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  1. happy birthday peaks!

  2. Name: Anonymoose Comment: OMG is everything okay? How's the kids?!?!! I hope Deirdre is fine!
  3. Name: Anonymoose Bid: Starting
  4. A helmet wouldn't do much when you were going top speed on a 1000cc motorbike. You were going flat and you pulled back a little too hard and you came off, multiple people had seen it. The only "bug" that I could see is the tiny bump but that does nothing when you're pulling a wheelie, it only affects the bike when you drive it properly with both wheels on the ground. What did you think was going to happen when you pulled a wheelie at that speed?
  5. Hey, So a few people made reports saying some guy had just crashed his bike at high speeds at the drag strip after pulling a wheelie at stupidly fast speeds, when I tp'd there you had said the map made you fall off so myself and Dave Harper began doing the same thing up and down the strip but the only bug we could find was when you drive normally on the track your front wheel sometimes sinks into the floor for a second. However, this wouldn't matter as you were doing a wheelie and hit a bump, flew off your bike and died. Had you been wearing proper motorbike equipment, not going so
  6. I know you're not but if you take drugs and think nothings going to happen to you then you're missing something in the head.
  7. You don't control what drugs do to your body so if you take some drugs and begin to see some trippy visuals ingame, it could just be rp'd as either strong drugs, taking too much etc. We have little rp surrounding drugs other than the odd drug user and mostly people selling to NPC's. It would be nice to have visuals ingame so that more people would buy them and boost the drug market, and hopefully shift some of the demand for guns towards drugs.
  8. Name: Anonymoose Comment: Can I come and collect this?
  9. Report the situation on the UCP. If a thief is robbing a car, and being smart about it in a ghetto area or in a secluded place and an admin /911's it's wrong.
  10. When I say this I know I'm saying it for most of the admin team, we only call when you make noise. You really think hopping your crowbar off the window in an attempt to smash it isn't going to ring a few bells? If you're quiet and it's not midday on a highway, you should be able to do it without a /911.
  11. If you're not hiding anything then surely the price won't change? If it is really what you say it is and some wannabe know it all comments on it then nothing should change. Anywho we're derailing a topic by talking about derailing a topic on a topic that's about derailing topics.
  12. Not every admin is a forum admin, admins have to apply to become one. If someone derails a topic they get punished, why the haste to hide the comments? Are you trying to hide something? I agree OOC comments are ugly but it's not the end of the world.
  13. OOC shouldn't be on auctions unless it is to help the people, whether it be to tell them something isn't working or if there image is wrong etc etc. It's the same as it is ingame. If someone is talking shit in OOC ingame they get reported and an admin deals with it. If someone talks shit in OOC on the auction page, you report them and wait for a forum admin to come home from school/work and delete the posts. Making useless suggestions about things already in place won't do anything.
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