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  1. Time to scroll all the things!!! Good work as usual!
  2. Mmmmmmmmm-mechanic job? Now that's what I'm talking about. Great work as always.
  3. The ability to remove the crap from ints is amazeballs, well done folks, well done. *claps*
  4. Jeez, slow down or you'll burn out. Although thanks for the continued work!
  5. First of all muchas gracias to any and all administrative staff for keeping on with the keeping on. Great job so far, YDY. That said, I'd like to especially thank the ones I've had the most contact with: @Vubstersmurf - For being a gem. @EPICxNUTS - For having the patience to deal with my whack RP logs. @QueenC - For being a merciful beast. And big love to the scripters.
  6. Name: Anna Comment: Is the car in original spec or has it been tampered with? Is the engine 2 or 2.2 litres?
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