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  1. Jordan

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    Yes, it is. But the problem here is the fact that the car scene has too many detailed scripts around it which makes it as popular as it is. Focusing on car RP just kills RP in general. It’s rare you actually see the common things you would day-to-day like taxi companies, public transport and player ran businesses. All because there’s been too much attention given to car scripts in the past. Which is ultimately a fuck you to the needed elements of RP.
  2. Jordan

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    I do honestly love this suggestion.
  3. Jordan

    Ganton Youth 1226

  4. During my 4 years at Owl, I've never seen that.
  5. Jordan

    Newsletter - End of September 2018

    @ThatGuy the aerial screenshot uses a different mod apart from an ENB to look like that. And it’s from samp, not MTA.
  6. Jordan

    LSPD Special Operations Bureau

  7. Jordan

    LSPD Special Operations Bureau

    sometimes the SWAT K9 does a shit job and needs to be punished
  8. Jordan

    Business - 2057 Carnival Rd. [ENDS: 04/10/18]

    Name: Sug. Bid: Buyout.
  9. Jordan


    Admin duties come first. Get out of their asses.
  10. Jordan


    Oh trust me they do mind answering reports quickly.
  11. Jordan

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    grow up the lot of you

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