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  1. Won't be long till people start buying these then, They shouldn't be doing the crime then if there's measures like that in place. This isn't the 80's anymore, there's camera's now a day's every 200ft you inside of a city.
  2. DellWood


    yeah, I had a seizure
  3. DellWood


  4. Name : S.K Comment: Yeah, I just like bidding up people, that's all!
  5. DellWood

    Bandwith usage on Owl?

    For me in a hotspot I use a bandwidth tracker on my phone and got away with roughly 100-110mb/hour driving down everywhere in Los Santos. (893MB over the course of about 8 hours) this is my specs with about almost everything turned on, but keep in mind, this is MY data use. You'll have to measure yours if you want the most accurate result.
  6. Name : S.K Bid : $95,000

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