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  1. happy birthday you absolute fucking cunt i hope you dye


    your hair blonde so i can suck your cock off your disgusting fucking


    plushy toy and shove it up my


    washing machine so we can go and fuck each other in the ass (in turns)

  2. where u been i miss u trolling everyone on TS

    1. maramizo


      oh and fartacus says hi

  3. Yes please, this would be very handy for the people who actually like to put detail into their characters. I'm quite frankly sick of having to mention what some parts of my character looks like. Although, I already made a suggestion thats similiar to this, though nobody in the scripting team didn't seem to give a shit. - https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/21438-general-extendable-look/
  4. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/57317-banana-oskar-nosske-baize/#comment-389383
  5. I copied most of it from Ernies application because we were CKed for the same reason. And I have no reason to type up a new one. (more lazy)
  6.   Character Kill Appeal     What is your in-game account name?:     ruMpel   What is your character name?:       Eli Ways   Date of incident:       2/16   Username of authorizing administrator:       @Baize   Why should the action be reversed?
  7. Don't post in a CK appeal if you're not involved, your comment is seen as spam and is truly unnecessary. Don't question why you got called out lmao. Refrain from derailing this thread please
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