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  1. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/N6M9Pkm.png Property Type: Residential Address: L'Cavalieri Apartments, West Blvd, Los Santos. Description: For sale is a fantastic renovated Hotel/Apartment Complex. Great investment, perfect for business. We had the intention to rent out each apartment for a monthly fee, but due to lack of time - it is up for sale. Property consists of two floors. *First floor holds the entrance lobby, joined office with a few desks, chairs, a cafeteria for your employees and the main management office as a separate room. Main lobby has a waiting room, elevator, and a staircase to the second floor. From the office side of things there is a separate entrance to a Storage/Vault room aswell. All of the offices are locked with keycard activated doors. Also separated by keycard activated doors are four apartments and a bar area. The bar area has a few flat-screen TV's, entrance to the indoor pool. Three of the four apartments are completely renovated. One of them has a nice view of West Boulevard and Downtown Los Santos, has a secret storage room with a vault door protected by a Keycard. Also has a balcony access. There is an elevator leading to an underground garage and a staircase leading to the second floor. *Garage- Garage consists of 9 (Yes, nine) gate operated garages, Staff parking space just next to the entrance, a separate visitor indoor parking, and a designated motorcycle parking area. *Second floor- Second floor holds Six apartments. Every single one of them is renovated. **Property has a gated entrance from the outside to the garage area, two lots of outside parking. It has great business potential with various plans to be executed. If the new owner wants any help or my input for the business plan - I am more than happy to assist you since I had quite a few ideas for this exact property. **Property has loads of potential. Within renovations you can build up additional floors that would hold more apartments. **All of the property is fully secured with state-of-the-art CCTVs, locks, etc. **Property viewings available uppon contacting the property owner via E-Mail or Phone. Please understand that I might not always be available around town. ***IC OR OOC COMMENTS WOULD BE DISABLED IF POSTED WITHOUT A VALID BID*** Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 1'250'000 Minimum Increase: 5'000 Buyout: 2'000'000 Auction ends: 25/01/19 Contact Information: E-Mail:[email protected] Phone Number:596396
  2. ((got nerfed by FT, we'll change the topic back to Elite Automotive soon.))
  3. Name:Auction Holder. Comment: Winning bid. Contact us on the phone provided above once you're available!
  4. Name:echo Comment:I see this city doesn't really appreciate anyone's hard work towards their dream. Fuck them up with limitations.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Elite Corporation HQ, White Street, Los Santos. Description: Today on auction we have an astonishing business property. Located in the heart of Los Santos, just next to Club X on White Street, this huge building is up for grabs. Outside features: Property holds: -Huge building with custom designed interior, all kept to a modern standart. -Roof Access with integrated Helipad. -Customer and Client parking just outside the main entrance. Interior features: First Floor: -Main lobby area with a Stand desk, alongside a mini-bar area for refreshments. -Open type design, surrounded by glass, giving a sneak peek on what's happening behind the scenes. -Main hall leading to the staircase, or the elevator. -Two medium sized offices, one is completely furnished. -Meeting room for all of your business talk needs. Second floor features: -Roof access, with integrated Helipad. -Elevator leading to the Underground garage. -Two main offices, fully furnished, both having a top-down view to the first floor and/or second floor hall. -Fully furnished modern apartment with Two bedrooms (One En-Suite), Bathroom, open design kitchen joined with the living room and a nice view through out the window. -One big office, could be used to your personal liking. Garage features: -Two-story design with an elevator sistem for your vehicles. -Showroom-type design on your second floor. -Various storage units throughout the interior, including shelving units, and safes. -Small lounge area with a top-down view to the first floor of the garage, including furniture. -Big amount of parking and storage space. -Ground floor in the garage consists of numerous vehicle lifts if you ever need to work on your vehicles. -Elevator to the second floor. -Entrance to the main underground garage is gate-protected. -Separate Generator room. Overall features: -The property includes all of your High-Tech anti-theft alarm systems, Fire prevention systems. -Property is fully secured with High-Tech CCTV's all around. -Separate Generator room in order to provide electricity for the building if a natural disaster occurs. There are numerous bits and bobs I might have, and definitely did forget about the property. For further questions please contact me personally on my phone 596396 or my E-Mail [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((Interior is fully modular. 90% of the furniture is movable, so design can vary on prefferance.)) **IC AND OOC COMMENTS DISABLED** - Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $750'000 Minimum Increase: $3'000 Buyout: $1'250'000 Auction ends: 19/11/2018 Contact Information: Phone Number:596396 E-Mail:[email protected]
  6. A few answers regarding my topic, but I believe you just didn’t really understand it all that well When I was talking of a premod - why won’t you just spawn a stock car, if a premod is requested? When S13s-14s were unbanned, I gave it a shot for a while looking one to order for my dealership. It got denied because it was a premod, and when I asked is there an option that he could just spawn a stock vehlib (S14 I believe) I was told no, find another link. But dang, when you’re buying a car for the dealership, especially a junker, you’re trying to find a banger. Bangers usually have some mods done such as cut springs, or coilovers, or atleast a remap. And if you’re looking for a unmodified vehicle, the value of it is significantly higher. I understand the rules of not allowing premods to be spawned and it is completely right, but I would like it if there was an option to actually get a stock one for the price that the modified one is listed for. I mean I don’t even mind paying extra for them to not even have them. And the Premods of Brabus, Shelby. Come on, even if they are so-called premods because they are pre-modified stock performance vehicles such as a Raptor or something else, but they aren’t really all that special. Sure there’s rocketship limos as the Brabus Rocket 900 based on the S65AMG, but they would be denied because of the top speed rule because it can achieve speeds of over 200mp/h if I’m not mistaken. And furthermore, companies like Brabus, Shelby, etc. Aren’t some polish imigrant organised garage shitfest where they just use resistors to gain an extra few ponies, they are certified companies with factories, training and doing all other crazy stuff to their employees so their work has all the expected quality, it ain’t a garage done job. Just my two cents.
