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  1. Also I'm still salty about that 1 CK you did on me, though it is the most viewed appeal (even tho the character was relatively unknown) so maybe I shouldn't be
  2. It was a good run, and I'm glad to have joined you all especially in the MTA days. P.S @Normis definitely a paedophile and whoever said it before me I 100% agree. - Person who played very man bad characters is out, peace.
  3. Technically what I meant just a lot more detail here or something I guess.
  4. Can I just say that I think using the actual GTAV companies would be like really fucking cool -> For example I wanna own a fricking VAPID that'd be sick Or we can make player run dealerships like Vapid which will have the ability to sell and buy vapids at a lower price than the NPC dealerships
  5. the fuck is up with the statuses below mine

  6. This just won't do, how the hell am I meant to get into a brawl or car crash and eat a donut to keep my health from dropping below 100% now?
  7. KFN

    Show yourself!

    This is fake, girls don't exist
  8. Khram OPG doesn't die it gets stronger, it was all a lie about it shutting down I swear.
  9. KFN

    Will you be there?

    Yeah the MTA server is a goner and so are a lot of the playerbase DAMN THOSE POTATO LAPTOPS - P.S this includes mans not running that game for a while
  10. KFN

    The fact is will Skippy ever come back from hibernation?! Or are they dead forever!

    1. CraftyNZ
    2. Skippy


      Can't believe you guys still remember me :D

    3. KFN


      I've been gone from Owl for a while myself so you are sorta just there because you still existed as I left

  11. Chef excellence is a really bad company that sells bags for stuff like bread, meat, vegetables at the shop known as "Poundland" +The face of the company is that chef what they literally just found on Google Images
  12. You no why I am sad cuz the chatbox isn't there ;-;

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    2. Humour


      come on
      discord erryone's here

    3. Humour



    4. Rilind


      discord all the way

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