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  1. bartman

    IN'n'OUT Auto Centres

    name: Todd comment: "Tyres" Buchna' eurocunts comin' here to TAKE OUR JERBS
  2. bartman


    >Anarchy >leaders
  3. i get what your saying but the shooting at tableau was actually justified self defense against security guards being dicks, so even if we had a rule against targeted shootings/assaults at a nightclub it wouldn't apply here.
  4. Name: jamal Comment: There's no fucking thing as a 'safe' choke hold. How much did Tableau pay you to make this bullshit article? #FAKENEWS
  5. bartman

    Citizens Against the Assault Bike (CAAB)

    Name: CAAB Official Comment: Yes
  6. bartman

    Citizens Against the Assault Bike (CAAB)

    Name: CAAB Official Comment: Motorycle enthusiasts who abide the law do not need a bike that does 4-5x the speed limit.
  7. bartman

    Citizens Against the Assault Bike (CAAB)

    Name: CAAB Official Comment: This kind of behavior folks by assault bike owners is why people die daily due to there useage. For shame. Are we going to wait for the next tragedy perplexed by the organized assault bike lobby?
  8. Citizens Against the Assault Bike Citizens of Los Santos, Are you tired of irresponsible bikers racing through your neighborhood? Being chased by police? We have a simple solution. Ban assault bikes. Two cylinders is enough We support our -american- recreational motorcycle manufacturers, like Harley Davidson. But some of these bikes are too much. A bike that does 255mph, outspeeds all police, and causes countless accidents and fatalities? Too much. We respect the rights of professional and amateur racers in a closed environment. This should be a closely regulated industry and under no circumstances should these assault bikes (and even assault cars) be street legal or easily acquired without regulation. **Comments would be open but moderated**
  9. bartman

    Faction Team Update December, 2017

    not my circus anymore not my monkeys
  10. Press Release | DPS 2018 All, I am writing you, the citizens of Los Santos County, to inform you of a great set of changes coming up with the public safety services operating within the county. We are announcing our Community Oriented Public Safety initiative today to better serve our communities. Community Oriented Public Safety Ambulance and Firefighting services within the County of Los Santos will be divided into three zones - the East Zone, West Zone, and North Zone. The East and West Zone will be the two sides of the city, divided by the City/County building in Pershing Square, with the North Zone providing coverage to Red County. The same people will still be answering when you call 911, but they will be doing so whenever possible from a much more local, community orientated station. These stations will also serve as community hubs and be able to offer several functions to the communities they serve. The West Zone Station will be housed on the Santa Maria pier, and the North Zone station will be housed in Montgomery. The East Zone Station’s exact location is yet to be announced. Initial sketch of Station 1 (East Zone) The department is also accepting architectural bids for interior & exterior design for multiple facilities. Interested parties can email [email protected]tos.gov (Forum PM me). Municipal Administrative Building In a joint initiative with the CPQL, the current main fire station housing all DPS units will be rebranded and remodeled to the Fred Rogers Memorial Municipal Administrative Building. It will house municipal maintenance and public works, for all municipal agencies, County 911/Dispatch facilities, and the lead offices for the Department of Public Safety. Certain floors may be made available for private lease in the future. Sincerely, Thomas Scott Director, Department of Public Safety Ethan O'Flynn Chief, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Dave Callaghan Chief, Bureau of Fire
  11. bartman

    Business - Crippen Memorial, Montgomery [SOLD]

    Name: Private Bid: $125,000
  12. ((oops )) The defendant is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment compliant with the U.S Codes he has been pled guilty to. ((Reduced to time serve OOCly - @Shanks @[email protected] ))
  13. this thread completes me
  14. bartman

    Palomino Community Center

    it was god tier and u know it

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