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  1. This gem wasn't on the little clip, so I just thought it was worth the mention.
  2. This is so sad, can we get five likes?
  3. bruh, I don't think any GTR's are going to be for sale ever
  4. TELL ME ABOUT, lol I stole this car a while back but as I wasn't using it/had the engine off I was screwed because I couldn't drive off in it after just having drove it for 9 decades
  5. Ah I see because of some of tards that need wrangling around here saying "oh but this will make the server seem more rpgish and the likes" just suck a fat one it really won't, plenty of other servers use this system and it works 100% better than waiting for an admin to accept your report so you can get on with your merry-way. Example of where the /engine system is better: is if you are using said stolen vehicle as a get-away vehicle, but oh no you've stored the vehicle since and have had the engine off due to this- people are about to murder you but wait.. you can escape you've got
  6. Gotta obviously bring back my state trooper char, to protect and serve
  7. big daddy croozerlooser, how many actually on the MTA server these days cuz this sounds fun af ;)))))
  8. Name: B!gRG Comment: But like $400 a day is like way-way-way above national average, I don't see the reason to complain???
  9. Awh hick yeuh I see this going very far, @Luigikuikknows what he doing!!!!
  10. Although you make some valid points this would be something that you can do optionally, and just because its there doesn't mean you'll have to use it 100%. That aside it can literally just be a command like /sendlocation their number and then a blip of where you are appears on their map.
  11. I'm still being referenced after all these... months but whatever thanks @BlanK Anyhow got some ideas of my own, one being the amount of bureaucracy involved with illegal rp is too damn high, some people myself included don't have the time or patience to post form after form after form, just to get some simple things done in the server- a lot of this should be able to just be rp'd out, logs sent off for proof of legitimacy and such (this is a issue throughout the server and not just with illegal rp). These forms don't even need to be entirely gotten rid of it would be a lot nice if
  12. Imagine getting banned in the first place ?
  13. Name: SpecialK Comment: God has returned to bless this kind world.
  14. Pleasantly surprised to see this faction still around to be fair, nice gooing!
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