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  1. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    And you failed to read the post where I literally said I haven't had anything stolen from me actually - but that I'm sick of all the other people being hit with robberies and there's nothing they can do to stop it or anything - and when they've put hundreds of hours into development and attaining what they got, and then a guy with 12 hours comes along with "full-face and gloves" and takes everything with no trace - it's pretty stupid, not that realistic, and it's NOT fun for players..
  2. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    That's no a perfect crime. They still leave hairs, sweat, saliva, foot patterns, voices, ect.
  3. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    You said there's no problem and refuse to acknowledge it so what is their to discuss? You're asking questions aimed specifically with no answers other than what you want. You are making it appear that full-face + gloves = perfect crime, no way to know who they are, no DNA left, tough shit. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM.
  4. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Quit avoiding the problem.
  5. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    So you're admitting that a full-face + gloves is a perfect crime? Then why is it not used in RL by every criminal?
  6. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Actually - Mapping for personal security is completely disallowed, no matter what. This was an instruction from Chaos - so.. Completely independent on wealth, location, ect. And as police, maybe start actually investigating the crime scenes and collecting evidence like others have stated in previous pages? Footprints, ect - although most of that is pointless because they leave no traces of any actual DNA evidence ever - so.. Yea, I don't know - it's more than just the police's problem - they can't do anything in most cases because there's nothing for them to go off of - and no, full-face + gloves doesn't mean they don't leave any dna or anything. But that's how it's treated.
  7. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    I've actually said this how many times that I'm not bringing this up based on my single situation but a string of situations mostly not even involving me. I've lost literally nothing actually myself because the only thing taken in the robbery of my house (a gun) is to be given back (a month later and the admin hasn't returned it yet, so who know's if it's being used ICly atm by the robber or anything even but hey whatever), but the fact that so many times the only answer you get from PD or the admins handling situations is that there's no trace because they had a full-face and gloves on and thus nothing can be done - it's fucking stupid and if that's not a problem, then I don't know what else to say. I'm sick of hearing from other people in the community how they got their house robbed and there's literally nothing they can do about it because they can't defend themselves with risk of CK, they can't upgrade their security because they can't get fencing / gates for their properties because mapping isn't allowed for personal security, they have all the other security devices, and the police just say fuck it, can't do anything sorry, no traces. I'm done though, if that's not enough of an argument to show that there's a problem, not to mention the actual RP quality in these examples has always been sub-par in my opinion but to others in charge it's perfectly fine (literally my example up there basically, because, you don't need to RP in detail or anything during a robbery because it's 'too fast paced and they don't want to get caught by police so fuck actually rping just let them kick grab run..').. What can we do? Gate off the entire community? Set up area-wide CCTV that does nothing cuz they have helmets on? Communicate with PD for more resources dedicated to this which they have already denied? Automated sentry turrets for unauthorized entry to homes (lol)? Neighborhood watches who call PD but don't do anything themselves because they'll be disregarding their life and potentially ck'd, and what's the point if the alarm calls 9-1-1 on breakin anyways and police don't arrive in time to actually stop anything? I don't see any actual options here.
  8. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    It's a shame to see you not doing anything in the community except constant replying that there's nothing wrong. Look at topics and situations objectively instead of based on how the other person brings it up and you might see that these problems are there and they are harming both sides of the server, legal and illegal, and it's pushing people away from wanting to even be here anymore, because it's not fun...
  9. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Maybe you're actually planning it out but that's not everyone and people are getting away with shit almost exactly like what I said. You're just ignorant to it then if you think it doesn't happen and you should spend more time looking over what actually happens in the community and stop just writing everyone and everything else off as upset for no reason and ignoring the issues they're bringing up as non-problems just because you personally are actually planning out robberies or such.
  10. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    "Jump fence - /id if owner is online - /report "I break in interior plz come" - "/me kicks in door" - literally that's it.
  11. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    No - I don't - I'm "bitching" about this because Criminals are able to go around robbing literally every single house in Richman, stealing millions in vehicles and such with no draw backs because PD refuse to do ANYTHING because the criminal has full-face and gloves on and thus is untraceable. It's bullshit.
  12. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    My job? How is it my job? My job is to delete your personal mapping and tell you your interior is disabled (or atleast that's what everyone thinks anyways).
  13. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Or maybe PD should have actual detectives, or something needs to be done in the community if PD isn't going to do that.
  14. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    How can you take investigating this into your own hands? I don't have a DNA collection kit and even if I got one there's no way to compare it to anyone without access to the national database? Please teach me. You've presented case studies IRL that are completely unrelated to Owl, considering I'd be willing to bet these people put nothing into actual planning. And you speak of only reading what you want but you've missed entire points I've made and not countered them at all. Hello - I think you missquoted PD, considering I get my argument for that from them since they don't do anything but exactly that lmao
  15. Can we discuss "Fullface, gloves" Immunity?

    Shame your replies are as pointless as PD in terms of actually responding to calls other than speeding and chases. And you really haven't counteracted anything - you've given points that I've countered and you try and counter with the exact same thing you said before, which doesn't counter it.

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