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  4. Not from my end. Up to @Serx and such if they wanna run it without my presence really.
  5. (( Official topic to represent where the LSPD would publically announce DUI checkpoint locations through various media. Only posts allowed will be from the Traffic Enforcement Division or their representatives with announcements. ))
  6. GAT RECRUITMENT OPENING Hello. On behalf of the UAT, I'd like to announce that we have opened recruitment for the administration team. The form will be linked below and will be open until the 10th of September. This means that you'll have to get your application in by then for us to review it and consider you. Upon selection of our new trial administrators - we will post an update following the current standing of the admin team as well. Including resignations, removals, reinstatements and promotions. Good luck to those of you that apply. We look forward to reading your applications. The requirements are listed on the format. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Best regards. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
  7. Monday, August 27th, 2018. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. LOS SANTOS: The Los Santos Police Department is in deep mourning over the loss of Officer Matthew Forsberg. Our sincere condolences go out to Matthew's family and friends, as well as our departmental staff. The Police Department asks for thoughts and prayers for the remaining two officers that remain hospitalized at the current time. The Police Department also asks for patience and support as we work towards properly honoring Matthew's memory and sacrifice. On Sunday 26th of August at 22:50PM, officers responded to a felony stop on Pasadena Boulevard in Market. Upon arriving on scene the officers were met by armed suspects that opened fire on the responding units. Two officers were shot and heavily wounded. Remaining units on scene took cover and called for immediate backup. Due to the nature of the scene, the suspects took charge of the police vehicle of the injured officers and fled the scene. Upon arrival of more units, situation was quickly taken over by the Police Department's special operations bureau, and tactical units deployed after the stolen police vehicle. Injured officers on scene were given life-saving first aid by arriving units until medical staff arrived. The officers were immediately rushed to the Saint Ernest Medical Center. The deployed tactical team located the stolen vehicle as well as the two suspects up by the drag strip in Bone County. After a vehicle pursuit that continued throughout the county - it came to an abrupt end when a collision between the stolen vehicle and Officer Forsberg's vehicle made them both lose control. The two vehicles fell down a cliff towering over the drag strip in the northern part of Bone County. Upon arrival at the bottom of the cliff the arriving units found both vehicles to be completely wrecked due to the fall, seeing no movement within either vehicle. As MedEvac units were called to the scene alongside medical staff, Officer Forsberg was extracted from his vehicle and rushed to the Saint Ernest Medical Center, where he unfortunately died following his injuries. The two suspects within the crushed police cruiser were announced dead on arrival by medical staff. As of the current date (08.27.18), the Police Department has awarded the following officers: Police Officer Matthew Forsberg, Purple Heart Medal, for his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Police Officer Martin Cunningham, Life-Saving Medal, for his immediate actions and bravery to keep the wounded officers on scene alive and safe until medical staff arrived. Police Officer Kevin Teller, Purple Heart Medal, for the significant injuries he received while performing his duties for the County of Los Santos. Police Officer Paul Edwards, Purple Heart Medal, for the significant injuries he received while performing his duties for the County of Los Santos. Identfied Suspects: Ukeme Webster, aged 21, passenger. Deceased on scene. Terrell Marquis, aged 22, driver. Deceased on scene. Fallen Officer: Los Santos Police Department Police Officer III Matthew Forsberg, aged 29. Wounded Officers: Los Santos Police Department Police Officer III Kevin Teller, aged 25. Los Santos Police Department Police Officer II Paul Edwards, aged 25. More information may be released when available.
  8. (( Official topic for the LSPD to post publications around the LSPD that would be posted on the official LSPD social media sites. Roleplay it as it would've been seen from the official LSPD social media accounts across the net. ))
  9. Tuesday, August 14th, 2018. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. LOS SANTOS: The recent week the Los Santos Police Department has acquired the old paintball arena in Saint Lawrence. In an attempt to both have a good training ground for their own units, the LSPD wishes to hold public events for the people of the city. The paintball arena was a big hit for the few times it was open, and people found it very amusing and something else to do in the city. The Los Santos Police Department now wants to offer this back to the public for a few days at a time. The arena and the facility was mainly brought in for training employees of the department, Chief Bishop states. But he states that the idea of allowing the public to have a go at the arena as a fun time and rent equipment for a small fee was definitely a good idea. For the small fee of $50 you're allowed to have a go in one of the arenas with others that share the passion. No prizes have been announced yet and this first period can be seen as a test to see how the public reacts to this sort of event arranged by the Police Department. Chief Bishop states that he hopes people will behave and respect others within the arena and specifies that the Los Santos Police Department will hold the right to remove people that clearly ruin the experience or seem to be a bother to other participants. He states that the Police Department holds the right to essentially ban certain individuals from participating should they prove to be unable to handle what's being given. The arena is guarded by employees of the police department and it is urged you leave personal belongings in your vehicle or elsewhere upon entry. It is not allowed to bring in your own paintball markers or other weaponry. Any backbacks or dufflebags are suggested left elsewhere and will be searched upon entry. The Los Santos Police Department will not take responsibility for any injuries you may get from participating in the event, Chief Bishop states. You participate by your own risk and will. You should always wear protective gear that you are provided upon signing up. Other than this, the Los Santos Police Department wishes everyone and anyone welcome to the facility on Saint Lawrence from now until Thursday, where the building will remain open for anyone that wishes to participate. OPEN TUESDAY 14th -> THURSDAY 16th Pictures of the arena and location can be found below.
  10. Tuesday, August 14th, 2018. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. LOS SANTOS: Early morning hours within the lobby of the Los Santos Police Department this Tuesday - change has finally happened to the blank wall that has met visitors and employees for months. The wall has long been planned to honor the fallen officers of the department, but seemingly never had anything done to it. The last few days Chief Vincent Bishop has worked hard to get the memorial wall done, and it can finally stand proudly and show off what it was meant to. Chief Bishop urges visitors in the lobby to pay their respects and take a moment by the wall and the Book of Honor. The wall currently has 33 stars carved into the white marble, based on the documented line of duty deaths of fallen Los Santos Police Department employees since 2015. Chief Bishop states that only documented line of duty deaths has been placed within the book and carved into the wall, and advises anyone that may hold information of other fallen officers of the Department since 2015 to come forward with any information and contact the department so they can honor the fallen. Chief Bishop also states that the idea originally came from the CIA Memorial Wall and their Book of Honor; but stands by the fact that it's a great way to honor their fallen employees and gives all credit for the idea to the original. The architect that has designed the current lobby and interior of the police headquarters building was clearly instructed to make something similar fit on the wall, and it has finally been followed up. Following up on the wall and book themselves, they hold confirmed fallen employees of the Los Santos Police Department through the last few years - Chief Bishop refers to the Jane Marie Adams Public Servant Memorial building north on Saint Lawrence for honoring the entirety of the fallen law enforcement and public servant employees within the state. The Book of Honor is locked within a steel frame and protected within it. Inside the book all the fallen officers are documented, as well as the year they died. Upon additional stars needing to be added, they will be carved into the wall as well as their names added to the book. In order to keep all names visible it has been stated that should it be needed - they will expand the pages and/or podium in order to properly show off and honor their names. Pictures will follow below for the current setup.
  11. Shanks

