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  1. Diogo

    Los Depredadores 13

    Ugly asses telling me I cant play certain type of music. UGLY ASSES! ;( now i sad GOOD LUCK! :3
  2. Diogo

    Liverpool Savages

    No, forgot to ask for L&A, my bad
  3. Diogo


    Screen hz has nothing to do with fps, it wont affect anything on your fps, same way around.
  4. Diogo


    fps has nothing to do with screen hertz
  5. Diogo

    Escape From Tarkov

    I've been asked to try it multiple times, never did, kek.
  6. Diogo

    Character Kill Appeal - Andrei Bogdanov

    Just wanna point the Private Messages out.
  7. Diogo

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    SHUD UP U.. U.. U... UHM.. GAYBOI!
  8. Diogo

    [Misc] CJ Running

    Quick answer to your problem. A car.
  9. Diogo

    2018 Ducati Hypermotard 939

    Name: Tray Bid: 15,000
  10. Diogo

    [YOUTUBE] CHOP - Step With Me

    Name: TyMoney Comment: My man.. private message this youtube account with your number.
  11. Diogo

    Liverpool Savages

    Giving some tasks to the outside world
  12. Diogo

    Why OwlGaming!?

    I loved the intro tho haha
  13. Diogo

    Liverpool Savages

    --Main thread updated-- [Meantime] Upon trusting his clique to his members, Jerry went to jail for murdering a detective, while spending that said time in jail, he ended up meeting with his old friend Crooks, trusting him on bringing his clique back together once he was free, keeping it in Liverpool. After 7 years of Crooks' sentence, he came out and is trying to get everything back together so they can get back active on the streets, as well as trying to find some lost friends from their time. Meanwhile, Jerry has to keep himself entertained in jail, waiting for his answer about parole, otherwise, he has to lead his clique from jail through whoever Crooks' will trust.

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