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  1. *Vincent Bishop would head inside the room as he passes a folder of documents to the judge, before taking a seat.*
  2. GAT Update - March 7th, 2019 Hello! With spring approaching quickly and the year already kicking off to a good start, we're announcing a few more introductions to our admin team. Better luck next time to those that didn't make it, you can message one of the UAT members for the reasoning if you wish to seek that. I will not be opening the applications again for now, as we do believe we have enough admins in our team. We will also review current administrators and their trial period and position in this update. Other than this, I wish you a good week and welcome our new additions. Thank you. Promotions Vubstersmurf - Promoted to Senior Administrator EPICxNUTS - Promoted to Administrator LcLaSouljah - Promoted to Administrator Ixosis - Promoted to Administrator Andreww - Promoted to Administrator JohnM - Promoted to Administrator Reagan - Promoted to Trial Administrator CoronaCanadian - Promoted to Trial Administrator Mahjarrat - Promoted to Trial Administrator ZuclyaHD - Promoted to Trial Administrator Demotions & Extensions JameZ - Trial Extension Chapple - Trial Extension DxRK - Trial Extension TheNeonGuy - Trial Extension Cryotich - Trial Extension Destroyed - Demoted to Trial Administrator (Infraction outcome) Reinstatements Salsa - Reinstated as Trial Administrator (Trial phase extends past this update.) Mogs - Reinstated as Trial Administrator (Trial phase extends past this update.) Departures Destroyed (Resigned) Permissions will be set in-game, discord and on the forums as soon as possible, please have some patience. Thank you and congratulations. Best regards, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team
  3. Tuesday, February 5th, 2019. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. LOS SANTOS: The Los Santos Police Department is in deep mourning over the loss of Detective III Richard Carrington. Our sincere condolences go out to Carrington's family and friends, as well as our departmental staff. The Police Department asks for thoughts and prayers for his family, and will be hosting a funeral in his honor this coming Sunday (10th) at 8PM. The funeral will be public, and the LSPD invites anyone that wishes to pay their respects. Detective Carrington was found dead in his office, seemingly having passed away whilst on call in his office. We have been informed that he passed due to severe complications following a recent surgery that he was involved in. Carrington suffered a gunshot to the head and the complications following the incident seemed to be too overwhelming. It deeply saddens us all to lose one of our own in such a way, and Carrington truly gave his life to protect and serve the city. Paying the ultimate cost with his own life. Detective Carrington is awarded the Purple Heart Medal for his ultimate sacrifice. Given to our officers that are injured significantly or killed in the line of duty. https://pd.owlgaming.net/threads/detective-iii-richard-carrington-purple-heart-medal.30964/ It is with a sad heart that we add Richard Carrington's name to the Book of Honor, as well as another star to the LSPD Memorial Wall in his memory. Carrington's death is the first for the Police Department in the year of 2019, and as always we hope it will be the only one. More information may be released when available.
  4. Position still looking to be filled. Suitable applicants are urged to contact.
  5. "I've said what I remember sir.. I remember what I've said and told when asked. I'd want people telling the truth if I was the drivers. Cameras and stuff could provide better proof than me. But I've answered as best I can to what has been asked.." (( @Wright ))
  6. "I don't see what you mean.. If it was me would I provide what? I don't understand sir. Sorry sir, I just wanted to tell my side of the cars coming through..- I wasn't trying to frame people. I said what I remember of the day." (( @Wright ))
  7. "Ehhm... I mean it happened over a month ago, it's hard to remember exact details like car models and such, I didn't write anything down uh-.. no police talked to me or so and I didn't know I was gonna be here. All I did was call the cops about them-.. like, I don't know, just wanted to help. I got a lot of cars coming through at work every day.." (( @Wright ))
  8. "Uhm..- it's a long time ago. But they were mostly two door sports cars, I think the leading car was a white Nissan and I remember a blue Mercedes, like the one the other guy showed me earlier. I'm not sure on much else, I don't really do well with models on these fancy cars. They're kinda out of my league so I don't look much at them.. But the one he-.. uhm the attorney showed me sparked my memory so that was there." Norman would reach for the glass of water after the answer, seemingly still extremely uncomfortable in his old and unfitting suit. (( @Wright ))
  9. "Yeah, I mean like-.. my job is to pump gas into cars so I was out by the pumps and they came through in like a high speed. I was worried they would hit me or the pumps!"
  10. "Uhm..- yeah they came in sort of a convoy, speeding into the gas station, they came and left together that's why I assumed they were all together and like thought of them as a group, you know?"
  11. "No my sir. They uh-.. like drifted through the parking lot and around the pumps and went flying down the highway again. Do you uhm-.. is there some more water here by the way? Sorry."
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