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  1. Diogo

    some jokes.

  2. Diogo

    Express Corporation

    Autonation Salesday
  3. Diogo

    Single shot per one click.

    who tf keeps holding mouse 1 shooting a deagle or a colt? wat..
  4. Diogo

    Express Corporation

    New Employee Interviews Jena Haddad: Sarah? Sarah Parkson: Oh.... umm.. yea? I mean umm.. Hi.. Yes I am Sarah. ★ You'd notice that Sarah is very nervous. Jena Haddad: Welcome, follow me please. Sarah Parkson: O-okay.. Jena Haddad: Have a seat. Sarah Parkson: T-..thanks.. Haddad? ★ Sarah Parkson sits down on the chair. Jena Haddad: Jena, yeah. Sarah Parkson: O-..okay.. ★ Sarah Parkson looks over to Tyrus then back to Jena. Sarah Parkson: D..does he have to be here? Jena Haddad: Thats Tyrus, he is the general manager. So, Sarah, lets start with some information about yourself. Sarah Parkson: Oh... I had a bad childhood, Umm.. Started over at San Fransisco... near bay area.. I was bullied alot... yelled at... kicked from school and stuff but I did like to drink when I was.. I don't know sixteen? Some kids who were 21 smuggled them for me. ★ Jena Haddad adjusts herself comfortably on her seat, listening to Sarah attentively. Jena Haddad: Mhm. Sara Parkson: And fast forward to when I aged to like.. 24 to move to Los Santos. I wasn't the richest or the homelest, I was and am broke currently this date... Too shy to get a job and get a good payday.. so I kinda did some easy jobs, none of those prostituting ones. I did try Club X's bartendering job.. didn't go well. Jena Haddad: Why so? Sarah Parkson: Well, it did go well but alot of shootouts. People with guns smuggle guns inside the clubs and start shooting. But I did like doing drinks for customers, before the shooting. Jena Haddad: And I suppose thats why you applied? Sarah Parkson: That and I am like on my final notice on my apartment, either I get a work or I go to jail for sleeping on the streets. Jena Haddad: Mhm. How much Club X used to pay you? Sarah Parkson: Four hundred or five hundred an hour? Jena Haddad: Alright, thank you for showing up here today. We're currently in need for bartenders to run our lounge and a small pub. So once we interview enough people, we'll reach to you. Sarah Parkson: Well show me where's all and I can like open time to time. Jena Haddad: The lounge is quite huge so it needs more than one bartender to run it. Sarah Parkson: I can do the pub. Jena Haddad: That will be upto the manager of the pub who isn't around currently, i'll make sure to pass the message to him. Sarah Parkson: If we got enough bartenders then I can like vise-versa from Pub to Lounge. Jena Haddad: Mhm. We'll get back to you shortly about it, we have your email so. ★ Sarah Parkson nods slowly as she stands up with her right hand traveling to Jena for a handshake. Sarah Parkson: I understand. ★ Jena Haddad stands up from the chair, accepting the brief handshake, cracking a light smile at Sarah before she leads her to the front. Sarah Parkson: Sorry for not wearing suit or something like that. Jena Haddad: Thats fine. Sarah Parkson: They are like... very expensive. Jena Haddad: Take care. Sarah Parkson: Well.. cayanara, Miss Haddad.
  5. Diogo

    History of Owlgaming.

    Your poll makes no sense. You're on Owl's community, if you go do the same in LS-RP, you'll see where it'll stop. 😂
  6. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    omg @QueenC u actually lack some
  7. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    No, drama is funny cus people take it to chest, dont ruin it you bean.
  8. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Pizzaboy is about to drop the trigger "i wanna look good" post.
  9. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Why do memes have legs now.. jeez, they talk too. Who are you btw? New walking meme on owl and I didnt know? Damn 😂 #specialpeopleonowlalloveragain
  10. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Are you @Alfa1561 or @SpaghettiMayne on another account? Triggerboy over memes, I guess you're one of those that never did anything apart from Owl and defends PD like its the only thing they have or had in their life.
  11. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Now talks like I havent been in here for years to know some shit. If someone's a sheep following others in here, is you. And its pretty clear some do and some dont, thats everywhere so stop being a goonie trying to twist shit.
  12. Diogo

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Talks about emotions and fear like cops rp them.
  13. Glad to see that this is slowly stopping to be a RP server. For the abuse we wait then
  14. Watch no one rping taking it out LUL

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