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  1. Jordan

    Fee Entries

    as long as people don't have $300 entry fees for a general store like on mta before it was removed, why not?
  2. Animals and roleplay don't mix well with the exclusion of police K9 situations. Look at MTA for an example, as soon as the dog model was implemented into the server everybody and their sister had a dog which would supervise their house 24/7. If it was implemented everybody would want to be a dog that could take on a thousand men, or a bear, or some ape. Especially with it being roleplayed by another player it'll just make everything a shitshow.
  3. Only works on the Steam version of the game. Retail version scans your game files each time you launch and if it notices a difference it downloads a replacement.
  4. This is mainly down to how the server has been ran and managed over the last couple of years. It’s been drove into the floor but the launch of V looks promising for the community. There’s a different vibe to RP now compared to when there was peaks of 200 players in 2016/17. Obviously people lose interest in RP as a whole, (as have I several times).
  5. Jordan

    Vehicles IRL?

    Show pic of ur 100 grand Mercedes AMG
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