    [STATE] The People v. Solak Uzun

    (( I'll have it sorted. ))
  12. PRESS RELEASE Friday, August 10th, 2018. #1, Pershing Square, Los Santos Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. Los Santos: Another series of unfortunate events strike the Idlewood area, as the LSPD lose another officer this past week. The LSPD is saddened to say we have lost yet another member of the department to the criminal activity of the area. Police Officer Stefan von Alvensleben was shot and killed within his cruiser on the 6th of August. This is another tragic death following after the Acting Chief Hank Smith was murdered in cold blood only days earlier. Alvensleben was a dedicated officer that sacrificed a lot of his spare time to help the recruitment and training division in training the new recruits. As an officer that dedicates this much to help cadets and recruits improve and better themselves to be what the city deserves - he was a role model that should be looked at with respect. We thank him for all his hard work and we cannot urge the fact that we wish to pay our utmost respect to both Officer Alvensleben and Captain Smith. Their devoted time and experience to the department may only carry on through the people they have taught and the deeds they have done, everyone at the LSPD thank you for your service. A funeral for both Alvensleben and Smith will be held this Sunday the 12th of August. The location will be the Red Rose Cemetary in Vinewood. We wish those of you that want to pay your respects to them both welcome. The time set has yet to be determined, but it will be held in the evening. It is a public event and the following procession has been planned and is in the works of being set up; Closed casket session. Transport convoy. Hostess speech. Gun salute. Speech by the Chief of Police &/or Assistant Chief of Police. Speeches. Casket lowering. We wish you all welcome to this gathering event where we can all pay our respects to the two fallen officers. As mentioned, a more specific time will be announced where we will include invites and necessary information. Stay tuned via your local news and radios. The LSPD will not tolerate the current wave of crime, and as it has been mentioned before we will fight back with all means necessary to make sure the neighbourhoods remain in the control of the public and the city - not these violent individuals and groups. The LSPD is working alongside multiple agencies as well as the District Attorneys Office to actively put in resources and tools to shut down crime and deal with violent individuals in these targeted areas. The LSPD will not stand idle by when situations like this arise, whether it is an officer or a member of the general public that pays the price - we are here to respond and prevent it from happening. We urge the public to work with us and expect more regular patrols and heavier armed units in the areas where this type of crime has seen rise as of late. Warrants for both searches and arrests are being filed on a regular basis against people we believe is a danger to the community. On behalf of the Los Santos Police Department and specifically the Detective Division - which is working incredibly hard to solve and wrap up the investigation to both aforementioned deaths, the LSPD is offering a reward to anyone that wishes to contact us with any information leading to the cases being solved quickly. The LSPD offers a reward of up to $40,000 for information leading to these cases being solved. Please contact the LSPD with any information you think may assist investigators in their work. Anyone with vital or helpful information is urged to contact us through either of the numbers mentioned below during regular hours; Lieutenant Casper Newman - #747104 Detective Sergeant Alexei Valeksandrov - #444579 During non-business hours, it is urged you call #311 to get directed to where best suited. Should you wish to remain anonymous with your tip or information, contact us via the CRIMESTOPPERS link, where any information is kept anonymous. (( Forum PM Shanks. )) Acting Chief Smith's shooting and press release:
  13. Shanks

    LST | Two Officers murdered in Idlewood

    Name: LSPDOfficial Comment: I find it interesting how this newspaper makes claims of pictures from a funeral procession that has yet to happen. Both the funeral of Acting Chief Smith as well as Officer Alvensleben will be announced once ready and set up for the public. Either of them has not happened yet, so how this newspaper claims to have images from something that didn't happen yet, baffles me. The LSPD will make a public release regarding both the death of the officers as well as the announced funeral within the coming days, as was planned. We wish to honor both of them for their service and for their duty done, but we wish to do it right and planned properly.

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