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  1. Lartsa

    Patrick "Pistol Pat" Byrd (RIP)

    Nooooo, I was hoping to see more from this character. Shit. Guess everything good comes to an end.
  2. Lartsa

    i need your help

    ur back m8?
  3. Lartsa

    Patrick "Pistol Pat" Byrd (RIP)

    Looks NEAT!!! This char will go far hopefully.
  4. Lartsa

    Shooting cops?

    type f to pay respects to lspd
  5. don't do drugs kids.

    1. Matey


      rip Mac Miller, only song I knew was self care tho

    2. Lartsa
    3. Guana


      daddy, shoot some verses

  6. Lartsa

    How to wrap uncommon cars

    Better now than never.
  7. Lartsa

    What are you currently listening to?

    Throwback thursday. this makes me wanna get back to guitar hero and get mad at the game cause I suck at it.
  8. It's better this way, so that you can't get one out of the blue.
  9. NPC's used to be a thing though, for factions that weren't even established?
  10. 2018-09-04 03:00:48 You can close this report at any time by typing /er.

    2018-09-04 03:00:49 Trial Admin Joshua Baker (CourtezBoi) has accepted your report (#1) at 00:00, Please wait for him/her to contact you.


    Fastest man alive.



    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Guana


      he used to be nice, but atm mans not hot

    3. Lartsa


      Not to mention the report was about property break-in, nobody accepts them that fucking quick.

    4. Script


      yeah sorry guys

  11. Lartsa

    Bratva Vostoka

    Time to make a move.
  12. Lartsa

    Teamspeak - Unban

    If you want some progress to be made in order to be unbanned, do it via ucp instead. https://www.owlgaming.net/support/
  13. Lartsa

    GAT Recruitment Opening

    @Krakkfaen you should try no?

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