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  1. I smoke megaman

  2. and they mostly use too. like wtf u on nigguh
  3. Bitch give me head

    1. JLKudaAT
    2. Sauce


      shut up you filthy fucking cunt i'ma homophobic bitch i'll torture you by dripping boiling water on your face


  4. boi u posting so much meme threads seeking for brownie points
  5. Name: Leroy Ward Comment: You're soft.
  6. owl memes smh i ain't in none of them
  7. @JohnM Only if you use the right websites eh? *noSteam*
  8. Bruh pirating Gta is so easy lmfao.
  9. I pull up slap your bish 

  10. Most rude person you'll ever meet

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chillz


      you are going to meet mr.mayhem in three !
      two !
      one !
      /do gj i was rpoing

    3. Sauce


      kicks mr mayhem in the balls


    4. DanielV


      You wiil meet mr. Mayhem in..

      Three !

      two !


      one !

  11. Then I would rather have dupont restricted of uploading skins by having an admin to see/show the skin with a way or another to give permission to upload it.
  12. Edited. Well bruh at least make them 5 then? shit who gonna wait 5 hours to upload a trollish skin.
  13. As the title says? there's no reason for this to be there to be honest. I personally get annoyed about it, like why would I wait 10 hours just to upload a skin? I'm not sure what else should I say.
  14. You stealing @fartacus's introduction subject name, 2 - this is not a fucking meme, 3 - I hate ricer shit, 4 -