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  1. lowkeyfireaf

  2. dont rush it either.
  3. possibly moving to florida, hmu if u live around there

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    2. EDR


      get @Franco to be your sugar daddy lol

    3. yannickboy15


      Got a house for holiday there, when you going?

    4. Lartsa
  4. Lartsa

    MT Update - June 2018

    why add script when you can add me!?!?! @Unitts
  5. Lartsa

    MT Update - June 2018

    congrats my guy
  6. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    ye i've seen it all with jojo and kidd. wbout cctv's though - idk man. jojo and kidd are so obvious about it, they even posted about it how they killed him at first so blatantly, then removed it soon after. just sounds so theater to me.
  7. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    that's what I thought, his team announced him dead 20 minutes ago.
  8. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    he was shot in temple. obviously there would be hella blood coming out if he's been shot to his head.
  9. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    you really think you're funny huh
  10. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    ye there would be hella blood if he was neck, idk what to believe in lol. let's just hope for the best.
  11. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    cops didn't even appear to give him cpr or anything, tf.
  12. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    Yeah, i've figured that out. explain me the tats.
  13. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    tattoos that you can't see on the photo/video are unexplainable frfr. idk what to believe in anymore.
  14. Lartsa

    Tribute to X...

    @Radhwan where is his tree tattoo that is supposed to be on his forehead? wbout alive? shit, this got me shaking. he could have faked his death -again-, everyone was saying he had no pulse which was his new upcoming album, nor has his manager said anything about his death yet.

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