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  1. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    Yea, I understand that for that - is why I suggested instead just simple commands that don't need more tables, just an added if to the actual /ed command to accept the arguments and use them to update the specified line (or clear it)
  2. I present to you, the carrying script...

    no - that should be RP'd, not forced around by gluing them to you lmao
  3. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    Not just clear but also be able to set quickly then also - if you're in the middle of driving and following / being followed or chased, you can't really stop to use /ed, is my point. And I don't think it'd be too big of a command to create? Simply adjust /ed to accept the arguments and check if the first is 1-5, error if not. If it's there, just update the line. I'm not sure how changed the /ed system is now with the update coming already to it, but it should be as easy as adding it as an if statement just after the current checks that can then if args then update line specified else open GUI?
  4. [Items] - MP3 player modification.

    I really like the background change and that header thing on the top left tho. That's cool Would be neat to see some visual upgrades to the phone if we're gonna be stuck with that script forever atleast then, and seeing as you already did ittt
  5. [Items] - MP3 player modification.

    Hello updated phone script or like whatup?
  6. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    It allows for more on-the-fly ed changes, for things that are quick to change - i.e. a line in /ed *Plates are covered by a black screen* from an installed electric plate hider, so that it can be toggled on while driving. Doing it manually via /ed would take forever when driving and force you to stop, /ed, and type it out etc on the whole UI. Possibly way to not have to do all that extra database shit though then would be a simple "/ed [line #] [content OR clear / reset]" and then can bind those back and forth to toggle lines effectively that way Can make that a different suggestion though if you would rather me make a new one for that type of idea instead of this original one
  7. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- /glue working on ground also while standing What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Allow /glue to glue you to the ground when on foot as well, not just vehicle. This way if you're using an anim that moves you around, or some retarded objects keep sliding you slowly away, you can stop having to move back into place, which is super annoying What are the advantages?- +No longer have to deal with retardedly slowly sliding away in anims or such, all glitchy like What are the disadvantages?- None Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Just let /glue work on ground if you're not on a vehicle etc.
  8. Name: YourAverageMiddleAgedFuckUp Bid: Buyout. (( @RSR30 ))
  9. [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    I think something that combines this: would be pretty neat. Instead of just a single new 'admin only' box at the bottom, there could be, as someone in comments there said, checkboxes to the side of each line. If the checkbox is in, the line is displayed, if not, then it's not. Admins should then also be able to right-click a checkbox and it will 'Lock' the line from being edited and also force it to always be displayed? Would be a neat combination of the scripts imo and would work pretty well.
  10. [Vehicles] - Toggle /ed Lines on/off via command

    Aye, that'd be cool too (along with binds being optional too preferably)
  11. [VCT Instantly Making your vehicle Illegal] - Remove

    (They still forcefully /togplates for cars they deem illegal though, no?)
  12. Happy Valentines Birthday thing.

  13. VT NPC Dealerships

    Player dealerships are still there, this is simply to repopulate the default NPC dealerships because they were running low and needed refreshed with US common cars. Pretty sure that's all it is. @iV7Z you don't want me to submit all the suggested things I had though this do you? 😂

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