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  1. If you have a question or issue, PM me or send a Discord message. I'm always available. "The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."
  2. I'm not one to lick pots. Although when the pot is black clean it.
  4. @Zebulon is a mad shagger lool look at him getting into her fud.
  5. Absolute Unitts!
  6. Nice roleplaying server you own!
  7. Je Suis Charlie
  8. Not a fan of immigrants myself granted by what is happening in the United Kingdom I say each to their own. Give one a bone club and the other a rock and lets see what happens. Both cavemen to be fair. Ohh and mogs you can fuck off anaw.
  9. and ur not getting it so u can fuck off
  10. looool restrepo's not admin looooooool !!
  11. get out of his arse. @OhhPixelz state on this bit of beef
  12. Hello all. Thank you very much for viewing this topic! Firstly I would like to discuss something that happened in our team-speak channel. ThatGuy joined the channel and started to make fun of a disabled member of the community. I won't mention names @stevenaramos. He joined and began to make baby noises or whatever they were don't have a name for them, as you can hear "Woah no need" by an innocent bystander in the channel. It was completely out of order for someone with "Power" in the community. Is there any need to make fun of a disabled man? Especially when if it was someone else doing it within the community I would expect a punishment their way. I think he would probably punish someone for similar issues. Just because you have a blue badge does not make you a big man. The Audio in Question. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0RQryvCVxGm
  13. @OhhPixelz Happy Birthday big man x

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