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  1. Jordan

    Vehicles IRL?

    Show pic of ur 100 grand Mercedes AMG
  2. @DrJoseEviI summed it up. He’s basically saying cartels and the big groups can only get official. As as far as I knew, faction statuses went on the quality of roleplay of the faction itself and those that are key players to the server. Yes looking at it from a realistic point point of view, cartels and large groups are bound to have more contacts, which essentially is put into place here to restrict what factions can get official. The only problem here is that the official factions and big fishes don’t mix. It’s either a cartel, mafia or redneck group that doesn’t like black gangs (Which is a large quantity of the illegal factions.) it’s been said countless times that people have lost interest because there’s little to no support, it’s always “go to the official faction for that”, but it’s sort of tricky to do when a faction that has connections to them now has problems with you because the official faction has problems with you.
  3. Allow any illegal faction to become official, regardless of what type it is.
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