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  1. gmsunshiine, well he can't spell sunshine. kthx.
  2. Will due, thanks for the advice.
  3. I'll look into all that then, -shrug- Thanks. I'm just tired of seeing them be hypocrites. They pull people over all day for things they do everywhere. Running a 'BZR' or Speeding slightly, or random things. Meh.
  4. I never compared Owl to SA-MP servers because I can't. But I can still say it's pretty stupid, there's more things I witness wrong. But, as I said. I'm merely but a speck on the server, so my opinion/words are void.
  5. that's one problem then, but I also see a lot of unnecessary bickering too. -Shrug- It doesn't make me like the place to much anymore, though my opinion is void as I'm merely but a speck on the server.
  6. So what I'm getting from this... Owlgaming is stupid as fuck, the police force pretty much do whatever they want and are hypocrites, illegal cars/modifying cars: one of the only things you can really do which is considered fun on a GTA multiplayer RP server, is being taken away for a month. Shit ton of lag/network troubles, and a shit ton more...Top server 2014, I'm surprised it's lasted this long or if I just joined in a god awful period of time.
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