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  1. (( No worries I have like 8 days to outbid him. ))
  2. (( Auction ends 4/18/2018 ...? ))
  3. Name: Charlie Bid: $200,000
  4. ** The page would automatically redirect you to the Department Publications area on the Los Santos Police Department website. **
  5. PRESS RELEASE Thursday, May 23rd, 2019. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. ONE POLICE PLAZA: On May 2nd the Chief of Police got a visit from the newly appointed County Commissioner, Klaus Wunnenberg and his associate, Harold Brandt. In this meeting there were serveral topics being discussed, regarding the future for the government, as well as the future for Los Santos Police Department. Chief Bishop signed his first contract when he was appointed by former County Commissioner Nicholas Howard back in August. The terms of the contract leaves him to lead the Los Santos Police Department for another year, meaning his contract expires in April, 2020. "It is a pleasure for me to see that the new Commissioner takes initiative to meet with me personally and to show such dedication and care for the county and the work myself and others have done for the department. Usually it is me that would have to ask for a renewal of employee contracts, but not this time around. It was a pleasure meeting with Commissioner Wunnenberg and I am pleased to say we could come to an agreement so quickly. I'm glad we share a common interest in the improvement of the county and all that comes with it. I am thankful to get to serve another year for this great city." - Said the Chief after the meeting with the County Commissioner. LSPD Website - LSPD Press Releases Published by: Commander Charlie Webber, On behalf of the Public Relations Division.
  6. Current bid: $40,000 Vehicle will be sold if there’s no bids by 00:00.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Camaro ZL1 VIN: 11973 Mileage: 1345 Description: As if Camaro wasn’t already a storied legend, ZL1 takes the legacy to heart-pumping heights as the most powerful Camaro ever. Its wealth of performance enhancements and modern technologies — not to mention bold new rear styling — make this sports car equally at home on the road, track or drag strip. In fact, you might say it was built to inspire the competition to achieve greater. Supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 offering 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft of torque, Available 10-speed paddle-shift automatic that delivers nearly instantaneous shifts for maximum performance and much more! Images Starting bid: $50,000 Minimum increase: N/A Buyout: $70,000 Auction end date: 02/24-19 Contact details: 494102
  8. i wanna thank my mom for getting me through this.
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