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  1. Damn that looks even better than I thought it would be, thank you dev team very cool
  2. Props to scripting the taxi suggestion so quickly, great work!
  3. Little do they know the truth about Vicki. The last one to poke around that conspiracy theory got silenced by Khram. @Craazy

    1. Craazy


      Just like when we tried to expose that Sovereign Act of 1977 made in 2016.


      Dex and Tim got them tricks up their sleeves.

  4. KFN

    The fact is will Skippy ever come back from hibernation?! Or are they dead forever!

    1. CraftyNZ
    2. Skippy


      Can't believe you guys still remember me :D

    3. KFN


      I've been gone from Owl for a while myself so you are sorta just there because you still existed as I left

  5. Ice

    Come back! You're being missed! :(
    (who'll share his Oreos with us, after all?)

    1. Skippy


      I miss you too! :(

  6. You're not allowed to void your own RP yada yada yada yada, nearly everyone knows that line by now. But to really understand why people might dislike RPing crashed or avoid them I'll list down what I think below. Just for the record: I RP my crashes and I do so in an, in my eyes, realistic manner. (AKA you won't see me RPing a laceration when I've landed into a lamppost at 80 miles an hour. I've been in plenty of car crashes on the server, and I must say that people either have no clue about what happens during a car crash or they just want to keep going with whatever they were doing prior to them crashing as fast as possible. (If you're a player who is part of that first one, that's okay it's fine to learn new things, Google around and/or check out this guide:) It's really discouraging to RP car crashes when 99% of the time the other party will push out a /me saying '/me would get jolted around in his car, his belt holding him back'. The most I see people RP is losing consciousness or having a little cut on their face which magically heals overnight. Whereas meanwhile I'm sitting there in my car RPing every detail I can think of. I know we can't expect everyone's RP to be super in detail in everything they do but I think we, as a community, should also start reporting players for PGing their injuries in car crashes. There is NO way you'll walk away with a laceration from an 80MPH head-on crash, there's a point where ignorance becomes laziness and that laziness affects other people's RP.
  7. I don't get the whole F1 simulator argument, in all my time on Owlgaming I have rarely ever made reports. Why? Because I only report when I absolutely need to, like it should be. The argument that removing fighting books will make Owlgaming a F1 simulator doesn't make sense, when learning a how to fight in a certain style you would only have to ever make 1 report, and that would be after having roleplayed training your character for an extensive time. Of course it's going to be a F1 simulator if you train your character for 1 session of 30 minutes and you decide you have mastered something. The bigger problem here is that people fail to actually develop their character in a realistic manner, everything needs to be done yesterday. This results in way too many players taking the easy way out and just saying their character already knew this and thas from their childhood or backstory. I don't mean to say that we shouldn't have backstories at all but for Christ's sake people not all of your characters have to set for life out of the gate. It's okay to develop your character yourself instead of always opting for the easy route. I'd even argue it's more fun this way! I learned a hell of a lot when I joined FD back in the day, it wasn't just a learning process for my character, I learned a lot of stuff myself as well! A bit more on topic, things such as prior experience in law enforcement and the army should require approval from either the faction team or the GAT. This way we can attach a certain value to those traits, cause right now if I were to be a business in Los Santos and a character came knocking on my door asking for a job I wouldn't even care what's on their resume. Why? Cause I already know that in 90% of the cases the player doesn't actually know anything about what they're roleplaying. EDIT: Feel like I should clarify a bit, the main goal is to add value to IC experience and such, whether that be through punishing players who don't know what they're roleplaying and proceed to PG. Or whether it'd be having to get approval to roleplay as ex-law enforcement, ex-marine etc.
  8. @Antonia Destroying my reputation infront of DB, FTF and SEB. And for bearing with us for a whole range of busts.
  9. Right, I know it's frowned upon to mix yourself in CK appeals you're not involved in but this is the kind of stuff that rustles my jimmies. First of all you show us logs of you guys arguing over /b instead of RPing for 97 (!) lines before an administrator comes in to take the situation over. And then you try to pull the 'I thought this was a RP server I just want to RP' excuse, that's absolute bollocks. You're not showing a SINGLE line of RP, while you claim to have been wanting to RP the crash the entire time... And before you say you weren't allowed to RP I am pretty sure that the amount of time it must have taken to type out all your /b chatter could've easily been used to type out a few /me commands. Assuming Antonia 'jumped the gun' does not make sense either, as we can clearly see from the logs that she took the time to listen to what both parties had to say before she made her decision. Your lacking system is no excuse for speeding around at high speeds, we've been over that argument a trillion times on this forum and the rule has always been that your lag or other system related issues don't exempt you from having to RP crashes or situations that you land yourself in.
  10. On legal front we need to just throw this copyright thing out of the window, we can't do anything with it because people making new skins, vehicle textures etc. do not own them legally. What we can do is make the system so that it handles these files discretely and that not everyone is allowed to just see them or give them out. One idea would be: Inform admins that they are not to disclose any links to wraps or skins they are given. Even then there is the problem of when you play on the server files get downloaded to your computer, which you could then access. Now that's a problem with how MTA handles custom content and I think that's either hard or impossible to get rid off.
  11. Legally you've got no grounds, but I agree that the script should be more discrete when covering player made files, not an artist myself but I can imagine it sucks a lot when you get your stuff stolen.
  12. Happy birthday yes

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