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  1. 270 wasps got stung by 20 pigs

    1. Gazzeh


      Press "X" to doubt.

  2. 20 pigs got stung by 270 wasps

  3. if anyone still plays mta hmu.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tornstatue


      thought you jumped ship already.

    3. Serx


      OG generation

    4. Ixosis


      Jump ship? more like jump mountain ;o 

  4. i was legit about to make this suggestion, i cant stand it.
  5. Username: Rufus Comment: People really out here calling everything a farm.
  6. Name Unknown Comment: If you want overpriced? Hold my beer.
  7. its alright cuh night btw since u went for a walk haha
  8. no gloves street rules imma teach u a thing or two
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