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  1. ((MTA model is FIB rancher or whatever it’s called.))
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Vehicle year: 1936 Vehicle brand: Harley-Davidson Vehicle make: EL VIN: Given to winner. Mileage: 309 Description: Classic one of a kind bike you will not find anywhere else in Los Santos. If you like classic Harleys this is the perfect one for you. I'm only letting it go because of my financial situation otherwise I'd never give it up. Images Starting bid: 50,000 Minimum increase: 5,000 Buyout: 110,000 Auction end date: July 9th, 2019 Contact details: Given to winner.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2019 Vehicle brand: Dodge Vehicle make: RAM 1500 LTD VIN: 17590 Mileage: 2XX Description: Brand new truck. Just driven off of the lot and I'm changing my mind on what I want. Need to get something different but this is literally a brand new truck. Selling it a lot cheaper than a dealer would brand new. Starting bid: 25,000 Minimum increase: 3,000 Buyout: 45,000 Auction end date: July 9th, 2019 Contact details: Given to winner.
  4. Lmao I’m calm. Just letting you know that I have won. As letting others know. ((Lmao calm down guy, im perfectly calm. Don’t know why you think otherwise. ))
  5. Well I still bidded before the auction ended. I’ve lost auctions in the past this same way. Please clarify @iii
  6. ((Yes, as I am the winner. He never specified a time of day.)) ((He didn’t, I bidded 10 minutes before the auction ended.))
  7. ((Server time is 12am right now. Your auction ends on 4/20. Which server time is 4/20. I have won the auction. Please clarify @iii)) @christhebanana1
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