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  1. Kaka

    Kielbasa Posse

    Rob people, or get robbed.
  2. +1 But keep Hud small, as it is right now.
  3. Looks nice, I'd love to see this in-game.
  4. Business Gas station owners should receive a cut of the gas stations fuel sales, Just like we had on MTA. Requirements Some scripts Creates more realism and a market for gas stations.
  5. Garage for hire in the Downtown Vinewood area. The Garage is currently for hire for $1,000 a week ((IRL week)), Payment must be done upfront. If you want to hire this garage you must be a resident of Los Santos or a Los Santos based company, and you must be 21 years or older. Contact information: Black Holding Inc. [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  6. Shout out to @Skippy for best admin on MTA.
  7. Agreed, would be nice for extra RP. It also makes it more worth to own a gas station just like on MTA.
  8. Damn RT drivers, they even trow theirs cars in the ocean.
  9. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $5,500Contact:466-568
  10. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $3,500Contact:466-568
  11. Name: Alberto BlackMinimum Bid: $2,500Contact:466-568
  12. List the players username or character name you're reporting:Brandon RylandsList the character name you were using during this incident: Alberto BlackTime/date of incident: 20-10-2014 23:44 GMTList the rule number(s) this person has broken: OOC scam/lying in /doList all player names that were involved:Brandon Rylands, Alberto Black, Max Clarke(Not directly).Explain your side of the story and list your evidence:I (Alberto Black) wanted to buy a bike of Brandon Rylands. I asked him to show his registration of the bike, He did: "/me Shows registration" then I asked for his drivers licence. He showd me his drivers licence trough the show fucntion. Then I did "/do Would the two names on the registration and the drivers licence be the same?" Then he replyed "Yes". So that would have ment that he owned that bike. He gave me the carkeys and I handed him the money $3100. Then I drove on the bike and saw that I was not the owner of the bike, And he wasn't either. It was someone called "Max Clarke". So he lyed in /do, and in my opinion he therefor OOCly scammed me.As I drove around In a bus(I was a bus driver at that moment) I saw him. And asked him why He scammed me. He said "I didn't scam you" in local OOC chat. and 1 second afther that he typed "/me runs away" while we where talking OOCly.So for me it is pretty clear that he did know that he scammed me.NOTE: I couldn't use any push'es from ING because they all came back black.EDIT: I did go to a admin. He simply advised me to make a forum report.
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