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  1. Arkwright Corporation

    No need to L&A this anymore.
  2. VT Update - September 2017

    #MakeEveryoneSupervisor #MakeVCTEqual
  3. Jetson

    long time no see dude! welcome back!
  4. 1990 Lancia Delta HF Integrale

    name: e bid: $25,000
  5. Arkwright Corporation

    GOOD BUSINESS Another great evening! Thanks everyone for stopping by!
  6. The View-Restaurant & Lounge

    This is fucking amazing.
  7. Faction Team Update - September 2017

    Good luck @bartman. I hope the community will have a fair FT leader with you.
  8. Good luck! Looks like an interesting concept, didn't you do this a while ago aswell though? Either way, I hope you'll get alot of roleplay
  9. Gamecoin giveaway [ENDED]

    Giveaway closed. It's mightnight for me (almost, like in 15 minutes. don't think there will be any more entries considering the last one was 8 hours ago and a double entry. ) I've made a video which shows this is a randomly picked result, but because I'm retarded it only captured 5 minutes of my other monitor instead of the one I wanted ;-; Anyways, the winner is @MrKosm0 Congratulations!!! Enjoy your 750 GC dude
  10. I'm going to give away any amount of GC (within reason ofcourse). Give me a good reason of why you need them and how many. Only 1 person will be picked, and you can enter untill the 1st of September. Winner will be announced later that day. Good luck!
  11. Arkwright Corporation

    Thank you all for the nice comments, I really appreciate it!
  12. Arkwright Corporation

    GO PLACES (Credits to @Banoon for the great video! Much appreciated mate!)

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