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  1. it was our anniversary yesterday.

  2. The on hold stuff in game right now is pretty much an old script feature. What we tell admins and always have told them is that they can still accept them whilst they are on hold. It is merely that way so they can be toggled on if there's like a less influx of reports or a lot of admins available. You can still request it and perhaps have to wait a little as the reports don't take priority, but may still be done if the criterias are met in game. If this makes sense to you?
  3. "Other than the purchase papers, financial documentation regarding the vehicle and refund papers for the purchase, no. Discussion regarding the vehicle was kept verbally between myself and Captain Woodvine when I first brought it in. Unsure if the vehicle were even to be added to the fleet to begin with I did not feel there was a need for anything else at the time. Hence the testing period. As previously said, if the vehicle were to remain in the fleet then the roster and policy update regarding TED would've been updated to reflect it. Captain Woodvine was verbally informed on the 23rd that th
  4. "It's something I wanted done as the vehicle is a rather quick one, so I wanted to make sure it was fitting for the roads. Handling is a big one when it comes to these fast vehicles so I took my time with it to have it looked at before I decided we would try it out for the fleet. Such as speed, brakes, suspensions, the upgraded engine kits, specific wheels, lights, and so on. This is a vehicle the PD has never had before and it was brought in brand new. There were questions along the way whether the vehicle took corners well enough, whether the speed was correct and so on. Mainly asked by myse
  5. "Vehicle was purchased the 1st of April. It was then modified with the fitting equipment and upgrades required following the testing period up to the 23rd, where it was placed into the TED fleet as mentioned. After one week in the fleet the vehicle was returned back. April 30th. So testing phase and time where the vehicle was to be considered not for use was about three weeks." (( @Urshankov @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  6. "I don't see why you keep reminding me about this false testimony, perjury and the like or what you're trying to reference here by doing it, I'm unsure where I have provided false testimony? I find myself and my staff capable of handling the responsibilities given to me and us. And as said, word was passed along regarding the vehicle and paperwork would have been updated if the vehicle remained. It did not." (( @Restrepo @Zebulon @Urshankov ))
  7. "Depending on the specific policy at hand. That would be the supervisors put in place and myself or my internal affairs bureau. As long as we are discussing internal policies of the department. If you're referring to my comment about them being updated and overlooked. It would again be me and the commanding officers." (( @Zebulon ))
  8. "I said we seek to keep them updated yes. And responsibility falls onto me to make sure the updates go through and down the chain of command. In this instance the TED policies would've been updated if the vehicle remained. This is indeed my job to make sure gets done. It was a fresh addition and tried out. It didn't work out and got returned. Information of the vehicles addition was passed along verbally to my commanding officer of the bureau." (( @Zebulon @Urshankov @Restrepo ))
  9. "If I remember correctly, I moved the vehicle into the TED fleet and garage the 23rd of April, so no, testing was finished at that time. However the vehicle was removed again only a few days after as we returned it." (( @Zebulon @Urshankov @Restrepo ))
  10. "Written records, no. The vehicle was purchased and added to the fleet by myself after a week or two where I had left it in testing. It was important to me to make sure the vehicle was fitting and ready for duty before I wanted it in the TED fleet. Now during this period, the vehicle was parked in the TED garage and I believe a few people were told not to use at this time - verbally, for the TED command at the time, I assume this is where word traveled that this was an 'unauthorized vehicle'. I never left any written information about it, nor handed out reprimands or the like as a result of th
  11. "Obviously we seek to keep administrative documents kept updated and relevant at all times. It is important for the department and myself that administrative paperwork stays up to date and is understandable for everyone that take use of it." (( @Urshankov@Zebulon@Restrepo ))
  12. *Vincent Bishop would head up to the stand, wearing his uniform, nodding respectfully at the individuals present.* (( @Zebulon@Urshankov@Restrepo ))
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