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  1. Pursuit of Happiness.

    Now this is a real nigga. Upcoming: Jacob Wilburn
  2. Got 6 stars like gta

  3. Ain't gonna be visiting no forums until dark theme is out i don't want my eyes to be burning

  4. Stop it you sick attention seeker bastard whore

  5. I smoke megaman

  6. the admin team's favourite word

    and they mostly use too. like wtf u on nigguh
  7. Bitch give me head

    1. JLKudaAT
    2. Sauce


      shut up you filthy fucking cunt i'ma homophobic bitch i'll torture you by dripping boiling water on your face


  8. Your average day at IGS

    boi u posting so much meme threads seeking for brownie points
  9. Slain Police Officer's Dog 'Goose' Departed

    Name: Leroy Ward Comment: You're soft.
  10. Hey it's sonny from owl!!!

    owl memes smh i ain't in none of them
  11. Looking for some help on my return

    @JohnM Only if you use the right websites eh? *noSteam*
  12. Looking for some help on my return

    Bruh pirating Gta is so easy lmfao.
  13. I pull up slap your bish 

  14. Most rude person you'll ever meet

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chillz


      you are going to meet mr.mayhem in three !
      two !
      one !
      /do gj i was rpoing

    3. Sauce


      kicks mr mayhem in the balls


    4. DanielV


      You wiil meet mr. Mayhem in..

      Three !

      two !


      one !

  15. Show yourself!


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