him and all and he just suddenly goes ham and kills a random person just chilling on a quad which is quite interesting, I even had a helmet. Evidence that makes this character kill invalid: HumanRevolution saw the whole thing, I was just standing, got rammed then Devin's friend opened fire on a cops car which was passing and then cop opened fire with a M4 and Devin didn't even care about getting fired at by M4 he just went for me because oocly he knew I wanted to ck him and he knew he was gonna die so he decided to pull me with him. I wanna clarify that I wasn't gonna go for the Devin at that exact time, I was talking with HR at the time and the whole thingy, I didn't originally make the CK app but Enzo did, after I would have discussed those things I'd proceed to get my crew together and do an old school drive by but I was just standing there for my report to get accepted it took like legit 10 minutes so that's why I was cautious, if I would of wanted Devin dead then I would have shoot him right when I saw him running on foot but I didn't. How was the character kill executed: 2 Deagle bullets to the chest while i'm lying on the ground. I wanna highlight the fact that Devin didn't rp fear accordingly whilst getting shot by M4 which is quite horrifying experience but he wanted to kill me, he didn't even icly know for sure that I wanted to kill him but he proceeded to ram a random person sitting on her quad and then go and just shoot her. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the administrator?: No, Humanr said I should make a CK appeal because it was a really sketchy situation. Sorry for any grammatical errors i've made, it's 3 am and i'm quite fatigued. Also he didn't get CK'ed, from what I've understood he has been arrested on the scene and his two remaining friends got pked or possibly cked after coming to conclusion that this was police involved situation and they disregarded their lives.
  11. why you hidin boi, get rekt

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