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  1. hope you burn those nosehair with candles

  2. name: ok comment: hello there
  3. happy birthday, sista!

  4. Happy day of birth, have a good one.

  5. happy bday

  6. happy birthday

  7. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    how can you still argue about this?
  8. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    idlewood was just an example i dont know about the situation and i am not doing illegal rp
  9. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    also if you feel like admins did a mistake you can staff report them for that but in this case fuck all would happen tbh
  10. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    actually seeking to kill them is enough what i would do is this make a ck appeal on them and then i would buy a gun and shot them in the face burning half of the idlewood seems unnecessary
  11. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    so i am guessing because of that you would throw a molotov on someones or on their car or house and thats a bit too much isnt it and by "theft" i dont know if you mean killing someone cause they robbed you or you just want to use a molotov to rob someone
  12. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

  13. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    whatever you think i got a different opinion cba to argue
  14. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    you saying owl is shit just cause you couldnt get a gun due to admins being more strict which is pathetic from you
  15. ilux

    What happened to owl ?

    dunno how i am cancerous are you that soft you cant survive the truth?

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