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  1. Kaka

    Kielbasa Posse

    Rob people, or get robbed.
  2. +1 But keep Hud small, as it is right now.
  3. Looks nice, I'd love to see this in-game.
  4. Business Gas station owners should receive a cut of the gas stations fuel sales, Just like we had on MTA. Requirements Some scripts Creates more realism and a market for gas stations.
  5. Garage for hire in the Downtown Vinewood area. The Garage is currently for hire for $1,000 a week ((IRL week)), Payment must be done upfront. If you want to hire this garage you must be a resident of Los Santos or a Los Santos based company, and you must be 21 years or older. Contact information: Black Holding Inc. [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  6. Shout out to @Skippy for best admin on MTA.
  7. Agreed, would be nice for extra RP. It also makes it more worth to own a gas station just like on MTA.
  8. Damn RT drivers, they even trow theirs cars in the ocean.
  9. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $5,500Contact:466-568
  10. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $3,500Contact:466-568
  11. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $2,500Contact:466-568
  12. List the players username or character name you're reporting:Brandon RylandsList the character name you were using during this incident: Alberto BlackTime/date of incident: 20-10-2014 23:44 GMTList the rule number(s) this person has broken: OOC scam/lying in /doList all player names that were involved:Brandon Rylands, Alberto Black, Max Clarke(Not directly).Explain your side of the story and list your evidence:I (Alberto Black) wanted to buy a bike of Brandon Rylands. I asked him to show his registration of the bike, He did: "/me Shows registration" then I asked for his drivers licence. He
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