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  1. what people don't realize is a large chunk of "Dark web" offerings particularly in the U.S are some kind of sting. It'll be interesting to watch this play out.
  2. Los Santos County Department of Public Safety Job Posting - Bureau of Fire, Chief. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED All applications must be completed in full AND have the following attachments to be considered. (Resume may not substitute for work history information required in the application). Email applications to [email protected] ((Forum PM Bartman)) **Resume MINIMUM CLASS REQUIREMENTS: Must have ten (10) years of fire service experience with a minimum of five (5) years increasingly responsible and varied administrative, labor relations and supervisory experience at a rank equivalent to a Shift Commander (or higher) in the Yakima Fire Department. ((Must have some proper roleplay fire administrative experience)) A Bachelor's Degree or higher in Fire Science, Fire, Public Administration or a related field is preferred, as are professional certifications. May substitute on a month-for-month basis, successful completion of degree course work in administration, management, fire science, or a related physical science for the desirable experience, to a maximum of twenty four (24) months. Applicants may also be required to pass a psychological examination, medical examination, drug screening, and a background investigation regarding applicant's aptitude, character, judgment, credit, driving record and criminal history. LICENSES, REGISTRATION & CERTIFICATES; Must possess and maintain a valid San Andreas State Driver's License. FireFighter I/II Fire Officer I/II Fire Chief I/II Hazardous Materials Operations/Technician Emergency Medical Technician Basic/Advanced/Paramedic (Preferred) Other Officer or Chief level fire training (Preferred) Job Summary: Under the administrative direction of the Director of Public Safety and County Commissioner, the Fire Chief is responsible for fire administrative work of the Los Santos County Bureau of Fire (LSCBOF). This individual plans, organizes, directs and controls the activities of the department. The Chief is responsible for planning, directing and evaluating the organization, financial management, general administration, and efficient operation of the fire suppression and prevention activities of the BoF. Essential Functions: Directs and coordinates the planning, organization, assignment, direction and maintenance of the Fire Bureau, including but not limited to departmental operations with respect to equipment, apparatus, and personnel. Establishes goals and objectives for the department to ensure compliance with the policy directives of the DPS Director and all applicable local, state or federal laws, rules and regulations. Enforces, through subordinate officers, City, State, and national fire prevention codes and standards, and the suppression of fires in the City, or in surrounding areas through mutual agreements. Develops, interprets and implements plans, policies and procedures to accomplish departmental goals and objectives. Oversees administration and directs the preparation, coordination, and analysis of the annual operating budget. Develops, recommends and monitors the department budget by reviewing past expenditures, analyzing future needs and making determinations regarding the necessary resources to accomplish department goals. Exercises purchasing and budgetary control; provides for personnel recruitment, selection, and training programs; takes necessary steps to maintain operational readiness and improve the Fire Department. Approves expenditures to ensure compliance with budgetary guidelines. Manages hiring, firing, and promotion/demotion of BoF employees either directly or through a subordinate. Reports to the Director of Public Safety, Thomas Scott @bartman, and County Commissioner, Thomas Mengele @Wright on all BoF matters. Works with the Chief of Emergency Medical Services Ethan O'Flynn @ititan and Chief of Police Scott Murphy @Restrepo Ensures fire bureau is properly responding to calls and serving the public interest.
  3. happy birthday

  4. Fornite or PUBG?

    dayz not the game the mod It was a simpler time.
  5. TWCN - IDLEWOOD EXPLODES, Shocking Sad News - Blog

    name: chad comment: F
  6. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Request for Dismissal The Los Santos County Department of Public Safety requests dismissal of the filed case without prejudice on the following grounds: The Los Santos County Department of Public Safety was legally formed as a Emergency Service Authority under San Andreas and Federal Code with the merger of the liquid assets of the Los Santos County Fire Department and Los Santos County Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. Nowhere did the Department of Public Safety inherently or directly assume liability for the actions of former LSFD members. The liability is on the Plaintiff to return emergency lighting systems. It is not on the DPS for failing to remove them before she could abuse them. The plaintiff stated in her own opening statement it was a privilege to have emergency lighting - a privilege she must of understood she had a obligation herself to have the lights uninstalled and returned upon her departure from the then LSFD The plaintiff took it upon her own initiative to use then unauthorized emergency lighting and was detained for it. Sincerely, Thomas Scott (( @bartman )) Director, Department of Public Safety Ethan O'Flynn (( @ititan )) Chief, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services David O'Mara (( @OMara )) Captain (Acting Chief), Bureau of Fire @Zebulon @GamerX27
  7. Upper Administration

    This is a complete lie. I never denied your gun NPC for any reason - let alone abusing - I stated it was being looked into because of accusations of your faction metagaming. Find where I said you were abusing. I will happily have a conversation with anyone curious about anything FT is up to but when you take that conversation - no, conversations I've had with you and twist them into lies on a public thread it is rather demotivated.
  8. Sinclair Gas Station & Market - Angel Pine

    name:Ya Boi bid: Buyout
  9. 2020 Tesla Roadster

    we don't have the same vehicle system on GTA 5 so it won't matter much.
  10. FT Update - December 14th, 2017 TEAM CHANGES Peaky - Resigned Jelle - Resigned BeyondSalvation - Added to the team Tailor - Added to the team Salsa - Added to the team, probationary DrJoseEvil - Added to the Team, probationary CURRENT TEAM Faction Team Leadership Bartman - Team Leader LokiHavok - Team Supervisor Faction Team Members Franco Salsa DrJoseEvil Livelethal CuckusMaximus Yannickboy15 BeyondSalvation Tailor FACTION CHANGES: Los Santos Fire Department changed to Los Santos County Department of Public Safety San Andreas Italian-American Foundation added as Incorporated Cliff Town added as Incorporated Verdant Corporation Incorporated > Established Arkwright Corporation Incorporated > Established M-Corporation Incorporated > Established Shir o Korshid Illegal Unorganized > Illegal Established Red County Mob Unorganized > Illegal Established Petrov Reality Disbanded NOTE ON UPDATES Every illegal and legal faction (official or not) is required to submit monthly updates to the Faction Team via This link. Starting with the new year, this will be more strictly enforced and infractions will start to be handed out. WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A FACTION I posted the requirements for Legal factions back in September, however by popular request within the next 7 days a publicly viewable thread will be posted with the requirements for legal - and illegal - factions at various tiers (The finer details for illegal faction requirements are still being worked on). As part of a greater goal of transparency, I will also be publicly posting the full roster and a list of factions at some point in the near future. CONTACT RESPONSES As we all have lives and need to see our families as well, please expect a slightly delayed response time on many contacts over the holidays. We will continue to strive to respond to all contacts in a timely manner, though I understand some contacts haven't been responded to promptly, I am of course working on this and invite anyone who has been waiting more than 3-4 days to contact me on Discord. GTA FIVE We are in close contact with UAT and are working on protocols and procedure for the GTA V branch of the community. We can't announce anything set and stone yet, but rest assured we're striving for as smooth of a transition as possible for official factions. More will follow on what exactly this entails in coming updates from us and the staff team as a whole involving process on GTA 5. Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.
  11. December 2017 County Commissioner Elections Los Santos County Supervisor of Elections - Franklin Caverly December 15, 2017 Polling places are open in Los Santos County for two candidates: Thomas Mengele (CPQL) Urshankov Ramerov (SAPP) Any citizen can vote at County Hall, the front desk. REMINDERS: Do not campaign at the polling place. Campaigning may done across the street from City/County Hall in Pershing Square. Do not block the polling place. Respect all local laws and law enforcement commands. ((Voting is limited to 1 vote per account))

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