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  1. its 50 per game which is quite high. i still feel like legal factions should be able to have access to this. personally i dont think a schedule will work given the horrible state pd is currently in. our slogan is "your world your imagination" yet we keep limiting silly stuff that legit factions should have access to so they can provide rp. another thing, why is the building closed in the first place? why not let it stay open so ppl can have fun? my b if this been answered somewhere else
  2. keep my man illum out ye mut or ill frresbie kick ur door in and steal ur hinges and leave the door on floor
  3. i just think the script shouldnt be limited to pd, letting established factions have access is good enough (if it makes sense for said faction)
  4. i prefer /me's etc instead of actually writing woof
  5. since i wasnt around when this script was added, why is it only for pd? to me it seems like a established legal faction could use this and actually keep it open compared to the dust and cobweb inside the current spot. x
  6. its never really gonna be an active thing unless we had like 200+ active players, its just not worth wasting time on trying to setup rp for something that wont last a week.
  7. Usernmame: Hannah Rylands Comment: Great work!
  8. Username: Hannah Rylands Comment: Spent years working with JGC Logistics and it's a shame that the building is being ruined for something we don't need.
  9. there you go again with not properly quoting me. i said if it out of stock how can u buy something. yet again showing how u cannot argue my points. likewise norm, sleep well x
  10. so how is this "less pain" for ft exactly? to me it seems like a lot more work instead of u just having the pot changed into different stages for immersion. i would prefer if u didnt insult me, thanks.
  11. abuse is the main issue hence why im arguing against this suggestion.
  12. u dont wanna discuss it because u dont have a valid argument to bring thats why u brought up my vote on a irrelevant suggestion.
  13. if you plan on quoting me i suggest using the actual words instead of using words i clearly did not use. also, don't really think i'll trust a person that thinks i've been legal rping for 5 years when that couldn't be further away from the truth. im not derailing your thread, this is a script suggestion thread and its a place where the community can openly discuss what is being suggested.
  14. im failing to see what my vote on a different subject has to do with this one, however, keeping this on topic instead of reaching for nonsense, i had this discussion with unitts about 1-2 weeks ago and we talked about how the plant mechanic (how it grows etc) would only be able to be controlled by ft. that way it ensures that its properly rp'd. so when u complete a stage and send the logs to ft, ft then can use a form of script to upgrade the stage etc. though i personally find the whole thing useless since it's all aesthetics at the end of the day.
  15. so whats the point of this suggestion if FT still gotta approve logs u can earn a decent profit from selling weed, especially with the dumb virtual market. all u need to do is not rp anything and get weed because its all done via a script and use vm to sell it. repeat and boom u've earned a decent amount of money.
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