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  1. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/N6M9Pkm.png Property Type: Residential Address: L'Cavalieri Apartments, West Blvd, Los Santos. Description: For sale is a fantastic renovated Hotel/Apartment Complex. Great investment, perfect for business. We had the intention to rent out each apartment for a monthly fee, but due to lack of time - it is up for sale. Property consists of two floors. *First floor holds the entrance lobby, joined office with a few desks, chairs, a cafeteria for your employees and the main management office as a separate ro
  2. Name:Auction Holder. Comment: Winning bid. Contact us on the phone provided above once you're available!
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Elite Corporation HQ, White Street, Los Santos. Description: Today on auction we have an astonishing business property. Located in the heart of Los Santos, just next to Club X on White Street, this huge building is up for grabs. Outside features: Property holds: -Huge building with custom designed interior, all kept to a modern standart. -Roof Access with integrated Helipad. -Customer and Client parking just outside the main entrance. Interior features: First Floor: -Main lobby area w
  4. On top of that add the factor of door strenght. Because you can literally go to either house and see "door kicked in, door kicked in, door shouldered in" and give some realism. Not all doors are definitely that weak to be kicked in by a 60kg street thug from idlewood. It requires no effort for people to break into the property. Everything's possible to lockpick or even shoulder/kick in. Other than that, I support this one.
  5. Script value doesn’t determine the actuall value of the house. We had properties for 25k on script value sold gor 100k+ and 100k script value properties sold for 80k. Same applies to properties in Richman. Pure example was as I mentioned Maikeyy. And if it’s changed, a player looses ic currency due to someones ooc mistakes or changes. I’d understand if there was a property sold for 75k sitting at richman, but this is not the case. Some houses values have doubled. By your calculations If I understood correctly. If they value the house 1mil, and I paid 825k
  6. They give the option but as much as I know they don’t really want to do it from other people experiencing the issue. And besides. This shouldn’t be an option. No refund and no payments should’ve been introduced. I suppose there’s only one way of fixing it. To add to the topic, the previous price change that happened with towers being converted, I kind of saw that happening because those buildings were bought dirt cheap. And if the property was lost it would’ve made it easy to obtain for someone for a small price. But it still shouldn’t have
  7. It just doesn’t make sense to pay twice for what you already paid. How is it our fault that you have to correct the prices and why does it happen every so often? There is no logical explanation why should we be the ones paying if we already did. I’d understand if those properties would’ve been in high interest properties and prices highly adjusted, but you chose the houses in the sort of ghost part of the town that have been sitting there for months not obtained by anyone, and when they did get obtained you ask us to pay again. It’s just complete bullshit. EDIT- I’d complet
  8. Doesn’t sellproperty generate 66percent of script price?
  9. I was told that my property is worth atleast a million and I paid 825k and I need to even it out. Other friends of mine got told that their property is valued 200-250k more and they have to pay that amount. I think it would need to be valued way more to genarate an extra 250k from doing /sellproperty. Either way, not a single one of us should pay as it is literally disruptive. And besides, the value rise is useless for properties in Richman. The houses sit there for months being unnocupied. If the value was bumped scriptwise it doesn’t make it more valuable. Pure example was @Maik
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