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  1. name: someone comment: yea the minimum is 5k and he increased by 7k are you that thick?
  2. [YouTube] Charlotte Charpentier - Loco

    name: very funny comedian comment: i rate kurwa out of 10
  3. World end at 24.04 or fake ?

    100% real
  4. Post your hardware here!

    Vtech dora the explorer talking laptop Vtech dora the explorer phone Pokemon Pokedex 1998 tiger electronics Waterful ring toss
  5. VIP Security

    you still not the largest but the smallest
  6. [SOLD] 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

    name: someone comment: do you know the taxes for it?
  7. Residential - Liberty Avenue #2 [SOLD]

    name: someone bid: buyout
  8. Mike / Spliff is bakkk

    wanna esex?
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Los Santos International Airport Flight School L.S.I.A.F.S License Application Form Contact information Title: [ ] Mr. [ X ] Mrs. [ ] Dr. [ ] Other First Name: Kayla Middle Name (if applicable): Last Name: Clark Gender: [ ] Male [ X ] Female Date of Birth: December 20th, 1992 Phone Number: 712977 Current Address: 10, Beach Road Background information Any criminal record (if yes, list what)?: Felony for sexual battery. Reference(s): Mohammed Khan Licenses Set an X in the fields of the licenses you are applying for. [ ] SER [ X ] ROT [ ] MER [ ] TER [ ] CPL Typeratings List the typerating(s) you are applying for. T487, T469 Reason for applying (at least 25 words): I was thinking about getting pilots license for quite some time now and I wanted to give it a try now because I wanted to finally do something new in my life and learn a new skill. I was also thinking about getting my own private helicopter to see the world from higher perspective. Any remark(s)?: N/A By filing this application, I agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions of aviation, as given by authorities and LSIA. I understand that my license may get revoked if abused. I understand and agree to that LSIA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application are correct, and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law. Signature: KClark Date: 23/03/2018 ((Out of Character (OOC): Geographical Location (Country, State (if applicable): Great Britain Timezone: UTC In-game username: Dawid_Piechowski Do you have any OOC remarks to make? [ ] Yes [ X ] No If yes, state here: N/A ))
  10. Nagorsneger & Partners - Pharmacy

    (( i engaged by buying tons of condoms and making them be out of stock ))

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