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  1. The ability to remove the crap from ints is amazeballs, well done folks, well done. *claps*
  2. Jeez, slow down or you'll burn out. Although thanks for the continued work!
  3. First of all muchas gracias to any and all administrative staff for keeping on with the keeping on. Great job so far, YDY. That said, I'd like to especially thank the ones I've had the most contact with: @Vubstersmurf - For being a gem. @EPICxNUTS - For having the patience to deal with my whack RP logs. @QueenC - For being a merciful beast. And big love to the scripters.
  4. Valgus

    Happy Eid

    Happy Eid al-Adha to all that celebrate it.
  5. Need a skin or several for a female character. PM me if interested.
  6. I believe it's time for a new computer, my potato refuses to run V for more than 30 mins.
  7. Name: Anna Comment: Is the car in original spec or has it been tampered with? Is the engine 2 or 2.2 litres?
  8. Marhaba Grüß Gott Namaskar Zdraveite Hola Hafa adai Nǐ hǎo Dobar dan God dag Hoi hyvää päivää Bonjour Dia dhuit Guten tag Yasou Shalom Namaste Jo napot Góðan dag Nde-ewo Selamat siang Salve Konnichiwa Ahn nyong ha se yo Sveiki Moïen Bonġu Niltze Namastē Hallo Salam Cześć (how do you even pronounce that?) Olá Bună ziua Zdravstvuyte Zdravo Ahoj Hujambo Hallå Ia orna Sawasdee Avuxeni Merhaba Assalamo aleikum xin chào Shwmae Sawubona I'm Valgus, from the far eastern wonderland of Estonia. Played on the server a few years ago, got sidetracked, now I'm back with a vengeance. No I'm not, I just got the itch to roleplay again, eventhough I'm way worse at it than I remembered.
  9. Prologue 7:35 AM Idlewood Los Santos San Andreas 2019 *Beep beep beep...*. The bed sheets start to move as she reaches for the alarm clock. *bee-.* *Thud* Silence filled the room. ... "Good morning Anna, I know you ignored the alarm clock again, it's time to get up." *Yawn* "Conchita" *Chime* "Shut up" ... Sitting up on the bed she briefly rubs her eyes. "Conchita, what's the haps?" *Chime* "It's may the 16th, It's currently mostly clear skies with peak temperature reaching 72 degrees, It is also your birthday." *Yawn* "Conchita, play ICONIC on Splotchify." One after the other she gets up on her feet. Lumbering across the room she enters the bathroom. "Conchita, lights please." *Chime* She stops at the vanity, frazzles her hair and takes a look into the mirror. "28 huh? Where has the time gone." She freshens herself up, turns around and steps on the floor scale behind her. "68, Oink oink piggie, should hold off the booze a little." "And why am I monologuing?" ... Walking to the kitchen she stops at the door. The previous owner of the house had been marking down someone's heights on the door frame. Looking at the measurements. "Why not" Stepping in the kitchen she stopped at the corner cabinet, opened it. "Now where did i put that tape measure?" "Here you are" as she grabs the tape measure and a pencil from the cabinet. She makes her way back to the door, grabbing a book from the end table on the other side of the door. Facing the door frame with her back, she puts the book above her head perpendicular to the wall and scores a line with the pencil. She turns around, places the book back on the table and unrolls the tape measure against the wall. "174, take that... Claire? you midget." ... The pan starts crackling as she cracks two eggs into it "Conchita, give me today's headlines" *Chime* "These are today's stories from the San Andreas News network: President Ronald Grump contemplates the truth behind the flat earth theory. LSFD issues level 5 fire hazard due to dry weather. The Silent Stigma of Mental Illness in the Church. And Nemo finally found." *Click* She turns off the oven. "Jesus freaks on the news again? Give it a rest" ... A plate of eggs and bacon in her hand she stops at the front door, today's mail laying on the floor. Shoving the mail around with her foot she stops and picks one up. "To Anna Pohl from Estonia, must be from mom, yay." ::::::::: To be continued.
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