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  1. so if i get kidnapped for information I can just not log in and/or stall for 3 or 14 days or however long the rule would be until they're OOCly forced to release me, then immediately snitch to the police when I'm magically released? So I propose a alternative rule: You may kidnap players as long as you wish, but there must be a objective to the kidnapping. Examples: Someones paying a handsome ransom for them, you know the character is rich. They're a rival gang member for example and you need them out of the way while you deal with their gang They're a witness to a crime you're about to commit and you need them out of the way until the crime is committed You think you can make money off of them some other way (i.e, organ harvesting) While you shouldn't be able to straight kidnap a character just cause and hold them indefinitely, if the kidnapper has probable cause then there shouldn't be limits on how long they hold a player so long as that cause is reasonable and continuous.
  2. name: Chad Comment: > Massive 10 car garage > "Residential Property"
  3. can we make it so you aren't shooting it like Skee-Lo in a music video first
  4. lol this is complete bullshit. I'm not even a cop IRL and we get BOLO's within 30 minutes of the incident happening. Most suspects are apprehended within several hours because this is when the trail is hottest. It's the other way around, the longer you're out with a APB the less chance you have of being caught. Toll-based license plate recognition has been a thing in the U.S for 10 years at least?
  5. They're a large part of the MTA server for a very small minority of players who rice/statwhore. No one else particularly cares whether their supercar says Lamborghini or Bullet. It's still a status symbol either way. And given VT's joke of a role over the history of Owl I am perfectly fine with limiting mods to what the stock game offers, aside from a few common sense things i.e buffing police cars slightly because they can't catch pretty much any DLC car right now.
  6. now that I'm no longer staff I can say this frankly - The car community never added any substantive roleplay anyone cared about and it never will. Go back to GTA car names and everyone is happy.
  7. Believe i've suggested this before but still yes please
  8. I can not name any legitimate house in Dillimore or Blueberry below 80k.
  9. Being as all the properties they can "hoard" are all potato houses worth under like 45k I don't see this as a major dilemma. @Chaos perhaps limiting it to 1 vehicle and 1 house token per character would ease some of the concerns?
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