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  1. Young blood moving in. Time to bolster the ranks.
  2. Welcome back. Yeah GTA V sucks eggs but it's not the vehicle but the passengers that make the trip. Hope you get back into the groove, see you IG.
  3. +1 I can just imagine all the skittles.
  4. This would be nice somewhere down the line. Also I can help with the Pumping sfx *Wink wink*
  5. +1, added benefit of this would be less /Status salad on screen possibly.
  6. I'm all for this but as mentioned above, not a necessity. Plus new players might be turned off by this "Feature".
  7. +1 . Maybe start small, with pots and planters. And in the future move into full fledged field management.
  8. Wowiezowie, that looks so good. Way too green at map making to criticize.
  9. Could be good, I'm thinking of the first Mafia's hud, which was simple and good.
  10. Welcome, welcome, hope you enjoy the madness:)
  11. +1 Current system, while awesome, could be much improved upon:)
  12. +1 Would like to see this added somewhere down the line.
  13. This is amazeballs, looking forward to the subsequent releases. Low-key I worked as a car mechanic IRL for a while, so if I can be of help in any way, hit me up.
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