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  1. 20 pigs got stung by 270 wasps

  2. if anyone still plays mta hmu.

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    2. tornstatue


      thought you jumped ship already.

    3. Serx


      OG generation

    4. Ixosis


      Jump ship? more like jump mountain ;o 

  3. shaders yes no clue when it comes to veh mods
  4. im sure him ignoring this question answers it mah dude
  5. i was legit about to make this suggestion, i cant stand it.
  6. np, glad i could help : )
  7. u dont make any money from script jobs anyway lol i did a test and i did 9 runs and i earned 146 dollars ( i get 16ish bucks compared to the 7 newbies get) and my fuel cost after being done was 115 : )
  8. Username: Rufus Comment: People really out here calling everything a farm.
  9. Hello, I'm considering selling my farm, but I want to make sure the right person gets it. The main requirement before I consider your offer is that you plan on using it for agriculture. Picture of the property The property also comes with farming equipment 2013 New Holland T8.300 2001 John Deere 9750 STS 1996 John Deere 1850 Air Seeder 2013 John Deere 3710 Moldboard Plow 2013 Case IH 2800 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Got any questions? E-mail: [email protected]
  10. Name Unknown Comment: If you want overpriced? Hold my beer.
  11. just a heads up u dont wanna change .dff files. they dont mix well with custom textures.
  12. hype kills things lower ur standards boys ps tell ppl on owl v to join mta instead
  13. its alright cuh night btw since u went for a walk haha
  14. no gloves street rules imma teach u a thing or two
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