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  1. Name: Auctioneer Comment: @Wallaby, you are the winner of this auction with a bid of $35,500. Please contact the owner via email (( Kraze forum, Kraze#3146 Discord )), or via phone at 569237 to claim the vehicle.
  2. Name: GStrickland Comment: Just because that one vehicle experienced issues does not mean all of them will face the same ones. This could be from a different lot. As the owner of the vehicle, I assure you it runs safe and fine.
  3. Name: Auctioneer Comment: You've been outbid. (( @Balle )) Name: Auctioneer Comment: You're currently our leading bid with $35,500.
  4. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Noted. You're currently our leading bidder at the starting bid of $30,000.
  5. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Starting Bid and Minimum Increase lowered at Seller's Request.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2016 Vehicle brand: Audi Vehicle make: SQ5 VIN: 1161 Mileage: 1,7xx Description: This beautiful, like new Audi SQ5 has only two owners. It features a 3.0l V6 TDI Diesel engine. It's a 4WD. It also has an E-PRANCE 1080p Dashcam installed. The top speed is 114 MPH and it gets there quite fast. It's a very fast, stock, production crossover from the Audi company. Images Starting bid: $30,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: $70,000 Auction end date: 7/19/18 Contact details: Grace Strickland - #422216 - [email protected] - (( Kraze via Forum PM ))
  7. Name: NoRivals Comment: Nigga, ain't nobody reppin' the Carson like me.
  8. Name: NoRivals Comment: I'll bring my ass where ever the fuck I want to and you ain't gonna do shit about it, pussy ass nigga.
  9. NoRivals Member Since: 7/7/18 Total Uploads: 3 Uploads: NoRivals - Unrivaled NoRivals - I Got That NoRivals - To The Top (( The Comments section is open. OOC comments are also welcome. ))
  10. Uploaded by: NoRivals on 7/7/18 00:01 ((Female Voice)) NoRivals EP! 00:10 Cruisin' down Carson in the Buick with the 24s, 00:14 These girls with me, sexier than you seen before. 00:18 They think they know me, well nigga now you know, 00:22 My flow is sweeter than all this kush that I blow. 00:26 Rollin' one while rollin' down memory lane, 00:30 Rememberin' the days back in biscayne. 00:34 Ballin' at the court and at the bank, 00:38 I just keep comin' like a fuckin' tank. 00:42 When I be cummin, bitches runnin to drink up the lake, 00:46 Your bitch gets wet when I tell her what I make. 01:16 Kill it on the beat, nigga go on get lost, 01:20 Try and fuck wit me, fuck around and get tossed. 01:24 Man I spit so hard on these tracks got niggas wonderin', 01:28 "Nigga, the fuck is the point if all we doin' is fumblin'?" Oh. 01:32 Sit with me at my table and rise to the top, you can bet on it, 01:36 I'm one-track-minded, the throne is reserved with NoRivals on it. 01:40 I own classic beats, I bring em back like I'm Shady, 01:44 I don't take the time to produce my own shit cause I'm lazy. 01:48 Got your babymomma out here, she carryin' my baby, 01:50 Shi', you never 'round like you off in the Navy. 01:52 This that shit you can't sleep on, 'cause I'mma get crazy, 01:54 Just fuckin' the track up like yo wifey's pussy. 01:56 You know I rock hard shit, I walk how I talk, 01:58 You startin' some shit, you tastin' my glock. 02:00 Another body, just add to the count, 02:02 Now they stackin up, I could call it a mount. 02:04 It's been so long nigga, I gotta bounce, 02:06 It seems all these hungry niggas wanna pounce. 02:08 I'm at my prime, yeah I'm right at my house, 02:10 You can come see me, then run like a mouse. 02:12 I'll blow yo' mind, then your brains on the couch, 02:14 No chance for dodgin', wont even say ouch. 02:16 You know I'm black everything, this nation - we rule, 02:18 Unrivaled Army, niggas, General NoRivals, you fools. 02:20 I'll bitch slap your ass with the back of my hand, 02:22 I'll come through your spot and I'll fuck up your plans. 02:24 I know where your at, nigga, 10 steps ahead, 02:26 Then sneak up on you and blow off your head. 02:28 Shots firin' off like an AK in here, 02:30 I'm gettin' hot will you throw me a beer. 02:32 This effortless, I do not have no fear, 02:34 My influence, limitless, ill always be near. 02:36 Lyrical, physical, mystical god, 02:38 If you don't like it come suck on this rod. 02:40 Rack up my tab, bitches slob on my knob, 02:42 Oh this bitch is your bitch? She still give me slob. 02:50 N-O-Rivals. 03:00 Unrivaled. "To The Top" NoRivals NoRivals EP (2018) Unrivaled Records Song written and performed by NoRivals. 2018. I do not own the backing track. Recommended Videos: NoRivals - Unrivaled NoRivals - I Got That
  11. Name: NoRivals Comment: Aye, shout out to you man. Thanks for the good vibes bruh. Keep listening. Spread the word. Got another one droppin' in a bit here too. Trying to get some local shows going too.
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