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  1. OwlV has better server stability than GTA:W ? The only shit that is annoying me at the moment is the random crashing.
  2. V is always going to be a better option, might not seem as of now but with time and patience the small quirks get sorted.
  3. goo.gl/iVDdLs

    1. Chaos


      We have owl.pm for a reason

    2. ThomasJT


      Didn't know about that thx

  4. Name: T Bid: $26,000
  5. • Motel Kuntz 1853, Corner of Ceaser Road and Saints Boulevard, East Beach, Los Santos Motel Kuntz is less than a 5 minute drive to major attractions in the city of Los Santos. Located on the hills of East Beach, a short distance from the famous Stadium, Motel Kuntz is one of a kind in Los Santos able to satisfy the different needs of its guests with comfort and first rate services. It is only 2 km from the airport and from highway exits. The motel has a large parking area , a real luxury. At Motel Kuntz you will be welcomed with a beautiful pool, with deck chairs, out o
  6. My phone got jacked there the other night and I still go for a no. We aren't trying to simulate a playground.
  7. That also might give you the chance of contesting a ticket. If though you can do it already, but I feels better to contest the ticket and later on pay it.
  8. LET ME FUCKING CHUCKLE Good fucking luck
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