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  1. yeah, wanna meet downtown? you would like it black wouldnt you.
  2. still trying to be relevant?
  3. Happy birthday Almeida still got the fly x

  4. Faaam, where ya been at? ;)

  5. maybe you'll apply now
  6. Looks like the SD Angel Pine precinct will be making a return.
  7. This is still a script suggestion, tagging UA members here isn't really going to accomplish anything. It clearly states that you are not meant to tag scripters in your request and are meant to wait patiently for a reply. That's what you should be doing here.
  8. I wouldn't mind access to /dep, on a listen and no speaking basis, but not going to support any further access to /r on behalf of the SD, that can be handled ICly.
  9. Cameron Spencer be like



  10. This is when they first pulled up, I'm pushed back up against my vehicle, hence the weird camera angle. I would not describe this as a safe distance.
  11. You didn't drive away, no. You got in the van that was 500 yards down the street and drove back to the scene. You had the opportunity to turn right and leave, cut across the grass verge to get onto the highway and leave or even just carry on up the road to Palomino. All these options yet you STILL came back to the scene.
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