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  1. Also I'm still salty about that 1 CK you did on me, though it is the most viewed appeal (even tho the character was relatively unknown) so maybe I shouldn't be
  2. It was a good run, and I'm glad to have joined you all especially in the MTA days. P.S @Normis definitely a paedophile and whoever said it before me I 100% agree. - Person who played very man bad characters is out, peace.
  3. This gem wasn't on the little clip, so I just thought it was worth the mention.
  4. This is so sad, can we get five likes?
  5. Technically what I meant just a lot more detail here or something I guess.
  6. Can I just say that I think using the actual GTAV companies would be like really fucking cool -> For example I wanna own a fricking VAPID that'd be sick Or we can make player run dealerships like Vapid which will have the ability to sell and buy vapids at a lower price than the NPC dealerships
  7. the fuck is up with the statuses below mine

  8. This just won't do, how the hell am I meant to get into a brawl or car crash and eat a donut to keep my health from dropping below 100% now?
  9. KFN

    Show yourself!

    This is fake, girls don't exist
  10. Khram OPG doesn't die it gets stronger, it was all a lie about it shutting down I swear.
  11. Piney

    Happy birthday, TonyTheX

    1. KFN


      TonyTheX you what? But yes cheers bud!

  12. KFN

    Will you be there?

    Yeah the MTA server is a goner and so are a lot of the playerbase DAMN THOSE POTATO LAPTOPS - P.S this includes mans not running that game for a while
  13. Nice pic fam

    1. KFN


      Fam we bringing this place up

  14. KFN

    The fact is will Skippy ever come back from hibernation?! Or are they dead forever!

    1. CraftyNZ
    2. Skippy


      Can't believe you guys still remember me :D

    3. KFN


      I've been gone from Owl for a while myself so you are sorta just there because you still existed as I left

  15. Chef excellence is a really bad company that sells bags for stuff like bread, meat, vegetables at the shop known as "Poundland" +The face of the company is that chef what they literally just found on Google Images
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