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  1. Jordan

    GAT Update - February 9, 2019

    @Reagan congratulations son, I'm so proud of you for making into OwlGaming's Game Administration Team as a Trial Administrator. I wish you the very best of luck in your career, don't forget to list it down in your resume for when you apply for future career positions
  2. Jordan

    Car - 2004 Vokswagen Golf R32 [ENDS: 2/08/2019]

    Name: Ant. Bid: Buyout.
  3. Jordan

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    Yes, there should be a limit on how long you can kidnap and hold somebody for. It's unfair to keep someone for over 2-3 days without them agreeing.
  4. @Theory @Swanker @SonnyBurnett
  5. Why do you have to be complex? something simple like... District IC: You’d hear a helicopter in the skies above.
  6. (( Why not bring Alhambra back up as a club like it should be? That way we can get some realistic club shit. ))
  7. Jordan

    Character Kill Appeal - Asani Brooks

    Bit harsh. But please do enlighten me on how my logic can’t be trusted.
  8. Jordan

    Character Kill Appeal - Asani Brooks

    If players can come to a neutral agreement on how they want their roleplay situation to end. Why should an admin have to get involved?
  9. Jordan

    Myagi Auto Shop! Now OPEN!

  10. QueeenC is a cyclist

    1. QueenC


      You alright there Jordan?

    2. Jordan
  11. Jordan

    [General] - /gps [int ID]

    Good suggestion.
  12. Jordan

    [Items] - Wearable Bandanas

    No sir, artifacts.

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