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  1. it was our anniversary yesterday.

  2. GAT Update - October 2019 Hello! With a bit of delay, the new update is here and we want to welcome all the new admins to the team, as well as thank the ones departing from the team since our last update. With this, recruitment is closed for now. Promotions QueenC - Promoted to Administrator KingZ - Promoted to Trial Administrator Sexypotato - Promoted to Trial Administrator Chaotropy - Promoted to Trial Administrator Chasee - Promoted to Trial Administrator Mutt377 - Promoted to Trial Administrator Vubstersmurf - Promote
  3. GAT Recruitment - September Hello to you all. Now that OwlV has opened and we have more or less settled from the initial launch, we feel confident opening admin recruitment again. The process will remain the same and anyone can apply for the positions in the admin team. Should you be accepted you will effectively be an admin on both servers, meaning your account is set as admin. You will be an admin on both MTA and V. If you'd rather just be an admin on MTA or V, this is also just fine and make sure you specify this to us in your application so that we are aware. Make sure y
  4. Some premade peds have different clothing options, you can pick these in the clothing store as is. But that doesn't count for all unfortunately.
  5. Looking good. Not many people do videos like this anymore when it comes to these servers so it's good seeing some initiative. Good for us to get more of the player experience through a video too, see how it's taken on.
  6. @Venenoso Try to direct connect to this IP:
  7. Gas stations, gun stores and 24/7's are not owned off the bat, no. We still support both legal and illegal RP, and will be doing our best to make a decent environment for everyone to RP whatever they feel like, may it be legal or illegal. We still offer a lot of options to make money through illegal means and majority of businesses and places will be available upon launch. It is a few places that have been given to factions that are being transitioned over to V. We hope people will narrow down their focus and obviously we will not support something people do half-assed. We want the open wide e
  8. I'll bring the topic up to UAT anyways so we can discuss it some, since a few have expressed interest in leaving it open/placing it in another faction's possession.
  9. Was given to PD for SWAT training and similar. I'm sure we could work out a schedule or something of the like with the faction leadership to have it opened for a set amount of time on a bi-weekly or so basis, maybe some weekends. Nothing wrong with it being in the PD faction as long as people don't forget about it I suppose. I understand it's tempting to give it to legal factions but we're not looking to have privately owned factions cash in on script features is all, at least with PD the money stays within the server and usually gets charitied by leadership. Cause if I remember right it costs
  10. Paintball is given to the LSPD so they could open it up to anyone. When I was Chief I allowed my command members to open it up at any time and host sessions. It was the term PD was given the script and interior. I'm sure a little bump in @Chapple's direction can make the stuff come back and be arranged more often again.
  11. The on hold stuff in game right now is pretty much an old script feature. What we tell admins and always have told them is that they can still accept them whilst they are on hold. It is merely that way so they can be toggled on if there's like a less influx of reports or a lot of admins available. You can still request it and perhaps have to wait a little as the reports don't take priority, but may still be done if the criterias are met in game. If this makes sense to you?
  12. "Other than the purchase papers, financial documentation regarding the vehicle and refund papers for the purchase, no. Discussion regarding the vehicle was kept verbally between myself and Captain Woodvine when I first brought it in. Unsure if the vehicle were even to be added to the fleet to begin with I did not feel there was a need for anything else at the time. Hence the testing period. As previously said, if the vehicle were to remain in the fleet then the roster and policy update regarding TED would've been updated to reflect it. Captain Woodvine was verbally informed on the 23rd that th
  13. "It's something I wanted done as the vehicle is a rather quick one, so I wanted to make sure it was fitting for the roads. Handling is a big one when it comes to these fast vehicles so I took my time with it to have it looked at before I decided we would try it out for the fleet. Such as speed, brakes, suspensions, the upgraded engine kits, specific wheels, lights, and so on. This is a vehicle the PD has never had before and it was brought in brand new. There were questions along the way whether the vehicle took corners well enough, whether the speed was correct and so on. Mainly asked by myse
  14. "Vehicle was purchased the 1st of April. It was then modified with the fitting equipment and upgrades required following the testing period up to the 23rd, where it was placed into the TED fleet as mentioned. After one week in the fleet the vehicle was returned back. April 30th. So testing phase and time where the vehicle was to be considered not for use was about three weeks." (( @Urshankov @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
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