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  1. Kaasisbaas

    [SOLD] Car - Bagged 1981 BMW E12 M535i [ENDS: 15.6.2018.]

    name: b bid: buyout
  2. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Make Pay 'n Spray generate profit for owner of property What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Properties What is the suggestion?- Make it like the gas station script. The owner of the business next to the pay 'n spray will receive a percentage of what people pay for the repair, retrieveable from an NPC. Perhaps make it so the owner will have to purchase supplies for the pay 'n spray? What are the advantages?- - Give some more meaning/income to properties next to a pay 'n spray, give people a reason to own one. Currently gas stations for example generate like 500-1000$ income per day. What are the disadvantages?- None as far as I can see. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No, but I guess it's not hard to adapt the system. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Puppy-face the scripting team.
  3. name: kb's bid: buyout ($25,000)
  4. Kaasisbaas

    SAPAP - "Helping The People For a Brighter Tomorrow."

    Name: bourke Comment: shut up and take my money
  5. name: will bid: buyout
  6. Kaasisbaas


    Dope stuff, loving it.
  7. name: alan bid: buyout
  8. Kaasisbaas

    [SOLD] Residential - 8 Palin Street [ENDS: 5/21/2018]

    starting bid lowered
  9. Kaasisbaas

    Car - 1990 Lada Niva [ENDS: 20/5/2018]

    name: western spy bid: $25,000
  10. Kaasisbaas

    Anyone wanna play modded Minecraft?

  11. Hi, So I was bored out of my mind and thought fuck it, let's set up a Minecraft server. If anyone wants to play, hit me up. Modpack is FTB Revelation. Just send me a forum PM or Discord msg.
  12. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 8 Palin Street Description: Luxurious mansion. Fully secured with a gate, cameras, motion sensors etc. Garage has a car lift to an underground area. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $2,250,000 Minimum Increase: 50000 Buyout: $2,750,000 Auction ends: 5/21/2018 Contact Information: 650699 Comments disabled.
  13. The text I made bold doesn't make sense? Russians are white...? I don't agree with restricting it to a race, but providing a good backstory and being stricter with it would be nice
  14. name: oke bid: buyout

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