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  1. I've had your own people tell me that you wanted to keep Rose just for fun and that same person was the one wanting to release her after she pulled of from the election. Clearly for fun, no? Because I could've swore the person said you wanted to keep her for fun, but okay. The state of the community, not talking about actualy roleplay, plus, by you're still in a scenario you can roleplay is what? What would you roleplay if it was you in this situation? Because from what I know, all the guys that got kidnapped never had a chance to roleplay with anyone else, also remember that you dont feed or give them water for some time, making them weaker than they were on a healthy state, its a major turning point that takes your freedom away, to which for the occasion on it being a game, makes the person give up on the character or its fun for you to play a game where your character just sits blindfolded and cuffed? I wonder what kind of rivarly you had with the current kidnapped people or the ones that were kidnapped before, because none of them ever roleplayed with your character that you go online to do major roleplay upon being asked by other people OOCly to log onto it, that or you're just AFK, like yesterday I was told you were. Then you're kind of contradicting yourself, it just proves on this "I'll hold them for as long as I please, I dislike the person for legitimate reasons." that is just like a CK, you wanna kill/hold someone/refrain them from using the char for as long as you want for a reason, state that reason on a application and get it aproved, you can also try to escape CK's by being on the run, seems just like the same but on one you make them suffer alive, the other you just kill them. So, I guess you need to smack your own member and OOC friend, since he was the one ordering it and keeping her on your faction's land underground and that he wanted to release the said person but you declined it because you wanted to feed her dog food and make her a pet human for fun because she was annoying, it is also funny how your "creating roleplay faction" only acts upon OOC friendships, that sometimes havent even known each other for more than weeks, Im talking about major roleplay, not gun dealing. I guess you should like.. watch out who you hang with OOCly and not like lie, that or your own friends are lying about you.
  2. It is for the only reason, people know you're armed due to the fact of them being held at gun point, what do you expect someone to think after being kidnapped, cuffed and blindfolded in a unknown place? If they get caught trying to escape, Im pretty sure someone would shoot them as soon as they found them and push for a CK just for running upon being kidnapped. If many things dont require a reason, you're telling me its normal for someone to go outside and randomly kidnap someone for fun? And we're not talking about one, two or three persons. You found it fun for some reason and since you kidnapped someone, you keep kidnapping people, and then you've UA Staff replying to players that are asking for RP since they're being held kidnapped to get roleplay and the answers go something like "you lay in the bed you make" which sets a great example, no wonder things are at the state they are in the community. You're not ending their journey, but you're not allowing them to continue it, which is kind of a permanent jailing, since they cant escape, but they can try but they also get access to food giving you the power of a CK or Permanent Jailing since they'll probably never get out, therefore I mentioned it should be just like scriptwise jailing, 14 days, if permanent you'd need something along a reasoning just like a CK app, and your guarantee to have roleplay again, its the minimum. We both know you only stand against the rule because you're having fun kidnapping people into your land that no one can enter or leave without your permission from your hella active faction full of members. It doesnt stop their development but it doesnt let them progress, its a stationary progress, you're there, eating once every week if you're lucky, if its stupid to believe it, why the claims of "we're holding you forever". I mean, holding someone forever, kinda ends the development? Oh wait, maybe you mean forcing them to roleplay what you want? Like you wanted some character to be a "pet human" because you're bored that your faction has no form of RP and you're trying to ruin others by fapping to what you do in a game?
  3. He'd need RP to have a chance to escape, and if he tries, Im pretty sure you'd pull the disregard card, ending up in CKing him. "Then they shouldn't have done whatever it was to be get kidnapped." - Thats with everything? CK's and Life in Jail need a reason behind it so you deserve to be on those situations, same with this, you're making someone not be able to play their characters because you feel like it and because you dont have enough reasons to kill him, therefore it needs to be controlled with time, just like jail is. Its literally the same as jail, but on the dark-illegal side of things, and from what I've heard, its about feeding this and feeding that, Im pretty sure, you'd be obligated to actually feed them and not just pass around once a week to give a sandwich out and RP for 5 minutes with the excuse "try to escape".
  4. To finish what @ResidentPeach said, I think admins should also take in count the refunds that they'll probably need to do upon being for over than 14 days kidnapped.
  5. The limit should be like jailing a player, 14 days max, if permanently wanting to kidnap one, CK app. Because as it stands, its just kidnapping people without releasing them is basically wanting to CK without a reason.
  7. @TPG Fuck all that, this cops and robbers not RP.
  8. is it me or this Vex dude tries to get attention from almost everyone via status? :pepe:

  10. You built your own reputation.
  11. if we need 2 pd to break the law, why dont you need 2 pd to break it?
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