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  1. If we had this you’d be getting it on your post right now.
  2. [Vehicles] - Box Truck Interior

    What RP said. Could work similar to how custom ints work right now but minus the GC feature (Instead GAT approval). Let’s people modify to their liking.




    pass me this mod, please, if you don't mind

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jord


      Will send when home from graft

    3. Jord
    4. Script


      seems very suspicious but lets see : )

  4. [Items] - multiple melees

    Mate this isn’t an RPG server.
  5. [Vehicles] - /lookveh

    Would need to have limitations on when you can do the command. Maybe within 10 meter range or something
  6. Name: Cam Bid:: Buyout
  7. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    wow mans done some decent screens
  8. Name: CStoneCam Comment: 💯🔥 GANGIN, OTM IN THIS SHIT
  9. Cam $22,000 (Withdrawn)
  10. Post your hardware here!

    don’t have a laptop or computer iphone 7 plus

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