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  1. Pleasantly surprised to see this faction still around to be fair, nice gooing!
  2. I got a smart idea- why not just make it so you can keep someone in captivity for as long as you actively rp with them (and this doesn't just mean feeding), they should be able to be kept for up to 7 or so days without any rp, if still not rp'd with after this time then they should be released and the event treated as a PK. However if the reason that there was no rp between the kidnapper and the kidnapped because the person who was kidnapped just decides to not log in for 7 days then they will not be released and will continue to be a prisoner. I mean doing it this way would sorta fix the issue for both parties would it not?
  3. Name: BigAy Comment: Who's idea was it to let Keira Mosely have any power again? She was so shit last time -> That won't change this time!
  4. Enforce ck on all people who crash a modified car at 120+ km/h no matter the circumstances - Unless lag of course
  5. This rule was straight up stupido', Literally would rather have restrictions on the forums than ic on where I can park a car when at a mates house
  6. on my new pc I got recently it was like 50mb I swear
  7. on a scale of 1 to 10 how easily will I be ck'd 10 being a faction run by normy illegal rpers and 1 being LSPD officer during a shootout
  8. Just realised that your boy Normy got un-ck'd for pretty much the exact same reason -> just it was with ones factions enemies not allies, Isn't that technically worse and if so shouldn't I also get the same treatment of a unck
  9. K, does that mean I can ck anyone in my faction for speaking to members of BoTS, because they are my enemies and I'd see that as betrayal
  10. Well in that case stay in here. This is for pro RATs members only
  11. Let me know when they'll let you impound, k thanks -> Cuz I may end up doing it anyway
  12. With a reasonable reason admins will give you another character slot for free
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