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  1. [Vehicles] - Interval Servicing

    They sell it to next person, next person has to get oil change. Cars do last that long, especially high end nice ones that people keep for ever
  2. [Vehicles] - Interval Servicing

    I got no idea on the default My Mini is about every 5,000 miles with synthetic oil
  3. [Vehicles] - Interval Servicing

    By default make all vehicles that are on caddy model have 0 by default, and all cars with brand tesla also. Add in a few more filters maybe for other common ones. Then just set everything else to whatever you decide for default. Some will slip through I bet but those players can then report and it shouldn't be too many.
  4. [Vehicles] - Interval Servicing

    But with the option to set it as '0' to disable and never need it, for things that don't use oil and such (electric golf carts, cars, ect). As long as I am not forced to get oil changes on my tesla or golf cart lmao
  5. Not my stuff anymore bruh
  6. Vehicles IRL?

    Nice, pretty cool.
  7. [General] - Re-enable Water in Canal System

    This. createWater will not affect the other water levels (ocean, Marina Canal, rivers through the county, ect).
  8. [General] - Re-enable Water in Canal System

    I can see both side and that's why I want the water to periodically change heights based on a random script just on server start - it would be within a reasonable range that wouldn't be to any extreme and in all cases would be rather low - and I can even figure out the height ranges and modify the water resource I have currently from the leaked owl files to do that all automatically, that wouldn't be too difficult to do. It just doesn't make much sense for the river / canal to be completely dry, and this would bring some change that could be nice to the server. Plus - if criminals really want to, they can still use down there even with water - as most of the time it will probably be low enough to walk in. And the raising / lowering is realistic I think - but I think doing it based on rain and such isn't very productive because most of the time rain just gets toggled back off when it happens.
  9. It is possible though. It could just be a new toggle on vehicles that allows switching between AWD / 4WD / FWD / RWD and it just auto-updates the handling editor. It's really not that complicated - it might need the car to be reloaded though when the command is done, but other than that, it is easily possible. Whether it's actually needed is more for argument, not possibility, and IMO it's something that would be nice I guess but not really needed - but they do have good arguments on making reports every time to change it is annoying because waiting on VCT for something like this is meh. In addition to this, the system could be expanded (although it would work differently) to include the ability to switch your car into sport modes and such.
  10. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Re-enable Water in Canal System What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- The idea is simple: The canal system in LS is currently dry, so we re-enable the resource already on the server that adds water back into it. This would bring back the sense that the canal is actually a river (like it is), and not sewers, and can promote more RP even. My idea would also include having the height of the water change semi-dynamically over time - possibly with a random height chosen on server start to set it to, and then it's that until the next time the server restarts and finds a new height for it. This would make it so that the river is more dynamic and that it changes over time for more or less, instead of a single static water height. Also - I'd say the heights should be rather low - so in most cases one could still get a truck or such through it - but with possibilities for the height to be too tall for vehicles on some instances. What are the advantages?- - Water in the river, as it's realistically not completely dry - More dynamic feeling to the city to make it feel more alive What are the disadvantages?- - Sometimes it might be too high for vehicles to get through - which isn't really a disadvantage but I can already see someone complaining. - Some people might complain "omg water in the sewers wtf!!?!" but they aren't sewers, it's a river, and it should have water. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Pretty sure the resource is already on the server, just disabled. A slight modification to the height would be easy to make it random on startup and then just re-enable it. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Just as the sentence above this.
  11. Need "Nissan GT-R Nismo" Texture for Elegy

    Doesn't have the red lining but yea, there's one for NISMO in there with the GT-R and NISMO logos.
  12. Generic Vehicle Textures

    Elegy - Nissan GT-R (Normal) - https://i.imgur.com/VqokIog.png | (NISMO) - https://i.imgur.com/p9oIbLf.png Jester - Toyota Supra - https://i.imgur.com/ggIDDMk.png I think I had more somewhere but can't find 'em. (Reposted here cuz Portfolio didn't make sense and it archived it so I couldn't change it anyways)
  13. [General] Fishing System

    Hmmm - Right, I forgot it's not a job like RS Haul that you pick up at City Hall, oops Means even more a reason to switch it to Net vs Rod with the description stuff I think
  14. [General] Fishing System

    TBH If a player picks up the fishing job, and it literally says the command is "/fish" and they do "/cast" - they're probably not the brightest thing anyways. But anyways I like the idea of a casual / sport fishing stuff - brings more use to fishing rods also. And since we're on the topic - I think there could actually be another change: Fishing Rod for casual / sport, and Fishing Net for commercial. There could be descriptions defining them as such in the inventory (I.e.; [Fishing Rod - A simple fishing rod for casual and sport fishing (Not usable for Fishing Job)] and [Fishing Net - A large industrial sized fishing net (Only for use with Fishing Job)])., and replace clunky /fish and /cast commands with simple inventory item usages instead (or keep the commands but add in the inventory usage since I think the server has that "GUI > Typed Commands" concept, and I personally believe it should be that way for everything (with commands optional alongside for some things).

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