  7. I believe it has to do with the idea that a non-modified vehicle is faster than some of the modified tin cans. Its sad, that cars such as Brabus models, Alpinas, and even Shelby’s are banned. I’d say the best way to be keep the car related laws the same as it is irl. Deny some models that where not sold in US or make them take lets say one month and loads and loads and loads of koney to register. Heck, they won’t even spawn you a grey market car that has been tested and gased and taxes paid and all the necessities done to it. Those cars are fairly expensive. Like if you’re looking at a grey market car in europe that is like 20k, back in us after all the paperwork is done and the vehicle is deemed road legal it costs like 50-60k. Other thing is premods, yeah I get the reason of not spawning them and it’s completely fine. But why in the world would you not spawn a stock car when there’s a dealership request having a link to a modified vehicle? What I mean is that some vehicles are really difficult to find being in stock form, and they won’t even take the price added on top of the value for spawning a stock vehicle. There’s just so many stuff in regards of VT and their spawning that I can’t even.
  8. I understand banning such vehicles as Pagani's, Bugatti's, Koenigsegg's or other hypercars. But I see no reason for a tool to be impossible to obtain an R32 Paol Wanker mobile, knowing that craigslist is filled with them.
  9. See, we kind of have a different view on this. I honestly think if they'd loosen up the modification requirements, most people would have those modified tin cans and it wouldn't be a tough task for a monkey to own their lovely famous shytline gt-r. It would drop the prices easily, because the market would be bigger. Banning them cars and making them hard to get is what bumps the prices up. Another thing could be maintenance, mileage, but wait, this ain't no racing sim. We should not need this. The requirements should be dropped so there'd be less point to go install some parts from ebay to sell your civic for 400k so you can flex on your friends afterwards.
  10. It's funny how the OP actually sold banned cars for a substantial amount of money and now says that there should be a limit...
  11. On top of that add the factor of door strenght. Because you can literally go to either house and see "door kicked in, door kicked in, door shouldered in" and give some realism. Not all doors are definitely that weak to be kicked in by a 60kg street thug from idlewood. It requires no effort for people to break into the property. Everything's possible to lockpick or even shoulder/kick in. Other than that, I support this one.
  12. Script value doesn’t determine the actuall value of the house. We had properties for 25k on script value sold gor 100k+ and 100k script value properties sold for 80k. Same applies to properties in Richman. Pure example was as I mentioned Maikeyy. And if it’s changed, a player looses ic currency due to someones ooc mistakes or changes. I’d understand if there was a property sold for 75k sitting at richman, but this is not the case. Some houses values have doubled. By your calculations If I understood correctly. If they value the house 1mil, and I paid 825k, that means there’s roughly a 22% increase, in which terms I’m not gonna be charged, correct? EDIT- All proccesing of this idea actually needs to have a clear system. Because now there’s a huge mess. One member comes down says everything is fine and I don’t have to pay and other ones tell me to even it out to the 1mil mark. There’s no clarity whatsoever.
  13. They give the option but as much as I know they don’t really want to do it from other people experiencing the issue. And besides. This shouldn’t be an option. No refund and no payments should’ve been introduced. I suppose there’s only one way of fixing it. To add to the topic, the previous price change that happened with towers being converted, I kind of saw that happening because those buildings were bought dirt cheap. And if the property was lost it would’ve made it easy to obtain for someone for a small price. But it still shouldn’t have been charged for, just the script value changed.
  14. It just doesn’t make sense to pay twice for what you already paid. How is it our fault that you have to correct the prices and why does it happen every so often? There is no logical explanation why should we be the ones paying if we already did. I’d understand if those properties would’ve been in high interest properties and prices highly adjusted, but you chose the houses in the sort of ghost part of the town that have been sitting there for months not obtained by anyone, and when they did get obtained you ask us to pay again. It’s just complete bullshit. EDIT- I’d completely understand if a 1’000’000 house was sold for 75’000,that would be okay to ask for more. But these were unobtained propeties with values ranging from 400k to one million. You should look into sales of the properties in mind, because they’ve just been standing there for ages unoccupied, and when they get occupied- you’re pushing us out again. Gain in value is just another way for people to make money. You want to tell me if I buy a random property for 100k and sell it for 125k,I should give up on the 25k?
  15. Doesn’t sellproperty generate 66percent of script price?
  16. I was told that my property is worth atleast a million and I paid 825k and I need to even it out. Other friends of mine got told that their property is valued 200-250k more and they have to pay that amount. I think it would need to be valued way more to genarate an extra 250k from doing /sellproperty. Either way, not a single one of us should pay as it is literally disruptive. And besides, the value rise is useless for properties in Richman. The houses sit there for months being unnocupied. If the value was bumped scriptwise it doesn’t make it more valuable. Pure example was @Maikeyy2 #6 Providence Drive back in the day. With the script price of one million no one paid more than 700thousand for the house and the owner ended up doing /sellproperty for that house. And then it sat unnocupied for months, untill its price was lowered just shy of two weeks ago to 825k. Then it was bought and is now disabled again. So saying the script value increases it’s actuall value on the auctions isn’t really true. Anyhow, appreciate your input on the situation.
  17. Not blaming anyone here, hence the option to “discuss” instead of “report”. I just want to hear more ideas and thoughts about this.
  18. Add some uat action on top of that.
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