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  1. Sometimes I wish I owned an actual Minecraft account. ??
  2. Parents selection is still gender locked in the new creator? Rip. Allowing to select 2 male or 2 female parents would increase char customization greatly. also, hoping you can zoom in on your characters face in the creator? That’s a far away view to be stuck in if not when making your face
  3. Make trash cans and to delete items you gotta throw it away and then people can go dumpster diving until a garbage truck comes and empties it.
  4. Yes please. Allow me to combine two male or two female "default" faces to create better looking characters, and adds more options to really make unique characters.
  5. (( Yeah - never understood why they try and say it's an "In-Person" shit when clearly no in-person auction is going to last from now until fucking Sept 21, lmfaooo ))
  6. (( What if it's an online auction and you can set your username as whatever the fuck you want tho? ))
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Palomino Gas Station (2249 Palomino Road) Description: Palomino Gas Station Comes with six employees, general goods, quick electronics, and on-the-run-food, and including the two petrol attendants and petrol manager. Profit off them gas sucking trucks and super cars that plague this entire island, yet surprisingly hasn't caused a huge air quality and pollution problem despite the lack of real emissions regulations! Not to mention all the great shi-- stuff- they buy inside while fu
  8. okay but like none of those are really normal speed limits (Typical U.S. speed limits go around 25 - 35 - 45 - 65, and 75 on some open highways outside of the cities) still better than it was tho
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: 279 N. Main St., Montgomery Description: A quaint bar in Montgomery with a relaxed feel, including loads of sofas for seating and a loft above with a large table and chairs. Also includes a living space below with bathroom, bedroom, small living room, and storage area. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $10,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: $75,000 Auction ends: 4/27/18 Contact Information: Given to Winner
  10. The scanner gives you nothing atm, I'm asking if that can be changed, as well as this - so the player atleast gets some of their investment back if the property is taken from them. Right now they are left with nothing in exchange. This in turn would make it akin to the property being /sellproperty in that it becomes for sale then by the server and the old owner gets some return.
  11. Can it be adjusted where the person atleast gets 66% of the price just like /sellproperty atleast then, along with that 30 days? Same with scanned interiors?
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